Horde Questing Guide: Northern Terokkar, Level 63


EDIT: I’m rethinking the concept behind this guide. It will probably focus more on quests and less on levelling, so as to be a companion, rather than a competitor (hah! yeah, right) with Jame’s guides.

This is a rough draft of a zone-based levelling/questing guide intended for Horde players. The writer of this guide chose Aldor, and there are a few Aldor specific quests included here, but they should be clearly marked. This guide should work for level 63 or 64. I completed most of it solo with a 63 hunter, but other classes may need to wait until 64 for some quests.

I may expand this guide in the future, to include both Zangarmarsh for levels 61-62 (and the start of 63) and Nagrand. Definitely the latter, as I’m finding most of the Bone Wastes too dangerous for 64.

Content: 60%
Formatting: 5%
Other: 1.725%

I didn’t follow this guide exactly (e.g. I did the Cenarion Thicket quests much earlier to get the Cenarion Cloak of the Quick) but in retrospect, looking just at speed and experience, this seems to me to be an efficient path.

If there are any similarities between my guide and Jame’s Horde guide, it doesn’t surprise me. His guide inspired this attempt, and I spent a lot of time reworking his to fit my own play style back when I was in my 50’s, so I’m sure some of his diction and mannerisms have crept in here and there.

A guide to Terokkar, Part 1
[note, a few quests outside of Terokkar may be put in, when convenient. E.g. between Part 1 and 2, it may be convenient to finish up quests from spinebreaker post in Hellfire. Also, at least one quest is available in Zangarmarsh starting at level 64, from Zabra’jin.]

List of Quests removed to save space, but text w/ codes preserved in case I want to put it back in

Northern Terokkar, from Silmyr Lake to Veil Shienor
Start at Stonebreaker Hold, pick up:
[63] Surrender to the Horde (Rokag, 10400 xp, 2.3 gold)
[63] Olemba Seed Oil (Rakoria, Stonebreaker, Terokkar, 10400 XP, 2.9g)
[64] Vestments of the Wolf Spirit (Malukaz, 3.1 gold, 10750 xp; )
[64] Magical Disturbances (Kurgatok, Terokkar Forest, 3.1gold, 10750 xp)
[64] Stymying the Arakkoa (Rokag, Stonebreaker Hold)
[62] Arakkoa War Path (Advisor Faila, Stonebreaker Hold Inn, Terokkar Forest) 10050

head north, turn west as soon as possible, look for olemba cones near tree trunks, kill wolves on sight. Need 30 cones and 12 wolf pelts. Keep heading west and north to Shattrath. Turn in Surrender to the Horde at Rilak the Redeemed in the Lower City (northern part).

Head across to the Infirmary, pick up [64] Rather Be Fishin’ from Seth, and [64] A Cure for Zahlia (Group) from Sha’nir [Aldor Faction Only]. Head up to Aldor Rise, get [64] Restoring the Light from High Priestess Ishanah [also Aldor Faction Only].

Leave Shattrath by the northern Lower City exit. Go north to the lake, kill eels to complete Rather Be Fishin’. The eels have a decent drop rate for motes of water, but they’re right next to Shattrath and likely to be rather heavily farmed. So, either grind them or move on to Veil Reskk.

Enter Veil Reskk, kill Shienor Talonites and Shienor Sorcerers. Use the Blessed Vial to Cleanse the Altars located at the red dots on the map above. Make a stop at the raised platform just east of the Northern Altar (Western?) (verify locations of these altars), go up the ramp, be careful… try to pull the guards without aggroing Ashkaz. After killing Ashkaz, cross the bridge to the next platform, kill the guards, and take the Eye of Reskk.
Go back across the bridge, down, and cleanse the other altars.

Go south and east, to Veil Shienor on the other side of the pass. Find the raised platforms, and look for an entrance (59,25) at the base of the southeastern one, go up, cross the bridge, and take the Eye (57,23). If you look to your left while returning across the bridge, there is a domed building down below. Ayit is inside at 59,23. Go down, kill him, and complete the kills you need for Arakkoa War Path.

Look for a group to kill Stonegazer, who roams along the edge of the land to the east. If you can’t find a group, return to Stonebreaker Hold, killing wolves and warp stalkers on the way, harvesting any olemba cones you find on the way.

Turn in:
Olemba Seed Oil, do the follow up (he’s by the wanted poster)
Arakkoa War Path
Vestments of the Wolf Spirit and take the follow up [64] Patriarch Ironjaw
Magical Disturbances (if complete, which is unlikely, and unnecessary)

Sell, repair, restock
Pick up
[63] What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket? from Tooki
[64] Speak with Scout Neftis (Advisor Faila, Stonebreaker Hold, 1.26 gold, 2650 xp)

Cenarion Thicket

Ride north and west to Cenarion Thicket. Speak with Earthbinder Tavgren, turn in the quest, and pick up
[63] Strange Energy
[63] Clues in the Thicket

Kill the teromoths south of the road until you have enough normal samples, then head into the Thicket, heading for the building on the right. Kill any moths in your way, and if Warden Treelos wanders by, be sure to pick up [64] It’s Watching You!
Inside the building, find the Draenei corpse right in the middle of the ground floor. Use the orb by his left hand. If you have the Warden’s quest, head out to the west, and head to the top of the tower there. Be ready for a huge (but not very dangerous) Teromoth at the apex. Find Warden Treelos again and turn in the quest. Return to Earthbinder Tavgren once you have enough samples and turn in both quests. Get the follow up,
[63] By Any Means Necessary

Empoor wanders the road from Shattrath to Tuurem. He and his bodyguard will attack when you ask him for information, so you will have to kill the bodyguard and bring Empoor’s health down enough for him to surrender (it may be possible to just focus your attacks on Empoor until his health drops low enough, but I didn’t try this). Empoor will send you to Shattrath ([63] Wind Trader Lathrai). Ride to Shattrath, find Wind Trader Lathrai in front of the bar in the Lower City (I think). Get his followup: [63] A Personal Favor.

Turn in Rather Be Fishin’ at the Infirmary (if you completed A Cure for Zahlia (Group), don’t turn it in yet, wait until you are honored with the Aldor and it is no longer possible to turn in Marks of Kil’Jaeden [is this Honored or Revered?]).

Turn in Eyes of Skettis at Rilak the Redeemed, and get the follow-up [63] Seek Out Kirrik.

Veil Skith
Right now you should have the following quests:
Restoring the Light (Completed)
A Cure for Zahlia (Group)
[64] Speak with Scout Neftis (Advisor Faila, Stonebreaker Hold, 1.26 gold, 2650 xp)
[64] Stymying the Arakkoa (Rokag, Stonebreaker Hold)
[64] Patriarch Ironjaw
[63] Seek Out Kirrik
[63] A Personal Favor

Travel south out of Shattrath into the Bone Wastes to the Refugee Caravan, just south of the road’s end. Turn in Seek Out Kirrik, and pick up [64] Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk from Kirrik, and [64] Missing Friends from Ethan. Leave the other quests for now.

NOTE: there are a lot of warp stalkers and wolves around Veil Skith, consider putting this section sooner?

Return north to the forest, and then go west to Veil Skith. Most of the arakkoa here will drop Lathrai’s Cargo (name?), so don’t skimp on killing them. They also drop prison keys, which you will need Missing Friends (there are multiple children per cage, though, so you won’t need twelve).
The Darkstone is hovering over the purple summoning circle.
At the back of the camp, there is a rise, and from it a ramp leading up to the first platform. There are cages here and above on the platforms, though you will need the keys to open them (these cages had the most Captive Children in them during my run). Urdak is on the second platform.

Once you have slain Urdak and completed Missing Friends and Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk, return to the Refugee Camp and turn in both quests. Get
[64] Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil [northwestern Bone Wastes] from Kirrik
[63] Before Darkness Falls from Mekeda
[65] The Infested Protectors from Lakotae
and from High Priest Orglum:
[65] The Tomb of Lights and
[65] The Vengeful Harbinger

NOTE TO SELF/READERS: I picked these quests up ’cause my quest log was far too empty for my own comfort, however, they won’t actually be used until Part 2 (unless you happen to kill one or two treants while wandering around the refugee camp. In that case, it might also be wise to get Wanted: Bonelashers from Stonebreaker Hold before coming to the Refugee Camp so that no Bonelasher kills will be wasted.)

Grangol’var Village*

Go northeast to Grangol’var Village. On the southern side of the hills, you should find Scout Neftis. Take his quest. He will give you a disguise that fools everyone in the village except for the orc hunters that patrol (they will be hostile to you, with red names, so as long as you have NPC names displayed, avoiding them shouldn’t be too hard.) Go up the hills behind the scout and enter the village. Look around for hunters, and when it’s safe….

The shadowy advisor is inside the large building on the north eastern side
The hunters have red names, so will be easy to recognize. They are also all orcs, as compared to the rest, who are mostly humans.
Initiate at 39,39, on the north side of the central pool, practicing his summoning.
Laborer moves around, but easiest place to talk to him is at 38,38 near the foot of the tower on the north side of the camp.

Return to Scout Neftis, avoiding the Shadowy Hunters on your way (or even leaving the village all together and riding back around). Get his follow-up, Kill the Shadow Council! and return to the village. Kill everything in sight, making your way north to the building with the Advisor inside. Enter, and kill Grekh. (obviously more strategy is required here, but as I haven’t actually done this quest yet, I can’t really give any pointers, except to say that entering the village from the north side should make this quest easier.)

*Grangol’var village could be saved until Part 2, as it makes a perfect intro to the Bone Wastes and the Cabal. The Veil Skith quests are best done in connection with the Cenarion Thicket chain, though, to avoid having to revisit.

Ride north to Shattrath, turn in A Small Favor to Wind Trader Lathrai. Get the followup “”… head to Tuurem, go to () kill the blood elf, loot the box, leave, turn in quest at Tavgren, ride to Stonebreaker Hold.

Bonechewer Ruins
Turn in What Are These Things? and get the follow up
Turn in Kill the Shadow Council! and Stymying the Arakkoa.
Pick up [63] An Unwelcome Presence from Kurgatok.
Ride out and East, to Stonebreaker Camp at 63,41. Get [64] Attack on Firewing Point from Chawni, and turn in ??? at Shadowstalker Kaide [quest from Tooki, end of the Cenarion Thicket chain]. Get his quest [64] What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar

Head southwest, towards the orcish structures visible there.

An Unwelcome Presence (kill 12 bonechewer Peons)
What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar (kill 10 devastators, 6 backbreakers), leads to The Firewing Liaison.
There is a scrap of paper on the floor near the Liaison. Make sure to loot it before you leave, it leads to a quest.

Firewing Point
The last two quests here (an escort quest and one that requires killing a mob who is just shy of being elite) will be much easier with a group, so try to find at least one other person to do this with.

Attack on Firewing Point
The Final Code
Escape from Firewing Point (do this after doing the Final Code)

Patriarch Ironjaw usually roams northwest of FWP, so be on the look out for him.


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