Author: Brune


[Shaman] [Enhancement] Raiding Guide. For beginners and advanced shamans.

Note: This guide is updated for patch 3.3 Original author: Trollvink Table of content. Foreword Your role Gearing Weapons Stats Gems Enchants Glyphs   Spells and abilities Talent Builds Foreword This guide was originally created by Trollvink, sometime around the […]


Thrusting the Spear with the Sons of Hodir – A Reputation Guide

Thrusting the Spear with the Sons of Hodir The Sons of Hodir are basically the Netherwing of Wrath. They’ve got mounts, armour, weapons and the best PvE shoulder enchantments (for non-scribes). This guide will take you through the quest chains […]


The Diplomat, Part I: They Love Me In That Tunnel

The Diplomat is an achievement earnt by getting Timbermaw Hold, the Mag’har/Kurenai and Sporeggar reputations all up to Exalted. With the change in patch 3.0.8 allowing full reputation gain per kill, no matter what your level, there has never been […]


Brune’s Northrend Enchanting Levelling Guide

Most guides get away with being lazy because they call it a ‘powerlevelling’ guide, so you only do stuff when they’re orange. That’s an enormous waste. At the top of this guide is a simple list of enchantments used to […]


Colour Guide

Colour Guide This guide was originally started by me to allow me to try and keep some consistency in the colours of my reputation levels. I stole a few colours from people (by eye) if they fitted my system and […]


Avast Ye, Admiral!

Huh? Ever seen one of those people with ‘The Bloodsail Admiral’ title? Searched your achievement section for it? Well, it’s not in there. It’s actually a Feat of Strength, so it only appears once you’ve got it… Avast Ye, Admiral! […]