Horde Questing Guide: Northern Terokkar, Level 63


Welcome to my guide to 1-12 in Azuremyst. I completed this guide as a Draenei mage on Defias Brotherhood RPPVP (EU). Note that it it still in the making and I am currently looking around completely for ways to do the quests in one large circle – basically, as quickly as possible. I will then make a new Draenei to update with /played times for different steps.

Note that I also use the MapCoords mod, which can be accessed from – along with many other mods. So, if you don’t have coordinates, if you want to do this guide… Go get them. ^_^

Right, let’s start…

1-5 :: Ammen Vale

The first chunk of questing is very simple and goes quickly.

1) {83,44} Accept [1] You Survived!

2) {80,46} Hand in [1] You Survived!, accept [1] Replenishing the Healing Crystals

3) {79,47} Accept [1] Volatile Mutations

4) {76,46} Kill Vale Moths and Volatile Mutations until both quests are complete

5) {79,47} Hand in [1] Volatile Mutations, accept [2] What Must Be Done… and [3] Botanical Legwork

6) {80,46} Hand in [1] Replenishing the Healing Crystals, accept [2] Urgent Delivery!

7) {80,47} As you run into the Crash Site, go directly to the left and speak with Aurok. Sell your loot and repair

8`) {80,49} Hand in [2] Urgent Delivery!, accept [2] Rescue the Survivors!

9) {Crash Site} Accept and complete your class trainer quest while inside. Get your training

10) {72,49} Finish your quests, if you see a Draenei Survivor, rescue them, but no rush.

11) {79,51} Accept [4] Inoculation and [4] Spare Parts, then go back to the armorsmith Aurok you visited before and repair/vendor

12) {79,47} Hand in [2] What Must Be Done and [3] Botanical Legwork, accept [3] Healing the Lake

13) {77,59} Disperse the neutralizing agent to complete the [3] Healing the Lake quest

14) {84,65} Complete your moonkin quests.

15) {Ammen Vale} Hearthstone.

16) {79,47} Hand in [3] Healing the Lake

17) {79,51} Train/repair/vendor on your way to the coordinates. Hand in [4] Inoculation and [4] Spare Parts. Accept [5] The Missing Scout.

18`) {72,61} Hand in [5] The Missing Scout, accept [4] The Blood Elves

19) {70,65} Kill Blood Elf Scouts.

20) {72,61) Hand in [4] The Blood Elves, accept [5] Blood Elf Spy.

21) {70,65} Kill Surveyor Candress – she’s at the top.

22) {79,52} Hand in [5] Blood Elf Spy and [5] Blood Elf Plans (drops off the Surveyor Candress). Accept [5] The Emitter and hand it in again. Accept [5] Travel to Azure Watch.

23) {64,54} Accept [5] Word From Azure Watch.

24) {61,54} Accept [6]Red Snapper – Very Tasty! then swim up the river, right-clicking the Draenei Fishing Net (might want to put that on your hotbar) whenever you go on top of the Red Snapper schools. If a Red Snapper is acquired, move on to the next school. If an Angry Murloc appears, kill it, loot the Red Snapper, then move on to the next school. When you are finished, return to Diktynna and hand it in. Accept [6] Find Acteon!

25) {48,50} Run West to Azure Watch, hand in [5] Travel to Azure Watch

26) {48,49} Turn in [5] Word From Azure Watch and make Azure Watch your hearth-point

27) {49,51} Turn in [6] Find Acteon!

That is the end of the first part of questing. You should be level 6 by now. Find your trainer in Azure Watch – if you are a priest accept:

28) {48,49} [5]Help Tavara and do it at 56,48, then hand it in for your green robes.

…Otherwise, just get your training and prepare for the next part of the guide!

6-7 :: Azure Watch

Will update later – last updated Friday 31st August 2007.

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