Diablo IV Guide to the Overpower Damage


The peace of the Sanctuary is threatened by the ever-growing tension between the High Heavens and Burning Hell. It’s time you step up in Diablo IV game and help to change the tide of battle. With the latest version comes some very new features and moves. Those who are already aware of the game mechanics know very well that there is a plethora of damage options in the game. So, it’s quite natural for players to get confused when looking at weapon stats and damage type. With so many options it’s nearly impossible to know and understand each one of them.

One such damage type is Overpower Damage. It’s quite confusing to understand. Those who have played the game might have encountered it hovering over the weapons and armor but owing to lack of information available in the game, players could not fully understand it. But worry not, we have got you covered. In this article, we will be discussing this confusing Overpower Damage in Diablo IV game.


What is Overpower Damage?

When you attack your opponent, you will encounter light blue shaded stats on your weapon or armor. These are the Overpower Damage stats in Diablo IV. But they might not appear every time, it depends upon the attack or the type of damage it has caused. Apart from these blue colored stats, there are some numbers appearing in white, these are your base damage stats, and the numbers in yellow show your critical hit stats.

If you are wondering about the orange-colored stats, these are also the Overpower Damage but when they become critical. Blue are the base Overpower Damage and orange are the critical Overpower Damage.

Individuals’ Overpower Damage stats scale according to their Life and Fortify statistics; the greater these attributes, the greater the Overpower Damage they deal. Although the majority of skills are equipped with the potential to provide Overpower Damage, channeled skills, damage-over-time, and passive abilities cannot. So you should really focus on finding items to increase your damage stats, some of those you can buy from the auction house, or just trade directly with players.



Working of Overpower Damage

Before anything else, it’s necessary to note that players are not required to press a specific button to be able to deal with Overpower Damage. Simply put, it serves as a stat that is used with skills or weapons. For instance, the Combat Bash ability of the Barbarian class provides an Overpowered Chance percentage.

Now, talking about how this Overpower Damage works, as we’ve mentioned it will be automatic. But what does it do? As per the information available in the game, the Overpowered strike can be used to deal additional DMG which is equal to the addition of your player’s Fortified life and Current life. The occurring chance for this stat would be 3% and keep in mind that these numbers can’t be increased through working on your stats.

But as a gamer, you would always want to increase those numbers, and we will tell you how you can do that. The Damage that has been dealt with the Overpower attacks can be increased by working on your willpower and increasing it. Apart from that you can also use the gear pieces that allow you to increase this damage. Other ways would be to use the game coins or items.


Maximizing Overpower Damage

In the best possible scenario to acquire as much as Overpower Damage would be to build up your strength, get the best of your Fortified life, only use the attack when it is guaranteed to hit, find a skill that will suit the Overpower Damage and and Buy Diablo 4 Gold to get as much as resources to help you maximize the damage. 

It is worth noting that Overpower Damage will always increase in proportion to the attacking skill. For instance, the Overpower Damage inflicted by an attack that does 100 Damage will be greater than an attack that deals 50 Damage.

Another way to increase the Overpower Damage would be to use the rubies and place it into your weapon. The amount of additional damage would depend on what weapon you are using or what attack that you employ.


This was all about the Overpower Damage in Diablo IV game. Overpower Damage is a rather tricky stat that might confuse a lot of players, but with the right guide, they can overcome this obstacle. Overpower Damage is a good way to inflict more damage when used correctly. Players need not to use any button to inflict this damage, as it will take place automatically. The Blue numbers show Base Overpower Damage whereas orange indicates Critical overpower damage. Maximizing it is easy as you have to work on your willpower and fortified life. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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