How To Play Dark Souls Games


Dark souls have first released in 2011 and are now back with better things than ever before. This game has changed the game industry. And remastered with supercharged graphics and superior performance. There are players like a veteran who knows what is stored for them in the game. If you are a new player in this game, it’s only part of the fun.

Moreover, while playing you will die and you will have to start over many times. But it’s only for a short period once you finally get over the tricky enemies you will be done.

Elden Ring is coming in a few months and uses many gameplay mechanics from Dark Souls game, so now would be a good time to play them to get ready for the future masterpieces by FromSoftware. But anyway, you should try to play souls games just because they are amazing, challenging, sometimes frustrating but also immensely satisfying gaming experiences.

The following are the tips for new players to this genre.


Know Your Class

As a new player for the dark soul, you have to choose a class for your character, because it will be no walk in the park as if you were playing some online casino usa games. And there are many characters to choose from and each possesses its beginning gear and stats. Intelligence, Attunement, Endurance, Strength, Faith, Dexterity, Resistance and Vitality are the eight attributes in the game that start at different levels depending on the class you select. And each attribute controls a varying aspect of your character’s abilities.

Apart from that, you have to cycle through the different classes and take note of each one’s attributes. Knights and Warriors prioritize Strength, Endurance and Vitaly while Mercenaries should prioritize Dexterity and Endurance, these are the ones you should focus on first to make melee combat easier. If you’re a beginner at Souls games, playing a spellcaster will prove quite difficult and it not recommended, but if you really want to take on that challenge, you should invest in some Vitality first to increase your survivability and then focus on Intelligence, Magic and Faith depending on what type of spells you want to go for.

How to Level Your Character

Once you begin your game if you want to give your character a chance to fight you have to level that character up. And you can do that if you keep on fighting. In addition, if you defeat enemies in this game you will collect souls which are going to be used to level up your character and buy some other weapons and armour.

Also, you can level up your character at a bonfire and allocate points to the attributes you want to improve. If you do not level up your character, your new weapons and armour will not be worth much because you will be too weak.

You should not hesitate to farm souls in the same area once you’ve gotten accustomed to its enemies. As you should know, all enemies in Souls games respawn whenever you die or use a Bonfire to heal up or travel. So once you’ve familiarized yourself with an area with plenty of enemies which give a decent amount of souls, you should definitely clear this area over and over to get enough souls to make your character stronger before exploring new and more dangerous areas.

Managing Your Humanity

Humanity is one of the important things in the game and is a greatly misunderstood concept in the game. To increase your protection and have a good chance to look for items you have to maintain your state of humanity by simply collecting humanity and converting it at bonfires.

Furthermore, dying is a big part of dark souls, if you die and go to your last safe point and you will come back as a hollow which is a zombie creature. In addition, by gathering Humanity and then Reverse Hollowing at a bonfire, you will go back to your human form and start enjoying all the excitement of being human. And you will have the potential to make bonfires and your status will also raise your standing with certain covenants you have been into.

In conclusion, if you want to save yourself in the dark souls game, just like in any of the best online casino, you have to learn the game and place your bets safely. Know your class, how to level your character, managing your humanity and find the right weapon for your class, learn its moveset and how use spacing to take on enemies safely. Dodging is also a very important part of the game, so learning each enemies attack patterns is a big step towards dying less! Blocking with a shield is also a viable strategy, but keep in mind that most shield don’t prevent 100% of the damage and blocking also drains your stamine, so when it doubt in Souls games, it’s best to circle around enemies or to dodge! Good luck out there 😉

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