I’ve been thinking about Gorgrond lately, and I was wondering what people would think of my newest idea. Instead of the current guide what if we had 3 guides and people could choose to load either of two alternates with the current guide being the default.

The alternates would be one without hardened vines and one with out the big rocks.  If you are playing thru with someone to open the other type, knowing where they all are, is convenient.  If you aren’t its somewhat annoying to always check off the one you can’t open.

Alternatively I could just have the one guide but put a PRE tag on all the vines/rocks matching the first quest you do (the same way the other chains are defined).  I didnt do that because I didn’t personally want it that way, but maybe that would be more convenient for the rest of the user base.

Any thoughts?

I have just gotten “my” tauren druid to where he can head to there and check out the problems in Gorgrond and thought I would look at this too.

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    May 13, 2015 @ 19:33 pm

    rank hath its privilegesI had been contemplating similar solutions.  I thought adding a choice of guides would be an easier solution and not require you to make any code changes.  Of course it is probably more confusing to the end user which is what we are trying to avoid.On the Arak jumping games… I wonder if they are really includable, since some(most) of them, are hard to describe via text, you need a picture or youtube.  (although I guess that is true of some portion of the treasures in all of the zones) .One thing I had also thought about suggesting (as long as you are muking about in the code for ranks)  is making the tag “rank 1” only show if its set to rank one.  Ive had to be somewhat creative at times to make sure a guide flows right if set to rank one, but doesnt look odd when those lines are shown in line 2/3.  To clarify no rank tag would show always (rank 1/2/3) and “1” would only show on rank 1 to help you transition over areas that are skipped if you have the guide set to rank 1.  Perhaps there is a better way that would make it work for all ranks to have some comment only show if it was set at that rank, I dont know. Rank 1 shows on rank 1,2,3 and Rank 1# only shows on rank 1, 2# only on 2 etc.  I dont know where you would use it on any rank but one, but it would be more consistant so that rank 1 didnt behave differantly.

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    May 12, 2015 @ 14:58 pm

    Rocks and VinesI was thinking recently of what use a RANK of 4 might be in some guides, specifically for Gorgrond or other areas with completionist objectives.So a single guide could have 2 versions of the step:The regular vine/rock step with a rank of 3 and the right PRE if you can do it by yourselfThe buddy required vine/rock step with a rank of 4 and the right anti-PRE if you need a buddy.We could add all of the Spire jumping treasures as rank 4’s too.   What think thee?

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