Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide – Chapter IV (60-65)


Chapter 4[Level 60 – 65]

Journey from Hellfire Peninsula to Terrokar


This guide is made for FAST leveling through the use of Optimized Quest Circuits. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and you’ll not waste any second running around and trying to figure out in which order to do your quests. Follow each instruction carefully and you will see for yourself. The quest choices and order to do them are optimal so that you run as few as possible while doing the most possible, turning several quests at the same time. It will be like grinding, because you’ll be killing stuff almost non-stop, besides you’ll also be completing a bunch of quests at the same time!

Everything described in this guide can be done solo (beside when I say otherwise). You can, of course, follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it’s not a problem, it works too.

DISCLAIMER: This guide does NOT take into account tradeskills, class specific quests or PvP. It’s 100% focused on getting the most experience possible in the shortest possible time while doing a lot of quests and enjoying as much content as possible. Any race/class combination can do this guide. Any complaints about PvP, tradeskills, or class specific issues will be ignored.

Basic rules

  • Spend your talent points so that you kill things as fast as possible. (e.g: Priest should specialize in Shadow Talents, Warriors in Arms/Fury, etc.
  • Don’t waste your time trying to find groups for questing, you can solo everything that is described in this guide unless I say otherwise. Only group with someone when it’s not gonna be a waste of time (e.g: meeting the person at the other end of the zone to show him the way to where your quest is, that is a waste of time)
  • Try to always log out in an inn or in one of the major cities when you take a break.
  • When I say you should make an inn your new home location, it’s for a good reason, and it will save you much time.

Useful Addons

To get the most out of my guide, you should get an addon which displays coordinates, because I use them to describe locations in my guide (x,y). You can use any addon you like, but here’s a very simple one I use.


  • DMiniCoords – A simple box which displays coordinates, left-click it to move it where you like.


Below is a list of other addons I use, this is 100% optional though, it’s mostly for people who are curious to know which addons I use:

Side Note: In case you don’t know how to install add-ons, simply download an addon from one of the links above and unzip it. Then drag the unziped folder in your Addon folder (full path is c:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons). Then, restart World of Warcraft and it should be working.

If it isn’t working, you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on “Addons” in the lower-left corner. Tick the box that says “Load out of date Addons”. Re-launch WoW.

Level 60-70 XP Curve Changes

As of patch 3.0, it takes much less XP to level from 60 to 70. That means you will probably ding much faster than what my guide says. That’s not a problem at all though, just keep following the guide normally. I strongly recommend achieving level 70 before going to Northrend, I’ve explained many times why on my blog. In a nutshell, it’s much more efficient and easy to go to Northrend at level 70. You’ll level faster that way and also get more gold. I actually recommend going until the very end of my Outland guide before moving to Northrend, even if that means going there at level 71 or 72. That’s if you want more gold. However it’s up to you, going to Northrend at level 70 is fine too, you’ll just get less gold in the end.

Color Code

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

The Guide

I assume that you haven’t done any quests in the Outlands before level 60. If you have it’s not a big deal, just jump in the guide somewhere where you still haven’t done all the quests and go from there.


Let’s get started! First thing, go to a main city and buy a portal to Shattrath.
You generally get one quickly if you type the following line in general chat: “WTB Port to Shattrath, paying 1 Gold and will come to you”.
The reason we do this is that you’ll have the flight path to Shattrath, which is quite handy when you need to go to a main city to train new skills (For those who have never been to Shattrath before, there are 3 free portals you can use anytime you want to go to Ironforge, Stormwind or Darnassus.)
After you arrive in Shattrath, go through the northeastern gate and find the flight master (63,41), fly to Honor Hold.
Go to the inn and make it your home location.

Once that is done, take a flight to Hellfire Peninsula, the Dark Portal. Zone through the Dark Portal, you should be in the Blasted Lands now.

Go down the stairs and get the quest [61] Through the Dark Portal from Watch Commander Relthorne.
Go back through the Dark Portal, go down the stairs, turn in the quest at Commander Duron and get the follow up [61] Arrival in Outland. Go directly south and you’ll find Amish Wildhammer, turn in the quest and get the follow up.

Once again, go back through the dark portal and ride all the way north to Nethergarde Keep in Blasted Lands. Go to the big building with the mailbox infront of it – the one which is on the northern part of the village. Inside the keep turn left and left again, and you should find an NPC called Bernie Heisten, buy a Nethergarde Bitter from him. We’ll need it in a quest later on, so make sure you don’t drink it.

Use your Hearthstone back to Honor Hold.

Find Marshal Isildor, easy to spot on the minimap thanks to the yellow “?”. Turn in the quest and get the follow up [60] Force Commander Danath. Go south and enter the biggest building, find Commander Danath in there, he is on the 2nd floor. Turn in the quest and get the two follow ups: [61] The Legion Reborn and [61] Know your Enemy.


1. Mount up, exit the village by the west gate and go to the destroyed tower down the path. Get the quest [61] Waste Not, Want Not from Dumphry, then go to Lieutenant Amadi, turn in the quest and get the follow up [61] Fel Orc Scavengers.

2. Go directly northeast of the tower and you should quickly find some Bonechewer orcs overlooking the big canyon called the “Path of Glory”. Go eastwards while staying on top of the cliff and kill as many orcs as needed. At the same time look for metal cogs and wooden planks on the ground, until you complete both quests.

3. When you are done with [58] Fel Orc Scavengers and [61] Waste Not, Want Not, ride southwest back to the guard tower and turn in both quests, get both follow ups: [58] Ill Omens and [61] Laying Waste to the Unwanted.

4. Mount up, ride through Honor Hold and this time exit by the east gate, ride to the destroyed tower on the right-hand side of the road. You’ll find Sergeant Altumus there, turn in the quest and get the follow up [61] The Path of Anguish.

5. Ride east and slightly northeast and you’ll find a bunch of imps and infernals at (65, 58 ). Kill them and also find and kill a Dreadcaller, which you should find in the same area.

6. When you are done with [61] The Path of Anguish, ride north and cross the “Path of Glory”, and then follow the cliff overlooking it, going westwards (that’s the “horde side” of the Path of Glory). Get off your mount when you encounter the first fel orc and clear the way going west, while staying on top of the cliff. You should soon see a big orcish catapult (58,47).


Go next to it and right-click the Flaming Torch from your inventory. This should set the catapult on fire and you should get a quest update. The next 3 catapults are further west along the path of glory, grind your way through the orcs, find the 3 other catapults and burn them.

7. Once you have completed [61] Laying Waste to the Unwanted, ride west and through a great wall, then follow the trail and keep going west until you reach a fork (29,46) where you should see a smaller trail going northwest. Follow it and you should find the Temple of Telhamat (23,41).

Get the quests:

  • [62] Deadly Predators
  • [62] In Search of Sedai
  • [63] Cruel Taskmasters
  • [63] The Rock Flayer Matriarch

All those quests are given near the entrance of the Telhamat. Further up and to the left you can buy the manuals to raise your first aid past (300) if you want to. The NPC selling them is called Burko.

Go to the main building (which is also the Inn) and get [62] The Pools of Aggonar from Amaan the Wise.

Exit the building and go east, you should find the gryphon master, get the new flight path.

8. Right behind the gryphon master, if you look down the cliff you should see Sedai’s Corpse in the distance, it’s easy to spot because it’s surrounded by a white glow. Get down the cliff and go to the corpse, turn in the quest and get the follow up [62] Return to Obadei.

9. Mount up and ride back to Telhamat, turn in [62] Return to Obadei. Makuru – one of the NPCs next to Obadei – should have a quest for you now, get the quest [63] Makuru’s Vengeance.

10. Go to the gryphon master again and fly to Honor Hold.


1. Exit by the east gate, go to the guard tower down the path and turn in [58] The Path of Anguish and get the follow up [61] Expedition Point.

2. Ride back through Honor Hold and this time exit by the west gate and go turn in [61] Laying Waste to the Unwanted at the guard tower.

3. Ride southwest to the area called Zeppelin Crash (49,75). Get the quests [61] Ravager Egg Roundup and [61] In Case of Emergency.

4. Ride southwest until you get back on the trail and follow it until you reach an area called Razorthorn Trail (42,83). Start killing all ravagers you see while looking for Ravager Eggs on the ground.

5. Once you have 12 eggs, ride back to the Zeppelin crash and turn in [61] Ravager Egg Roundup, get the follow up [61] Hellboar, the Other White Meat.

==Note== From now on, whenever you find Helboars on your way, kill them. They sometimes will drop Tainted Helboar Meat, which you must try to purify with the Purification Mixture in your inventory. This quest can take a while so that’s why we start it now.

6. Ride east and stay north of the area called “Expedition Armory”. On your path you should see Zeppelin Debris, gather them.

You should soon reach small canyon called the “Valley of Bones” (57,73). Follow this valley while gathering Zeppelin Debris and killing anything in your path.

Follow this mini canyon eastwards until you reach the other end, you should have about 20 Zeppelin Debris by then, and if you look south you should see the orc fortress of Zeth’Gor.

7. Go there and kill orcs until you find a Cursed Talisman, it can drop from any Bleeding Hollow orc.

8. Once you have the talisman, ride east to Expedition Point (71,63). Turn in [58] Ill Omens and get the follow up [58] Cursed Talismans.

You can also sell junk and repair at the NPC right next to you.

Turn in [61] Expedition Point and get the follow up [62] Disrupt Their Reinforcements. Also get [61] Zeth’Gor Must Burn.

9. Go south back to Zeth’Gor, but not to the main entrances. Our aim is to destroy the towers, and we’re gonna start by the ones on the east side of the fortress.

Clear the way south to the tower which stands against the mountain (71,71). Kill all orcs around it, then go under the tower and use your “Smoke Beacon“, it looks like a barrel in your inventory. You should get the following message “Foothill Tower Marked“.

The next tower is just down the hill, northwest. Mark it as well.

Exit Zeth’Gor by the same way you come from. Now go to the next tower, which stands infront of Zeth’Gor on the north side of it (68,67). Mark it.

Reminder: Keep killing helboars you see and pick up any Zeppelin Debris you walk across.

The last tower is a bit more difficult to reach, as it stands in the very middle of Zeth’Gor. Go through the western gate (66,74) and clear yourself a way south towards the last tower and mark it.

Now you should have all 4 towers marked. All that’s left for you to do is kill more orcs until you have 12 Cursed Talismans. It’s best to kill the orcs outside of Zeth’Gor, so that you can gather Zeppelin Debris and kill Helboars too.

10. Once you have 12 Cursed Talismans and 30 Zeppelin Debris, ride east back to Expedition Point.

Turn in [58] Cursed Talismans and get the follow up [60] Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow. Turn in [60] Zeth’Gor Must Burn!

11. Go back to Zeth’Gor, clear the path towards the main building, which is east of the Southern Tower (the last one we marked).

Warning: there are a lot of patrols in this area, so clear carefully. Right in the center of the building you should find Warlord Morkh standing alone. Kill him and loot his armor then clear the way out.

12. Go back to Expedition Point. Turn in [60] Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow and get the follow up [61] Return to Honor Hold.
Sell junk and repair.

13. Go straight north and enter the area named the Legion Front (71,60).

Start killing all the demons you see, until you have 4 Demonic Rune Stones.

Once you have them, go to Portal Kaalez (72,60). It’s a dark metalic structure with green crystals floating above it. It’s directly east when entering the Legion Front.

If you get close to the portal your mouse pointer should turn into a cog when you point inside the portal. Stand inside the portal right-click it to disrupt it.

Now move to Portal Grimh, it is about 200 yards to the north. Gather another 4 Demonic Rune Stones and disrupt this portal. If you have any Demonic Rune Stone left in your inventory, destroy it.

14. Go back to Expedition Camp, turn in [62] Disrupt Their Reinforcements and get the follow up [62] Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways.

Look in your inventory for Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator and put it on one of your action bars, I suggest that you bind a hotkey to it, because you will have to aim those bombs with your mouse pointer, so you don’t really have time to click on the bomb, a quick keystroke is much faster.

Once you’re ready, talk to Wing Commander Dabir’ee, he will send you on a bombing mission. You simply have to use the bomb (with the hotkey you bound it to) and aim with your mouse pointer for the demonic portals on each side of the main road with your bombs when your gryphon flies close to them.

15. Once you sucessfully complete the bombing mission, turn it in and get the follow up [60] Shatter Point.

Talk to Wing Commander Dabir’ee and ask him to send you to Shatter Point.

After landing, right-click on the Gryphon Master to get the flight path and then turn in the quest [60] Shatter Point, get the follow up [60] Wing Commander Gryphongar.

Go inside the tower on the island and turn in the quest, get the follow up [62] Mission: The Abyssal Shelf.

Find the bombs in your inventory – they are called Area 52 Specials – and put them on the same hotkey you used in the previous bombing mission.

Go talk to Gryphoneer Windbellow – she stands right behind the gryphon master – and ask her to send you to the Abyssal Shelf.

You can complete this bombing mission in several runs, so it’s not a problem if you don’t manage to kill everything required on the first run.


1. Once you’ve completed the bombing mission, go turn in the quest at Wing Commander Gryphongar. Get the follow up [61] Go to the Front. Go back to Gryphoner Windbellow and ask her to send you to Honor Point (69,28 ).

After landing, go turn in the quest [61] Go to the Front and get the follow up [61] Disruption – Forge Camp: Mageddon.

2. Directly west of you stands Forge Camp Mageddon. Go there and kill 10 Gan’arg Servant and Razorsaw. You can’t miss him, he’s quite big and roams all over the camp. If you attack the servants which stand next to the Fel Canons, I advise killing the canon first, because it deals more damage and has less HPs than the servant.

3. Once you’re done, go back to Honor Point, turn in [61] Disruption – Forge Camp: Mageddon and get the follow up [61] Enemy of my Enemy…

4. Go back to Forge Camp Mageddon and kill 3 Fel Canon MK1, then go back to Honor Point, turn in the quest and get the follow up [61] Invasion Point: Annihilator.

5. Ride far west towards Invasion Point: Annihilator (54,28 ). Unmount when you encounter the first demons infront of the camp and clear the way while staying close to the northern cliff.

On the northern part of the camp, standing infront of demonic furnace structure, you should see Warbringer Arix’Amal, clear the mobs around him and then kill him. Loot the Burning Legion Gate Key and the Burning Legion Missive from him.

Now clear the mobs around the Burning Legion Gate to the teleporter, it’s the structure with a green crystal floating above, just like the ones we destroyed in a previous quest.

Step inside the teleporter, right cilck the Burning Legion Gate Key from your inventory and left-click on the round stone floating inside of the gate. Then right click on the stone itself to close the gate.

You should now have completed the quest [61] Invasion Point: Annihilator.

6. Clear the way out of the camp, then ride back to Honor Point. Turn in [61] Invasion Point: Annihilator. Right-click the Burning Legion Missive in your inventory and accept the quest [58] The Dark Missive.

7. Hearthstone back to Honor Hold.

In the Inn, get the following quests: [61] An Old Gift and [62] The Longbeards. You can buy food and drink from the Innkeeper if you are low.

Go upstairs and turn in [61] Return to Honor Hold and get the follow ups: [61] Fel Spirits and [61] Digging For Prayer Beads.

==Note== You should now be friendly with Honor Hold.

In the next room buy a Silken Thread from Hama the Grand Master Tailor.

Go to Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell (yellow “!” on your minimap) and get the quest [60] Hellfire Fortifications from her.

Buy a Fei Fei Doggy Treat from her (bottom right choice in her shop).

Talk to her dog Fei Fei and turn in the treat and then follow Fei Fei. Keep following him until he brings you to Fei Fei’s Cache, right-click it and you should get the Prayer Beads.

Sell junk, repair, re-stock food and drink.

Go to the big barracks building. On the 2nd floor turn in [61] The Dark Missive, get all the quests available from here:

  • [61] The Heart of Darkness
  • [61] The Path of Glory
  • [63] Overlord
  • [62] Weaken the Ramparts

==Note== From now on, if you see any group looking for more to do the Hellfire Ramparts instance, feel free to join them. Getting a group for an instance at lower levels isn’t an easy task, so you might want to start trying early. However, if you don’t like instancing, don’t bother, you can replace that with a bit of grinding.

8. Exit Honor Hold through the west gate, go to the guard tower and get the quest [61] Unyielding Souls.

Just a few steps south you should see a mine with a few NPCs infront, get the quests [61] A Job for an Intelligent Man and [61] When this Mine’s a-rockin’ from Foreman Biggums.

9. Go directly southwest of the mine, there you should find boars and giant earthworms (called Marauding Crust Bursters — to get them to show up you have to get close to those piles of moving stones). Focus mainly on the worms, kill boars if they get in the way though and don’t forget to purify the boar meat.

Stay in this area until the following two objectives are complete:

  1. [61] A Job for an Intelligent Man completed.
  2. Find an Eroded Leather Case, it drops from the worms. It has approximately a 10% chance to drop so it might take a while.

Once you have the Eroded Leather Case, right-click it and accept the quest [61] Missing Missive.

10. Ride southwest to Gor’Gaz Outpost (46,74). Get in pull range of the orcs (as close as you can without them jumping you) and use the Anchorite Relic in your inventory. Start to kill orcs while staying close to the relic. Each orc you kill next to the relic will spawn a Fel Spirit. You must kill 10 of those spirits.

11. Ride southeast to Expedition Armory (55,76). Kill everything needed to complete [61] Unyielding Souls. You should be level 61 right now or ahead of that. If you are far ahead, then you’re doing great, keep following the guide normally, don’t skip anything.


If you wish to go train your new skills or to visit the AH. The quickest way is to simply fly to Shattrath and use one of the 3 main city portals.

Once you are done, hearthstone back to Honor Hold.
Go to the 2nd floor of the Inn and turn in [61] Fel Spirits and [61] Digging For Prayer Beads. Get the follow up [61] The Exorcism of Colonel Jules.
Find the Ritual Prayer Beads in your inventory and put them on your action bars. You’ll have to click it during the fight to kill the enemies that will appear.
Once you are full HP/Mana and fully buffed, talk to Anchorite Barada, who will begin the exorcism ritual. After about 20 seconds, things will start to spawn in the room, some flying skulls (called “Darkness Released“) and some Roting Sludges on the floor. They aren’t easy to target so just use your tab key to get them quickly. You can use conventionnal attacks if there’s just one at a time (they have 1000 HP), but whenever you start to be overwhelmed, click your prayer beads, which will kill every single monster in the room. There is a 15 second cooldown on the prayer beads.
All you have to do is kill all the enemies that spawn for about 2 minutes without letting Barada die. It is quite an easy task thanks to the prayer beads.
When the ritual is over, go and talk to Colonel Jules and you should get the quest complete message.
Turn in the quest at Assistant Klatu and get the follow up [61] Trollbane is Looking For you.

Now exit the inn, go to the main keep, turn in [61] Trollbane is Looking For you and get the follow up [62+] Drill the Drillmaster.

Also, since you’re now friendly with Honor Hold, you might want to go check the Quartermaster for possible upgrades.


1. Exit Honor Hold through the west gate, go to the guard tower and turn in [61] Unyielding Souls, get the follow up [61] Looking to the Leadership.

2. Go south to the mine, turn in [61] A Job for an Intelligent Man.
Now go inside the mine and kill 12 Gan’arg Sappers. When you’re done, get out of the mine, turn in the quest and get the follow up [61] The Mastermind.
Get back into the mine and this time clear to the bottom of it and find Z’Kral. Kill him and get out of the mine. Turn in the quest.

3. Ride northeast to the entrance of the Path of Glory (63,49). From this point on, you must look for skeletal remains on the ground, it is called “Trampled Skeleton“.
You can find plenty of them at the entrance to the path of glory, and they respawn quite quickly (about 30 seconds). You just need to right-click them.

4. Once you’ve cleansed 8 skeletons, ride back to Honor Hold. Go to the main keep and turn in [61] The Path of Glory (2nd Floor) and get the follow up [63] The Temple of Telhamat.

5. Take a gryphon ride to the Temple of Telhamat.
Go to the Inn, turn in [63] The Temple of Telhamat, get the quest [61] Helping the Cenarion Post and [63] An Ambitious Plan.

6. Ride south until you hit the road, then follow that road west until you find Cenarion Post (16,51). Turn in [61] Missing Missive and [61] Helping the Cenarion Post. Get the follow up [63] Demonic Contamination. Also get all the other quests:

[63] Keep Thornfang hill Clear
[63] Colossal Menace
[62] The Cenarion Expedition

Reminder: Keep killing boars on your way if you haven’t finished [61] Helboar, the Other White Meat. For the other boar quest [63] Demonic Contamination, only Hulking Boars can drop the Blood Samples, so make sure you kill those on sight.

7. Go southeast until you find Dustquill Ravine (24,65). Clear yourself a path through the ravine going south, staying close to the mountain to the west. At some point you should see a yellow “?” on your minimap saying Gremni Longbeard (24,72). Go there, turn in the quest [62] The Longbeards, get the follow up [63] The Arakkoa Threat and the other quest [63] Rampaging Ravagers.
Now go to the other dwarf and get his quest, which you can turn in instantly if you followed the guide correctly until now, and get the follow up [62] The Finest Down.

8. Just southeast of the dwarves is the entrance to the Den of Haal’esh (26,71).

Kill every bird and arrakoa you find on your way.

Go down the slope and stay on the main path until you see a little rocky path lit by torches on the left side. Take this path and go up, then cross the wooden bridge and turn left. You should soon find a big birdman named Avruu. Try to pull him solo and interrupt his Dark Mending spell if possible, then loot his orb. Right-click Avruu’s Orb and accept the quest [63] Avruu’s Orb.

9. Go back down the main path and this time go southeast instead of taking the rocky path, you will soon enter Haal’eshi Gorge.

Keep going southeast until you find the Haal’eshi Altar. (29,81).

Right-click it and “Aeranas” will spawn.

Beat him down to 15% HP or so.

Then turn in the quest [63] Avruu’s Orb.

Now start clearing your way back to the dwarven camp and complete [63] The Arakkoa Threat and [62] The Finest Down on the way. Just clear the way out, don’t try to run out because those birdmen can really sprint like hell. Tip: if you click on the Kaliri nests, a bird spawns and they can also drop Kaliri Feathers.

10. When you are done, go back to the dwarves and turn in both quests.

11. Now go slightly northwest and kill 10 Quillfang Ravagers. When you are done, go back to Grumni Longbeard and turn in [63] Rampaging Ravagers.

12. Go northeast and enter The Great Fissure (27,70). Start to ask in general channel if anyone is interested in doing the quest [63+] The Rock Flayer Matriarch, she is in the cave in the same area. In the meantime, kill Stonescythe Whelps and Alphas while heading towards the cave (34,63).

13. Anyway, once you are done with killing whelps and alphas, you can try to go and solo Blacktalon the Savage if you haven’t found a partner yet. Pretty much all ranged classes can kite it to death, just make sure you clear the way before you engage it.
If you can’t solo it and can’t find a partner, just abandon the quest, you can come back here at level 70 and do it solo for some extra gold.

14. Mount up, ride east and get out of the great fissure. You should be right next to the PvP objective called “Broken Hill“. If you feel like it, you can do the pvp quest now, all you have to do is stand inside the objectives until they become controlled by the alliance (this can’t work if it’s already controlled by the Alliance, so you might have to come back later). This quest only gives 5000 experience, but it gives reputation and marks which you can use as currency to buy some rewards at the honor hold quartermaster. And a little bit of PvP is a nice break from questing/grinding. However this is optional, so it’s your choice! I personally did that quest on my rogue while looking for a healer who wanted to team up to do [63] Drilling the Drillmaster (explained below).

15. Now let’s get back to business. There’s one elite quest we can try to get out of the way right now, most kiting classes can solo it, but it’s difficult. So what you can do is look for other players who want to do [62+] Drill the Drillmaster. Melee classes will definitely want to bring a healer along.
You can go to the next paragraph and proceed with the guide while you look for other players. If you got a group (or if you wanna try soloing it), here is the fastest way to kill Drillmaster Zurok.
Go to Hellfire Citadel’s bridge, coming from the south, and if you look down to your left you should see Drillmaster Zurok down there, as well as other orcs. Here is where you must jump down at (49,55):


When down there, kill all the orcs around the Drillmaster and behind you to have a lot of space. Once there’s only the Drillmaster Zurok left, kill him. He hits for 500 on clothies, has a lot of HP and has two special abilities:

  1. Knockback — that’s why we clear the area, or else he’d toss you into some adds and it’d get ugly very quick.
  2. Whirlwind — it hurts a lot but all you have to do is back off when he does it, so no problem.

Once he’s dead you just have to clear the way out and get out of the path of glory.
If you really can’t find help to do this quest, you can abandon it and come back at level 70. It’s not a big deal.

16. So, let’s do some solo quests while you look for help for [63+] Drill the Drillmaster.
If you still haven’t completed [61] Helboar, the Other White Meat make a stop at the area just southwest of Honor Hold (50,69) and kill all the boars there.

17. Ride to Zeppelin Crash (49,75), turn in [61] Helboar, the Other White Meat, get the follow up [61] Smooth as Butter. Turn in [61] In Case of Emergency and get the follow up [61] Voidwalkers Gone Wild.

18. Go further south to the Warp Fields (46,82), there you should see a Warp Portal with Voidwalkers around it. Find an “Uncontrolled Voidwalker“, take it down to 15% HP or lower, then click the Sanctified Crystal in your inventory. A red crystal will appear, click it and you should receive a Glowing Sanctified Crystal. Now keep on killing voidwalkers (any type) in the area until you have completed [61] Voidwalkers Gone Wild.

19. Go east to Expedition Armory, clear the way towards the southern area of the armory, you will find Lieutenant Comamnder Thalvos standing in the southern most house in rubbles (55,84). Kill him.
About 50 yards northwest of this spot you should find Arch Mage Xintor (54,81) standing on flat ground next to some wooden practice dummies. Kill him too.
Go south and behind the armory, you should see a destroyed house in the distance, go there. Infront of the house you should see a white book called Mysteries of the Light (55,87). Loot it.

20. Go northeast to the Valley of Bones (56,73) and kill buzzards until you have 12 Plump Buzzard Wings.

21. When done, ride west/southwest to Zeppelin Crash, turn in [61] Voidwalkers Gone Wild and [61] Smooth as Butter.

22. Hearthstone back to Honor Hold.
Turn in the following quests (some of them were optional and you can come back at level 70 to do them):

  • [61] An Old Gift
  • [60] Hellfire Fortifications (Optional)
  • [62] Drill the Drillmaster (optional)
  • [61] Looking to the Leadership (in the west tower)

Sell junk and repair.

Fly to the Temple of Telhamat.

Turn in:

  • [63] An Ambitious Plan
  • [62] Deadly Predators
  • [63] The Rock Flayer Matriarch (Optional)


1. Exit Telhamat and go northeast – while killing Hulking Boars – and enter the path going through the mountain (28,36) then keep going northeast until you encounter some Mag’har Orcs.
Time to rampage through the Mag’har Grounds until you have 10 Mag’har Ancestral Beads. They can only drop from Grunts and Debilitated Grunts.

2. When you’re done with that, go back down the mountain, and then ride east and then north, to the Pools of Aggonar (38,44).
Before you kill anything, start to ask in the general channel if someone wants to do [63+] Overlord. The mob you have to kill to complete this elite quest is in the same area, so look for a group to kill it while you do the other two quest. I recommend having a tank, a healer and some DPS class or killing Arazzius the Cruel will be a pain. Anyway, once you got a group together, go to the next paragraph and read infos about Arazzius. In the meantime, kill Oozes and Terrorfiends until you complete both quests [61] The Heart of Darkness and [62] The Pools of Aggonar. The terrorfiends cast fel flames and it kinda hurts, so interrupt it or move away from it.

3. [63+] Overlord: This quest is not mandatory, but completing it early is very nice because the reward is worth it and will help you through leveling up to 70. If you really can’t find people to help you, it’s not a big deal, you can always come back later and try again.
Anyway, Arazzius the Cruel is at the end of the canyon in the Pools of Aggonar. He is guarded by two mistresses of doom, make sure you pull both before you engage Arazzius himself. Arazzius casts Pyroblast, Shadow Bolt Volleys and Inferno. You must absolutely interrupt inferno, or he will summon Infernals and things will get hectic. You can just heal through Pyroblast and Shadowbolt Volleys. However if you got plenty of classes with interrupts in your group, you might as well interrupt all his spells. But just make sure Inferno is kicked, pummeled or shield bashed, counterspelled or even earth shocked.

4. Once you’ve completed the two quests mentioned above, get back on the road and ride to Telhamat. If you still haven’t found a group for [63+] Overlord, keep looking, we are going back to the Pools of Aggonar very soon anyway.
In Telhamat turn in [63] Makuru’s Vengeance, a dialog will start between two NPCs, then a new quest will be available: [63] Atonement. Get this quest.
Go up to the temple and turn in [62] The Pools of Aggonar and [63] Atonement, get the follows ups [63] Sha’naar Relics and [62] Cleansing the Waters.

5. Get out of Telhamat and go northeast, kill the boars there -if you still need them- then ride east to the Pools of Aggonar.

6. Clear yourself a path to the northernmost part of the Pools of Aggonar, where you should see what appears to be the skeleton of a giant demon dog (39,30). Once you have made some space around this skeleton, stand exactly as shown in the screenshot below and use the Cleansing Vial from your inventory.


A level 63 demon called Aggonis should spawn, he is easy to kill solo but he casts fear, this is why we cleared the area around.

7. Once he is dead, get back on the road, go east through the great wall, and then northeast until you find Foreman Razelcraz (51,31). Get his quest [61] Outland Sucks!.

8. Go to the valley southwest and look for Shredder Spare Parts (look for wooden crates on the ground).

9. Go back to Foreman Razelcraz, turn in [61] Outland Sucks! and get the follow up [61] How to Serve Goblins.

10. Ride southwest towards the great wall, stop at the orc camp on the northern side of the road. Locate Manni’s Cage (45,41), clear the way to him and free him.

11. Now go to the orc camp south of here, just on the other side of the road (warning: sometimes a fel reaver passes by). Locate Moh’s Cage (46,45) and free him.
Just a bit south of this cage you should find the last one, Jakk’s cage (47,46). Free him.

12. Go back to Foreman Razelcraz.

Turn in [61] How to Serve Goblins, get the follow up [61] Shizz Work.

13. Click the Felhound Whistle from your inventory while standing next to Foreman Razelcraz. This should summon a Fel Guard Hound who will follow you around. Go kill the Helboars west of here. Each time you kill a boar, your Fel Hound will eat them and then leave some Felhound Poo behind him. Right-click the poo, if you are lucky you will find the Shredder Key, if not, keep killing boars until your Fel Hound produces the right type of poo 😛

14. Go back to Foreman Razelcraz, turn in the quest and get the follow up [61] Beneath Thrallmar.

15. Now enter the mine just a few steps away from Foreman Razelcraz, find and kill Urga’zz at the bottom of the mine.

16. Go back to Foreman and turn in [61] Beneath Thrallmar.

17. Hearthstone back to Honor Hold. Go to the main keep and turn in the quests:

  • [61] The Heart of Darkness
  • [63+] Overlord

Congratulations on your new trinket! You should also be level 62 now or pretty close. If you aren’t, don’t worry about it, you will catch up later.


Go sell, repair and restock food/drinks. Fly to Telhamat. Go to the Inn and turn in the quest [62] Cleansing the Waters.


1. Get out of Telhamat. If you haven’t finished [63] Demonic Contamination yet, go northeast of Telhamat and kill boars there until you are done with this quest.

2. Ride southwest to Cenarion Post (16,52). Turn in [63] Demonic Contamination, get the follow up [63] Testing the Antidote. Find a hulking boar, there are plenty around the camp and east of it. Get the boar to low health (under 50%HP is enough) and then click the Cenarion Antidote – some red flask – from your inventory. The boar will grow and be renamed to Dreadtusk. Finish it and you should get a quest complete message.
Go back to Cenarion Post and turn in the quest [63] Testing the Antidote.

3. Go southwest to the Ruins of Sha’naar (14,55). Kill Taskmasters – just ignore the Dreghood Brutes, they will stop attacking once you kill the taskmaster linked to them – and look for Sha’naar Relics. Avoid Azreth the Merciless, he roams up and down the path in the middle of the ruins.
In one of the houses to the left you should find Akoru the Firecaller (15,59), get his quest [62] Naladu.

4. To find Naladu, first you have to wait for Arzeth the Merciless to take a walk away from the stairs. Then move up those stairs and go left, you should find Naladu in a small hut at the end of this path (16,65). Turn in the quest [62] Naladu and get the follow up [62] A Traitor Among Us.

Once again wait for Azreth the Merciless to be away from the stairs and then go to the main hut infront of the stairs. Inside the hut you should find a Metal Coffer, open it and receive the Sha’Nar Key.
Return to Naladu, turn in the quest [62] A Traitor Among Us and get the follow up [62] The Dreghood Elders.

Wait for Azreth to walk away from the stairs, then go down and turn left, in the first hut to the left you should find Morod the Windstirrer, talk to him and free him.
About 50 yards directly north of the hut you should find Aylaan the Waterwaker, free him too.
Go east to the hut where we found the first quest giver ealier, Akoru the Firecaller. Free him.
Go back to Nadalu and turn in the quest, get the follow up [62] Arzeth’s Demise.
Now time to payback that big demon for all the time he made us wait down those stairs!
Get close enough to Azreth to use your Staff of the Dreghood Elders, this will turn Azreth into a non-elite monster, easy to solo.
Note: He will still be immune to movement impairing effects like Frostbolt, so don’t try to kite him, just take the beating and kill him before he kills you.

Go back to Naladu and turn in [62] Arzeth’s Demise.
You should also be done with [63] Sha’naar Relics and [63] Cruel Taskmasters by now. If not, make sure to complete them before leaving the Ruins of Sha’naar.

5. Get out of the ruins. Go northwest to Thornfang hill (12,50) and start to kill Ravagers and Venomspitters. At the same time, ask in the general channel if someone wants to team up to do [63+] Colossal Menace. The giants you need to kill for this quest are a few steps north of thornfang hill, but are too hard to solo for most classes. Keep killing Ravagers until you find help to do [63+] Colossal Menace. This quest is really worth it, you will get nearly 20000XP from it.

6. Go north of Thornfang hill and start to kill giants. The first colossus you kill will drop a Crimson Crystal Shard, right-click it to get the quest [63] Crimson Crystal Clue.
The colossus splits into 3 smaller colossi when you damage them, I recommend killing the small ones as soon as they spawn. They do almost as much damage as the big one but have much less hit points.

7. Once you have completed both [63] Keep Thornfang Hill Clear! and [63+] Colossus Menace, go back to Cenarion Post and turn in:

[63] Colossal Menace
[63] Crimson Crystal Clue
, get the follow up [63+] The Earthbinder.

Turn in, [63] Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!.

Now turn in right away [63+] The Earthbinder.

After turning it in, Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze will move off the earth mound and plant a seed. Shortly after, an elite colossus will spawn, it is easily soloable if you let Earthbinder Galandria tank for you, just let her get sufficient aggro before you start to attack.
After the colossus is dead she will have another quest for you [63+] Natural Remedies. You may choose to do this quest or not, it is optional. It gives 13550 XP and some decent rewards, but it is harder than the previous one because you have to go in the middle of the colossus fields this time, clear a lot of space around the big red crystal and then use your Seed of Revitalization on it. A big colossus will spawn and you’ll have to kill it, he does knockback (that’s why we clear the area around him). Most classes can’t solo this, so you’ll have to find a partner to do it. If you can’t be bothered with that, just don’t take this quest and save it for level 70.

8. Ride back to the Temple of Telhamat, turn in [63] Cruel Taskmasters. Go to the Inn, turn in [63] Sha’naar Relics and get the follow up: [63] The Seer’s Relic. Go to the Gryphon Master, and jump off the cliff behind him.

9. Go east to Sedai’s Corpse. Stand next to the corpse and click on the Seer’s Relic in your inventory. A scene will take place, watch it and after a moment you will get a quest complete message. Go back to the Inn in Telhamat and turn in [63] The Seer’s Relic.

You are pretty much done with Hellfire Penninsula now, besides the instanced parts. You should be level 63 at least now and it’s the perfect time to do the Hellfire Ramparts instance if you haven’t done it already, it is actually nice XP with a decent group and you can pick up some gear upgrades on the way.

You can also go to a main city and train your new skill(s) and re-stock consumables if you wish to do so.

Fly to the Temple of Telhamat.

==Optional== Turn in [63] Natural Remedies if you did it.

Ride southwest to Thornfang Hill (10,50) and clear the way to Zangarmarsh.


1. Shortly after entering Zangarmarsh you should find Cenarion Refuge. Get the following quests:

  • [62] The Umbrafen Tribe
  • [63] Plants of Zangarmarsh
  • [64] Leader of the Darkcrest
  • [63] Leader of the Bloodscale
  • [62] The Dying Balance

Go to the innkeeper and make this inn your home.

Turn in [62] The Cenarion Expedition and get [63] Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake and [64] Warden Hamoot. Go to the other building, move to the top of it and turn [64] Warden Hamoot, get the follow up [64] A Warm Welcome.

2. Mount up, follow the road north and turn west at the first fork. Follow the path until you find Telredor. There is a platform with a lift taking you up the tower (70,49).
Get all the quests you can find in Telredor:

  • [64] The Orebor Harborage
  • [62] The Boha’mu Ruins
  • [62] The Fate of Tuurem
  • [62] The Dead Mire
  • [62] Unfinished Business
  • [62] Fulgor Spores
  • [62] Too Many Mouths to Feed
  • [62] Menacing Marshfangs

Get the flight path.

Go back down and start looking for Fulgor Spores – they can picked up off the floor nearby Telredor. They look like this:


Just make a full circle around the tower while looking for those spores, you should find 2 or 3 at least. Also look in the ponds surrounding the tower.

3. Then start moving east, kill every Marshfang Ripper you can find on your way.
If you keep going east you will reach a wooden path at some point, follow it north until you enter The Dead Mire (81,49).
TIP: If you kill a spore bat while being in melee range the moment it dies, you will get a 5 minute buff: +30 to all stats. So just kill spore bats whenever they are on your way and get this nifty buff.

4. You can find the Dead Mire Soil southeast of the pond which is in the middle of the mire. The exact loc is (84,43) and the soil looks like this.


Stay in this area and kill Withered Giants until one of them drops a Withered Basidium. Right-click it to start the quest [62] Withered Basidium.

5. Go southwest until you are at (77,45). You should find a named sporebat called Sporewing in this area. Kill Sporewing.

6. Keep going southwest while killing Marshfang Rippers on your way, you should now have killed 10 of them.

7. Go back to Telredor and look for Fulgore spores around the tower again. It doesn’t matter if you finish that quest yet, we will have more opportunities to look for Fulgore Spores.

Go up the tower and turn in:

  • [62] Unfinished Business, get the follow up [62] Blacksting’s Bane
  • [62] The Dead Mire, get the follow up [62] An Unnatural Drought
  • [62] Menacing Marshfangs, get the follow up [62] Umbrafen Eel Filets
  • [62] Withered Basidium, get the follow up [62] Withered Flesh

==Note== Don’t sell Fertile Spores if you found any. They drop from the following mobs: Sporebats, Greater Sporebats, Fen Striders, Marsh Walkers. So kill those mobs on sight, you will need 10 Fertile Spores for a quest later on.

8. Get off the tower and go back to the Dead Mire. Kill everything in the area until you have completed the following objectives:

Complete [62] An Unnatural Drought
Complete [62] Withered Flesh
Gather 20 Unidentified Plant Parts (they can drop from most monsters in Zangarmarsh).

==Note== Be careful not to sell Unidentified Plant Parts and Bog Lord Tendrils when you sell junk! Keep them for later, they are needed for certain quests later.

9. Ride back to Telredor and gather the last Fulgor Spores you might still be missing.

Go up the tower and turn in the following quests:

  • [62] Fulgor Spores
  • [62] Withered Flesh
  • [62] An Unnatural Drought


1. Ride southeast until you reach the northern tip of Umbrafen Lake (72,60). Start killing Mire Hydras while going south along the western bank of the lake. You don’t have to go in the water to find them, they are all pretty close to the shore, sometimes they are underwater and can’t be seen, but you can target them easily using your tab key, and pull them out with a ranged ability. Also kill nagas who get in your way.

2. Keep going south until you reach the steam pump at (71,79). You should get a quest update message for the [63] Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake quest.

Keep going around the lake until you have killed 10 Mire Hydras.

3. Once you are done with that, use the Potion of Water Breathing which you should have in your inventory, dive in the lake and hunt Umbrafen Eels until you have 8 Eel Filet. Arm yourself with patience, this may take a while.

4. When you’re done with the eel hunting, exit Lake Umbrafen on the east side and go southeast to the spot marked on the map (82,74). You should find Boglash, a named bog strider, he roams up and down the shallow waters in this area.
He is elite but can be soloed by pretty much any class, even with average gear. Make sure your long cooldown abilities and potion timers are ready and it should be ok. He is immune to fear and movement impairing effects, however he can be interrupted and stunned.
Tip: Get the spore buff from one of the spore bats, it helps.

5. Go south to Umbrafen Village (83,80). Kill every Broken in the village, then move south to the next village, clear it too.

6. Move further southeast to the main village. Clear it and enter the main building (85,90). On the top floor you should find Kataru, kill him.
Now go kill what you still need to complete [62] The Umbrafen Tribe.

7. When you are done, move to the middle village (83,85), and you should find Kayra Longmane in one of the huts.
If she’s not there it means someone else is currently doing the escort quest, so just kill stuff in the area while waiting for her to come back. When you’re ready to start the escort quest, talk to Kayra and get the quest [63] Escape from Umbrafen.
Escort her back to Cenarion Refuge.

8. In Cenarion Refuge turn in:

  • [62] The Umbrafen Tribe, get the follow up [62] A Damp, Dark Place.
  • [63] Plants of Zangarmarsh. You should normally have about 20 extra Unidentified Plant Parts. Get the repeatable quest from her [64] Identify Plant Parts and turn in all the remaining plants you have for extra reputation (you can only repeat this quest until Honored).
    It is possible to get [63] Uncatalogued Species from the Package of Identified Plants you get, if you are lucky enough to get one accept the quest but wait with turning it in until you are honored with Cenarion Expedition.
    Get the quest [62] Saving the Sporeloks from the same NPC. Right behind you should be a new quest available: [62+] Safeguarding the Watchers, get it.
  • Go to the Inn and turn in [62] The Dying Balance.
  • Turn in [63] Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake, get the follow up [63] As the Crow Flies. Also turn in [63] Escape from Umbrafen.

Now right-click the Stormcrow Amulet from your inventory. You don’t have to do anything, just enjoy the ride. When it’s over, turn in the quest [63] As the Crow Flies, get the follow up [64] Balance Must Be Preserved.
Make space in your bags, buy some food and drink.


1. Head south to Funggor Cavern (75,90) which is southwest of Umbrafen Village, there is small path going up to access it.
Enter the cave. At the 1st fork, go right. At the 2nd fork, go right, then go down the slope and look for Ikeyen’s Belongings, it’ a small box on top of a flat rock, loot it.


Go further down the slope and this time go left. Go to the end of that tunnel and you should find Lord Klaq. He is guarded by 3 other fungal giants, but it’s still manageable if you go your cooldowns and pot timers ready. Just kill Lord Klaq first and run away if you can’t handle them all, wait until they get attacked by sporeloks and Lord Klaq should come solo as long as you don’t do damage to the other fungal giants. They will link later once they’ve killed the sporeloks, but you should be far away already. Anyway, I’ve managed to solo Lord Klaq + his 3 guards with every class I’ve played at this level, so you should be able to.
Note: they can also be splitted, I managed quite often to pull 1-2 guards without Lord Klaq first.

Keep killing stuff in this cave until you finish [62] Saving the Sporeloks.

You should also be level 63 by now, at least. If you are higher than that, it’s great, keep going normally, don’t skip anything.
If you’re lower level than that, it’s not a big deal either, you will catch up soon enough, don’t worry.


2. Get out of the cave. Mount up, go northwest to the Umbrafen Lake Steam Pump (71,81). There should be a Steam Pump Overseer guarding it. Kill it and if you’re lucky, it will drop Drain Schematics, loot them and right-click them to start the quest [63] Drain Schematics. If he doesn’t drop them, no problem, just read the rest of this paragraph.
Go next to the control console and click the Ironvine Seeds in your inventory. Another Steam Pump Overseer should spawn and attack you. Kill it, loot the schematics if you don’t have them. If he still didn’t drop the schematics, keep using your Ironvine Seeds to spawn more Steam Pump Overseers, until you get the schematics.

3. Ride northwest to Serpent Lake (that’s the large lake in the middle of the map), swim towards the middle of the lake until you discover a big steam pump at (50,41). You will have to swim down a little to get the quest update message for [63] Drain Schematics.

4. Go back to Cenarion Refuge

Turn in:

  • [62] Safeguarding the Watchers
  • [62] Saving the Sporeloks
  • [62] A Damp, Dark Place

Also turn in all the Unidentified Plant Parts you got. You should now be Friendly with the Cenarion Expedition.
Get the quest [64] Blessings of the Ancients and go talk to the two big walking trees in town: Ashyen and Kelth, ask them for their marks.

Go to the Inn, get the quests [63] Watcher Leesa’oh and [63] What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?.
Turn in [63] Drain Schematics, get the follow up [64] Warning the Cenarion Circle.

Go back to Windcaller Blackhoof and turn in the quest [64] Blessings of the Ancients. From now on you can always ask the two trees for their blessings, which are 30 minute buffs, one gives +spell damage, one gives +attack power.

5. Mount up and ride east all the way to Hellfire Peninsula. Go to Cenarion Post (16,52) and turn in [64] Warning the Cenarion Circle and get the follow up [63] Return to the Marsh.

Now is the time for you to fly to Shattrath and go train your new skills in a main city, restock consumables and make space in your bags.

6. When you are set, hearthstone back to Cenarion Refuge. Turn in [63] Return to the Marsh and get the follow up [65] Failed Incursion. (If you have already visited Underbog or Slave Pens and have the quest “Lost in Battle”. You will need to abandon it to get the quest “Failed Incursion.”)

==Note== If you see any group forming for Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens instance, feel free to join up, unless you really don’t want to do the instance.


1. Ride to Telredor, turn in [62] Umbrafen Eel Filets and [62] Too Many Mouths to Feed, get the follow up [62] Diaphanous Wings.

2. Get off Telredor and ride northwest to Bloodscale Grounds (65,41). You should find a named naga there, Rajis Fyashe. She is elite and most classes probably can’t solo her, she casts frostbolts for 800dmg, tosses you in the air, summons a small elemental and she is immune to root and snare effects. So try to find a partner to duo this quest while you grind on nearby nagas. If you really can’t find help, just abandon the quest.

3. Just slightly west you should find another steampump at the eastern tip of Serpent Lake (62,41). Go next to the controle console and use your Ironvine Seeds.

4. Ride northwest along the lake, all the way to the Orebor Harborage (42,30).
Get the new flight path.
Get the quest [64] Secrets of the Daggerfen.
Turn in [64] The Orebor Harborage, get [64] Ango’rosh Encroachment and [64] Daggerfen Deviance.
Also get [64] Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki from the wanted poster next to Ikuti.

==Note== From now on, if you find a Glowcap on your way, loot it. They are those fluorescent red mushrooms you can find scattered everywhere in Zangarmarsh. You’ll need 10 for a quest later on.

5. Exit the village and go west. Go west towards Daggerfen Village (27,22) and kill every ogre you find on your way.
Once you are in Daggerfen Village, kill every Daggerfen Muckdweller or Assassin in the area, while looking for a Daggerfen Poison Vial. They can be found near the tents and are rather small, so look thoroughly until you find one.


6. Once you’ve found one, you must find the main tower, which is located a little southwest of here (24,27). Before you go up the spiral staircase, get full HP/Mana, because you’ll have to kill 3 mobs at the same time, including Chieftain Mummaki.
Loot Chieftain Mummaki’s Totem and then look on the floor for an open book called “Daggerfen Poison Manual“, loot it too. Now finish [64] Daggerfen Deviance.

7. Go back towards Orebor Harborage, kill every ogre on the way until you complete [64] Ango’rosh Encroachment.

8. In Orebor Harborage, turn in [64] Secrets of the Daggerfen, [64] Daggerfen Deviance, [64] Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki and [64] Ango’rosh Encroachment, get the follow up [64] Overlord Gorefist.

Now you should be Neutral with the Kurenai faction and new quests should be available. Get [64] Natural Armor, [64] Stinger Venom, [64] Lines of Communication, [64] The Terror of Marshlight Lake.
Sell junk.

==Note== From now on, kill every Giant Bees you find on your way, they are called: Umbraglow Stinger, Marshlight Bleeder or Bogflare Needler.
Also kill any Marshfang Slicer you may find (they are on the lower part of the map only though).
Also kill spore bats and striders for Fertile Spores.


1.Get out of the village and head southwest, follow the road, go around Zabra’jin Village (horde) and get back on the road, go further south until you find Watcher Leesa’oh (23,66). Turn in [63] Watcher Leesa’oh and get [63] Observing the Sporelings.

2. Head west to the Spawning Glen. Look for a Sporelok named Fahssn (19,63). Get his 2 quests:

  • [63] The Sporelings’ Plight
  • [64] Natural Enemies

3. Go further west in the Spawning Glen and look for Mature Spore Sacs.


Kill giants on the way and stay in this area until you have:

  • 10 Mature Spore Sacs
  • 6 Bog Lord Tendrils
  • Got the “Investigate the Spawning Glen” message

4. Go back to Fahssn, turn in [63] The Sporelings’ Plight and [64] Natural Enemies.

Now we need to work on our Sporeggar reputation until we’re at least 750/3000 in Neutral with Sporeggar.

So go back to the Spawning Glen. Kill giants and gather mature spore sacs until you complete either of the following objectives:

  • Reputation Unfriendly 2250/3000 with Sporeggar and have 6 Bog Lord Tendril + 10 Mature Spore Sacsor
  • Reputation Unfriendly 1500/3000 with Sporeggar and have 12 Bog Lord Tendril + 10 Mature Spore Sacs

Basically, susbstract 750 faction needed for every 6 Bog Lord Tendril or 10 Mature Spore Sacs you have.

Once you’re 750/3000 in Neutral with Sporeggar, go back to Fahssn and get [64] Sporeggar.

5. Go back to Leesa’oh, turn in [63] Observing the Sporelings and get the follow up [64] A Question of Gluttony.

6. Head east to the Quagg Ridge (27,63). Kill giants in the way while looking for Discarded Nutriments on the ground:


7. Once you have 10 of them, go back to Leesa’oh and turn in [64] A Question of Gluttony, get the follow up [63] Familiar Fungi.

8. Go back to the Quagg Ridge, and this time clear the way east until you exit it. You should end up in a swamp area with Marshfang Slicers and Sporebats (33,60). Kill stuff in this area until you find a named nether ray called Count Ungula. Kill it and loot “Count” Ungula’s Mandible. Right-click it and start the quest [64] The Count of the Marshes.
Stay in this area and kill Marshfang Slicers until you finish [64] Lines of Communication.

9. Go southeast to the Boha’mu Ruins (44,66). Clear the way up the stairs. There is an elite called Elder Kuruti inside the house, don’t attack it. You just need to step inside the house to get the “Explore the Boha’mu Ruins” complete message, without aggroing the elite.

10. Go down the stairs, mount up and ride east / southeast towards The Lagoon and go around it until you end up on the eastern side of the lake where you should encounter Nagas. Clear the way to the steam pump (63,65) and disable it with your Ironvine Seeds.

11. Now we’re gonna kill an elite naga called Rajah Haghazed. He can be found in the middle of the naga village under at gazebo structure directly southeast of the steam pump. Most classes can’t solo this, so look for a partner to duo it with while killing nagas in the area. Stay in the area at least until you finish [64] A Warm Welcome. If you really can’t find help to kill Rajah, just abandon the quest.

12. Mount up and go north to Telredor. Turn in [62] The Boha’mu Ruins, get the follow up [62] Idols of the Feralfen, sell junk and repair.


1. Go west and then slightly southwest until Feralfen Village (50,59). First, we’re gonna find and kill a named wasp called Blacksting, she is very close to Feralfen Village, just north of it. Loot Blacksting’s Stinger.
Now go inside Feralfen Village and kill stuff while looking for Feralfen Idols .


2. Mount up and go north, to Serpent Lake. Swim in, use a charge of your Water Breathing Potion and look for Fenclaw Trashers. There’s plenty of them close to the steam pump in the middle of the lake. If needed, you can eat and drink on one of the pump’s steel tubes. The drop rate on Fenclaw Hide is 100%, so you just need to kill 8 Trashers.

3. When you’re done, hearthstone to Cenarion Refuge.
Turn in:

[64] A Warm Welcome
[63] Leader of the Bloodscale
[64] Leader of the Darkcrest (optional)

Turn in any Unidentified Plant Parts you have, sell junk, repair, get buffed by the ancient trees.

Ride to Telredor, turn in [62] Blacksting’s Bane and [62] Idols of the Feralfen, get the follow up [62] Gathering the Reagents.

==Note== From now on, whenever you find a Fen Strider or a Spore Bat (not young spore bats) on your way, kill it.

5. Fly to Orebor Harborage, turn in:

  • [64] Natural Armor, get the follow up [64] Maktu’s Revenge.
  • [64] Lines of Communication

6. Head directly south, kill Giant Bees on your way, enter Serpent Lake and swim to the small isle at (42,42). On the northeastern tip of the isle, you should find Mragesh just under the surface of lake. Kill it.

7. Go northwest to the ogre village and kill ogres until you have 15 Mushroom Samples.

8. Head west, go to the area just north of Marshlight Lake (25,31), kill every Marshlight Bleeder you see in the area.

9. Go southeast to the naga village, called “Bloodscale Enclave” and clear the way to the steam pump (25,43) and disable it with your Ironvine Seeds.

10. Go southwest of the steam pump, swim to the southermost isle of Marshlight Lake (23,45). Kill every Bogstrok on the isle besides Terrorclaw. Kill him last because he casts fear and you don’t want to fight him plus 2 or 3 extra crabs.

11. Go southwest and you should find Sporeggar (19,51).
Get the quest [64] Glowcap Mushrooms and turn it in if you already have enough glowcap mushrooms. If not, go gather them now, you can find plenty around Sporeggar.
Turn in [64] Glowcap Mushrooms.
Then turn in [64] Sporeggar.

You should now be friendly with sporeggar. If you are not friendly yet, go south to the Spawning Glen and kill giants until you are.
A bunch of new quests should now be available to you, take them all:

  • [65] Bring Me A Shrubbery!
  • [64] Now That We’re Friends…
  • [65] Oh, It’s On!
  • [65] Stalk the Stalker
  • [64] Fertile Spores

==Note== From now on, kill the following mobs on sight: Marsh Walker, Fen Strider, all types of Sporebats, all types of Giant Bees.

==Note== If you see a group for the Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog instance, feel free to join. You got all the quests and it’s a nice instance, so better start trying to get a group for it early, unless you really don’t want to group.


1. Go south / southeast to Watcher Leesa’oh (23,66), turn in:

  • [63] Familiar Fungi, get the follow up [64] Stealing Back the Mushrooms.
  • [64] The Count of the Marshes

2. Hearthstone to Cenarion Refuge, turn in [64] Balance Must Be Preserved. Sell junk and repair.

3. Go northwest, we are gonna grind in the area which is southwest of Telredor (63,51)(as shown on map in the circle). Focus on Fen Striders and Spore bats mostly, until you complete [62] Gathering the Reagents, but kill Stringers also if you see any.

4. Ride to Telredor, turn in [62] Gathering the Reagents, get the follow up [62] Messenger to the Feralfen.

5. Fly to Orebor Harborage, turn in [64] Maktu’s Revenge and [64] The Terror of Marshlight Lake.

Make Orebor Harborage your home location.

6. Head west / northwest to the Ogre Island, you can find a bridge to access it at (17,13). Cross the bridge and turn right (don’t enter the cave). Go up the hill and to your left you should see a small ogre building, Overlord Gorefist is in there. Kill him.
Keep grinding in the area until you have completed [64] Overlord Gorefist and [64] Stealing Back the Mushrooms.

7. Go southeast to Bloodscale Enclave (26,36),kill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 6 Bloodscale Enchantresses.

8. Now we’re gonna hunt Marshlight Bleeders. Go to the northern tip of Marshlight Lake. From there, go all around the lake’s western bank, as shown on the map. You should find plenty Marshlight Bleeders, some spore bats and marsh striders and finish [62] Diaphanous Wings, [64] Stinger Venom and [64] Fertile Spores. Just make laps on the western side of the lake until you finish all 3 quests.

9. Go southeast to Sporeggar, turn in:

  • [64] Now That We’re Friends…, don’t get the follow up, it’s just a repeatable quest for Sporeggar faction.
  • [64] Fertile Spores, don’t take the follow up, it’s another repeatable faction quest.

This should make you ding level 64. If it doesn’t, you can go grind south of here at the spawning glen, this is especially good for herbalists since the giants can be harvested but it’s up to you, you can also go grind on ogres or nagas.


No map needed for the following circuit, it’s very short and easy.

1. Go to Watcher Leesa’oh (23,66), turn in [64] Stealing Back the Mushrooms.

2. Ride east to the Boha’mu Ruins (44,66). Clear the way up, step inside the building. and click the Ahuurn’s Elixir you should have in your inventory (a pink potion). You’ll turn into a birdman, go talk to Elder Kuruti, go through his dialogue and you should get a quest complete message for [62] Messenger to the Feralfen.

3. Hearthstone to Orebor Harborage, turn in [64] Overlord Gorefist and [64] Stinger Venom. Get [64] A Message to Telaar.

4. Fly to Telredor, turn in [62] Messenger to the Feralfen and [62] Diaphanous Wings.

5. Fly to Shattrath.

After landing, on your minimap you should see a yellow “!” showing the location of a Haggard War Veteran, get his quest [65] A’dal. Ride straight to the center of Shattrath, turn in the quest [65] A’dal.

Now get the quest [65] City of Light from Khadgar and follow his servant around until you get a complete message.

Go back to Khadgar and turn in [65] City of Light and now comes a choice you have to make: become an ally of the Scryers or of the Aldor? In my opinion it doesn’t really matter, it’s up to personal preferences. Here are the rewards you can get from each faction:

The Aldor
The Scryers

==Note== From now on I will be the following color code for Aldors and Scryers.


Get the quest [65] Ishanah.
On the Aldor Rise, ride further northwest to the main building, turn in [65] Ishanah, get the other quest [64] Restoring the Light.
Go to the innkeeper (28,49) and set Shattrath as your home location.


Get the quest [65] Voren’thal the Seer.
Head south and take the lift to the Scryers’ Tier.
Go up to the main building and turn in [65] Voren’thal the Seer.

Find the Scryers’ Inn. Make it your home location.

==Note== The next part involves a quest which has been removed as of patch 2.4.0. So if this quest isn’t available for you, just skip the following paragraph in italic.

Get the quest [65] Losing Gracefully from Magister Falris.
Take the lift and go down back to the Terrace of Light. Go a little bit northeast and find the Marksman Regiment’s Cooking Pot (61,51), which should be next to the aldor npcs which hang out close to the Scryers’ bank. Click the cooking pot, turn in the quest. A script will take place, but you don’t have to watch it.


Go to the central room and take a portal to a main city and train your new skills, sell stuff, re-stock consumables.

Hearthstone back to Shattrath City (or get a teleport to Shattrath if your Hearthstone is still on cooldown).
Now before we start with the quests in Terrokar, there is one last thing we can still do in Zangarmarsh: instances.
Try to get a group going for the Slave Pens and The Underbog and do all the quests if you haven’t done them already. Hopefully you’ll get some decent upgrades.
If you can’t or don’t want to do those instances it’s ok, we’ll just need to grind more at the end of this level. Once you’re done with The Slave Pens and The Underbog, move on to the next paragraph.


1. Go to the northern part of Shattrath, in the Lower City. Find the Inn (64,16) and get the quest [64] Rather Be Fishin’ from Seth.

2. Go west to the Skettis area, move up to the tree house and get [65] The Outcast’s Plight from Vekax.

3. Get down and get [62] The Eyes of Skettis from Rilak the Redeemed (53,21).

4. Mount up and ride out of Shattrath by the northeastern tunnel. You should find Silmyr Lake (38,13). Use a charge of your water breathing potion if you still got one. Dip in and hunt Shimmerscale Eels until you complete [64] Rather Be Fishin’.


1. Go south until you hit the road and then follow it east to Cenarion Thicket (44,26). Find Earthbinder Tavgren and turn in [63] What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket? Get the follow ups [63] Clues in the Thicket and [63] Strange Energy.

2. Enter Cenarion Thicket, follow the path and turn left, you should find Warden Treelos on the way, get his quest [64] It’s Watching You!.
Go inside the tower and clear the way up. Get full HP/Mana before you get to the top, then go and kill Naphthal’ar (be careful he does a little knockback, so fight with a pillar behind your back).
Go to the other building on the other side of the path, in the middle of it, in front of the counter you should see a Strange Object:


Right-click it and examine it.
Find Warden Treelos and turn in [64] It’s Watching You!.
Kill Vicious Teromoth until you have 4 Vicous Teromoth Samples.
Get out and turn in [63] Clues in the Thicket.

3. Now start killing Teromoth south of the road until you have 4 Teromoth Samples.
Go back to Earthbinder Tavgren and turn in [63] Strange Energy, get the follow up [63] By Any Means Necessary.

4. Now we need to find Empoor, he patrols on the path in between Shattrath and Tuurem. Be full HP and ready when you find him, because when you talk to him he’ll attack you and so will his friend. You just need to get Empoor below 30%HP and he will stop attacking, then you will be able to turn in the quest [63] By Any Means Necessary. Get the follow up [63] Wind Trader Lathrai.

5. Ride southeast, all the way to Allerian Stronghold (57,51). Go in front of the main building, find the wanted poster and get [65] Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!. Enter the building, get [63] Olemba Seeds.
Further inside the main building, find Lieutenant Gravelhammer and get his two quests: [62] Thin the Flock and [64] Speak with Private Weeks.
Exit the building, on your right-hand side and behind a ballista, find Thander, get his quest [64] Stymying the Arakkoa. Furher east stands Bertelm, get his 2 quests: [63] Unruly Neighbors and [64] Timber Worg Tails.
Just north of Bertelm and inside a building you should find Andarl, turn in [62] The Fate of Tuurem and get [64] Magical Disturbances.
Now go get the new flight path, further east.

==NOTE== From now on, kill every Timber Worg/Alpha or Warp Stalker on your way and also look for Olemba Seeds. They can be found in every forest area in Terrokar and look like this:


6. Head straight north, kill stuff on the way and gather some Olemba Seeds. Go all the way to Veil Shienor (59,27).
Enter Veil Shienor, clear the way to the eastern tree and enter the front door.Go up, then cross the bridge to the next tree and loot the Eye of Veil Shienor:


Go back down and find Ayit in a small hut in between the two trees. Kill it.

7. Go west and then north to Veil Reskk (50,20). Clear the way inside the village until you find the wooden bridge going up to the tree house, Ashkaz should be on top of the tree house, if he’s not there, someone killed him recently, so wait for him to respawn. Cross the bridge to the 2nd tree house and loot the Eye of Veil Reskk.

Aldor: Find the 3 altars and right-click them.

Northern Altar: (51, 17)
Eastern Altar: (49, 20)
Western Altar: (48, 14.5)


Now kill Arrakoas until you’ve completed [62] Thin the Flock.

8. Hearthstone to Shattrath. Sell junk and repair.

Aldor: Turn in [64] Restoring the Light


Go find Rilak the Redeemed in the northwestern part of Lower City, turn in [62] The Eyes of Skettis, get the follow up [63] Seek Out Kirrik. Go east to the Inn, turn in [64] Rather Be Fishin’.
Go southeast to the lower end tavern, located on the east side of Lower City and find Wind Trader Lathrai (72,31), turn in [63] Wind Trader Lathrai and get the follow up [64] A Personal Favor.

Take the southeastern tunnel to exit Shattrath.


1. Go east until you find Private Weeks (40,36), he should be easy to spot on your minimap thanks to the golden quest dot. Turn in [64] Speak with Private Weeks, get the follow up [65] Who are They?. Don’t attack anything from now on or you’ll lose your disguise. If you do lose it, go talk to Private Weeks and he’ll disguise you again.

2. The entrance to Grangol’var Village is just a few steps southeast of here. Enter the village, make sure you stay far away from the Shadowy Hunters, they see through the disguise. Talk to an initiate, there is one by the pond in the middle of the village. Enter the main building and talk to the Shadowy Advisor inside. Get out of the building and find a Shadowy Laborer, he can be anywhere in the village, he goes from building to building.
Go back to Private Weeks, turn in the quest and get [65] Kill the Shadow Council!.
Go back into the village, this time kill everything on the list. Shadowmaster Grieve is inside the big building.

3. Exit the village by the western gate and then go south to the Refugee Caravan (37,50). Turn in [63] Seek Out Kirrik, get [64] Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk.
Also get [63] Before Darkness Falls, [64] Missing Friends and [65] The Infested Protectors from the other NPCs at the caravan.

4. Head northwest to Veil Skith (31,42). Find the Darkstone of Terokk in the middle of the camp. Use your Rod of Purification and destroy the stone. Just a few steps west of the stone you should find a wooden bridge going up to the tree houses. Clear to the last tree house and kill Urdak.
Now kill birdmen until they drop Veil Skith Prison Keys, and use those keys on the Prison Cages to free children – make sure there are children in the cages before you use a key.
Keep killing birdmen until you complete [64] Missing Friends, [65] The Outcast’s Plight, [64] A Personal Favor and [64] Stymying the Arakkoa.

5. Head back to the caravan – kill a couple of treants on the way.
Turn in:

  • [64] Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk, get the follow up [64] Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil
  • [64] Missing Friends

Get the 2 new quests: [65] The Tomb of Lights and [65] The Vengeful Harbinger.

6. Head southeast to The Shadow Stair (40,56). Kill fel orcs there until you finish [63] Before Darkness Falls and find Cabal Orders on one of them. Right-click them to start the quest [64] Cabal Orders.

7. Head east – kill as many Bonelashers as you can on the way – until you find the Tomb of Lights (47,55). Start looking for help, as most classes won’t be able to solo [65] The Vengeful Harbinger. Kill ethereals and bonelashers while looking for people willing to team up.
Once you have found help (or want to try your luck solo), go inside the tomb, go to the eastern room, clear the whole room. Stand on the circle at the end of the room and click your Draenei Tomb Relic. An arcane guardian will spawn, then 4 waves will attack you:

– 2 Vengeful Draeneis
– 3 Vengeful Draeneis
– 3 Vengeful Draeneis
– 1 Vengeful Harbinger

All non-elite, so it should be relatively easy to duo unless you get a lot of respawns in the room at the same time. If you are successful, your guardian will move up and die. Then some purple energies will gather in the middle of the circle and a shade will materialize, right-click it to turn in the quest [65] The Vengeful Harbinger. Warning: it’s rather hard to see the shade, so look and search above with your mouse pointer.

Clear the way out and finish [65] The Tomb of Lights.

8. Head back to the caravan while killing Bonelashers.
Turn in:

  • [65] The Tomb of Lights
  • [63] Before Darkness Falls
  • [64] Cabal Orders, get the follow up [64] The Shadow Tomb.
    A new quest should be up at another npc from the caravan: [65] Recover the Bones.

==NOTE== From now on, look for Restless Bones on the floor. They look like this:


9. Go kill Bonelashers southwest of the caravan until you finish [65] Wanted: Bonelashers Dead.

Hearthstone back to Shattrath. Sell junk and repair.
Go see Vekax (46,18 ) on the arakkoa tree in the northern part of Lower City. Turn in [65] The Outcast’s Plight, no need to take the follow up, it’s just a repeatable quest for faction.

Go see Wind Trader Lathrai (72,31) infront of the tavern on the east side of lower city. Turn in [64] A Personal Favor, get the follow up [64] Investigate Tuurem.

Fly to Allerian Stronghold, turn in:

  • [64] Stymying the Arakkoa
  • [65] Wanted:Bonelashers Dead!, get the follow up [65] Torgos!
  • [62] Thin the Flock
  • [65] Kill the Shadow Council!


1. Exit the stronghold and go east, kill Worgs, Warp Stalkers and gather Olemba Seeds.
You should find an orc fortress at (65,50) and a lot of worgs around it. Kill every Timber Worg Alpha, then kill 12 Warped Peons,then kill all the Worg Alphas again (they should have respawned).

2. Go northeast to Allerian Post (70,45). Turn in [63] Unruly Neighbors and get the 2 follow ups: [64] The Firewing Liaison and [64] Thinning the Ranks.

3. Go back to the orc fortress, kill all the Timber Worg Alphas (if you still need some tails). Clear the way to the main building, enter it and kill Lisaile Fireweaver. After that, look on the floor next to where she was standing, you should find some Fel Orc Plans. Loot them, right-click them and accept the quest [64] Fel Orc Plans.
Clear the way out and finish the quest [64] Thinning the Ranks.

4. Now go back to the forest, kill Warp Stalkers, Timber Worg Alphas and gather Olemba Seeds until you complete the 3 quests: [63] Olemba Seeds, [64] Magic Disturbances and [64] Timber Worg Tails.

5. Go back to Allerian Stronghold, turn in:

  • [64] Timber Worg Tails, get the follow up [64] The Elusive Ironjaw.
  • [64] Fel Orc Plans
  • [64] Magic Disturbances
  • [63] Olemba Seeds, get the follow up [63] Vessels of Power.

6. Leave Allerian Stronghold and follow the road north/northwest until you hit Tuurem (53,35).
Start to kill Tuurem Hunters/Scavengers/etc while looking for Draenei Vessels.


Clear the way towards the northeast island of Tuurem.

7. Once you’re on the northeastern island, look for a hut with a Firewing Courier inside (54,30). Kill the courier and loot the Sealed Box.
Clear the way west and get out of Tuurem once you’ve got 8 Draenei Vessels.

8. Follow the road west until you find Earthbinder Tavgren (44,26). Turn in [64] Investigate Tuurem, get the follow up [64] What Are These Things.

For those who did the Zangarmarsh instances, this should be enough to hit level 65. For the others, it’s time to grind a little. I recommend grinding on the firewing elves (70,40), especially if you are Scryers, because they drop Firewing Signets and Arcane Tomes on top of runecloth/neatherweave cloth.
For the Aldors, you can go grind at the Shadow Tomb or at the Shadow Stair, it’s just as good.


I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you want to return the favor, please try to contribute.

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2007 ©Copyrights All Rights Reserved

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    Oct 30, 2007 @ 10:46

    Hi Jame, i used your guideHi Jame, i used your guide from the start for my main, he is now 70, i leveled from 60-70 by myself. And now i am working on leveling my alt who is 34 atm and i just want to say thanks for taking your time for making these guides, i’ve reccomended this guide to all my friends and my guild 🙂

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    Oct 30, 2007 @ 15:35

    Love the guides

    Rolled aLove the guides 😀

    Rolled a new ally last night on a new server. so ill be using your guide pretty soon.

    i only hope this guide uses a lot less grinding sessions that the >60 guide

    if ( iqOfUser <= 100 )

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      Oct 31, 2007 @ 13:34

      Yes, there is very littleYes, there is very little grinding in this chapter, and when there is it’s always for a good reason, like getting a certain level to unlock certain quests, or getting faction to unlock more quests, or getting certain drops for quests 😛

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    Nov 1, 2007 @ 11:21

    Try to save quests for laterOne day in the future you’ll hit lvl70. By then the focus will change from getting XP to getting money and gear.

    Money and gear are usually the same, since either you pay money for craftables, or you pay money for consumables while raiding.

    One major source of income at lvl70 are the quests that you still haven’t done. I try to hit lvl70 while doing the first few quests in BEM, that way I have about 3-4000g left in quest rewards.

    Spending lvl60 in Azeroth is slow and perhaps not as fun; grinding lvl60-61 in Hellfire is perhaps also not as fun.
    Doing instances in outlands is fun, rewarding, and gives some nice XP (not sure about the XP/Hour though).

    It would perhaps be nice to mention that in the start of the guide, since many people might be disappointed if they reach lvl70 and only have a handful of group quests left…

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      Nov 1, 2007 @ 12:58

      You hit it on the nail,You hit it on the nail, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with my guide: leave Shadowmoon Valley and Nethestorm quests untouched (or almost untouched) so that when you follow my guide and hit level 70, you still have 3000+ gold left worth of questing to do, which is a blessing to finance the very fast flying mount.

      I’ll add a few lines about it in my introduction 🙂

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    Nov 1, 2007 @ 12:13

    I love your 30-60 guides,I love your 30-60 guides, like the other comment I won’t be using the 60+ guide as I just don’t see the need for one (and from skimming over your guide it’s pretty much what I do anyway).

    I think Outland was made a lot better quest wise compared to Azeroth.

    Still admire the work you put into these guides though 🙂

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    Nov 2, 2007 @ 4:49

    The quest Avruu’s Orb inThe quest Avruu’s Orb in Hellfire isn’t quite that simple (step 9 after hitting lvl 61). First you need to release the elemental and fight it before you can turn in the quest. I’m not sure if Blizzard changed it, or you just got lucky that someone had just done the quest and the guy was still out.

    Overall great guide, I just didn’t want others to discover what I did the hard way.

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    Nov 4, 2007 @ 11:07

    Hey, on this part:
    7. 🙁
    Hey, on this part:
    7. Once he is dead, get back on the road, go east through the great wall, and then northeast until you find Foreman Razelcraz (51,51). Get his quest [61]Outland Sucks!.

    It’s not 51,51.. maybe 51,31.. If you go to 51,51 there are nothing but lvl 63 Shatteredhand Grunts that like to kill me and it puts you right under Hellfire Citadel..

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      Nov 21, 2007 @ 8:12

      Thank you, fixing it rightThank you, fixing it right away!

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        Déc 18, 2007 @ 10:34

        Thank youJame, thank you ALOT for this guide.

        After having leveled my 1st char to lvl 60 the “old facion” way 2 years ago, i did not wish for leveling one more as i was tiered spending 10 minutes flying form place to place, trying to complete a quest and then doing the same from a quest that came right after.
        I was tiered to go to thott each 30 sec to find out what to do and after spending 15 min on a quest only to get 815 xp from it.

        This guide actually made me want to level a new char. By friday night we have allready cleared MH/BT so that gave me alot time to spend on my alt.

        Yesturday i leveled form lvl 56 to 60 and as some others i didnt even start on EPL/WLP – basically staopped at the “scaring the goblin in WInterspring with the Mechanical Yetti.

        Cant wait to start on 60 -70 guide and can only expect greatness from it.

        So as the title say – thank you.

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    Nov 4, 2007 @ 13:54

    Thank you so much for theThank you so much for the guides. Have leveled 2 toons 30-60 with them and will definately be using your 60-65 one. You are a GOD.

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    Nov 7, 2007 @ 15:54

    Next ChapterHello Jaime..

    Thank you for the great guide.. I really enjoy it, my hat go off for you. Since now im lvl64 and gonna hit 65 very soon and i doubt the next chapter going to show up very soon, do you have an advice 65-70 (other than to leave SMV and Netherstorm areas untouched). Because your guide.. really saves alot of time and effort..


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    Nov 11, 2007 @ 19:19

    Drain schematicsI love your guides and find them really accurate but ive killed that steam pump overseer 15+ times now and am yet to loot drain schematics, was just wondering because the way you say it sounds like it drops 1st time? thanks

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      Nov 21, 2007 @ 8:11

      The schematics drop on theThe schematics drop on the first kill if you are on the quest [64]Balance Must Be Preserved, which you should have if you followed the guide up to this point.

      That’s probably why 😛

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        Nov 27, 2007 @ 11:49

        Actually I had a similar issueI actually had to kill the guy 5 times b4 it dropped.. Maybe its a blizz issue./shrug

        Docjohnson Alleria

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          Nov 29, 2007 @ 9:32

          Same thingI had killed the guy about 6-7 times before I just went up and used the item on the pump to spawn a 2nd guy (giving up on getting the schematics…) and boom it dropped off the 2nd spawned guy!

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            Déc 3, 2007 @ 2:09

            hmmyou can spawn endless ammount of those overseers using the seed over and over

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              Déc 14, 2007 @ 19:09

              not 100% drop rateI’m on the guide followed it perfectly and i’ve killed the overseer at least 15 times now and still no drop. says about 8% drop rate.

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              Déc 14, 2007 @ 19:21

              finally dropped schematicswell after at least 20+ kills of these guys it finally dropped. I killed the guard then the spawned guy at least 20 times if not more. Might want to add that to your guide notes since it obviously isn’t a 100% drop rate.

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                Déc 14, 2007 @ 19:35

                This is really weird, IThis is really weird, I tested it with 3 different characters and they always dropped it on the first kill after I had taken the quest [64] Balance Must Be Preserved.

                I’ll do further testing, thanks for the comments 🙂

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    Nov 17, 2007 @ 15:31

    Bog Lord TendrilsTurn in [64]Natural Enemies (you should have plenty Bog Lord Tendrils from the grinding session in the fungal cave). Turn in any additional 6x Bog Lord Tendril you might have for extra faction.

    You can’t get Bog Lord Tendrils from the fungal cave.

    Thank You

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      Nov 21, 2007 @ 8:08

      Fixed it, thank youFixed it, thank you 🙂

  • img
    Nov 24, 2007 @ 5:23

    Shadowmoon n’ NetherstormI know whatcha mean with the saving of those two. By the time I hit 70 I never touched Shadowmoon and I had done the first 5 or so quests in Shadowmoon 😛 And then the rest was just cash cows XD

  • img
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 13:55

    Hey James,

    Just thought I’dHey James,

    Just thought I’d post to show some appreciation for these guides like everyone else. I’ve leveled 5 characters in total to 60 using the older guide and just finished the 60-65 with one of my alts. Very efficient and saves so much time. Its exteremly satisfying handing in 10 complete quests at once and progresses through all the zones very nicely.

    Would recommend this to anyone.

    Cheers =D

    Azjul Nerub

  • img
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 21:27

    no such questSecrets of the Harborage does not exist. I think you mean Secrets of the Daggerfen? 😛

    • img
      Nov 27, 2007 @ 7:31

      err yes, fixing it righterr yes, fixing it right away, thanks!

  • img
    Déc 3, 2007 @ 6:12

    Great GuidesHey Jame i’ve been using your guides to level since level 30, i’ve been wanting to play a hunter but dreaded the leveling. A combination of your guide and the leveling speed up by blizz when i was about lvl 45, got me to 60 in 5 days 1 hour played time! I thought it was great. I hope the 65-70 guide comes out just as i hit 65 that would be great.
    Only downside to your guide is that I’ve gotten killed by fel reaver twice while minimized and reading it 🙁

  • img
    Déc 4, 2007 @ 1:02

    Awesome guide dude, Used itAwesome guide dude, Used it for my pally and got him to level 63, unfortunatly I got bored playing the pally cos I couldnt decide on a role I liked. So I rolled a hunter and loving it, used your guide and am now at level 65 in 10 days and thats including a fair bit of BG’s, AH’ing and a lot of just chatting in the guild doing nothing.

    One problem tho, It’s December 4th and I’ve run out of guide, lol. It says here you’re hoping to get the next part sorted by December 10th. Is that still looking likely or is it going to be longer? Any advice on what to do in the meantime cos I dont wanna go off questing and mess up the use of the next guide. I can do a few instances but they could get a bit repetative if it’s gonna be ages till the next part comes out.

    Once again cheers for a fantastic guide, keep up the great work!


    • img
      Déc 4, 2007 @ 16:44

      Yes I still plan to releaseYes I still plan to release the next chapter by the 10th of december 🙂

      Until them you have a lot of things you can work on:

      -make money
      -do instances
      -level tradeskills
      -start a twink and have fun

      • img
        Déc 5, 2007 @ 6:36

        Thank you so muchI don’t know what else to say. The same thing happened to me, got to level 65 on my mage at December 3rd, and I ran out of guide xD. I had been following your guide since level 30, and I guess I got too dependent, which is a little bad. But it’s so worth it, because with your guide, I level so fast and have TONS of fun while I’m doing it. Nothing like blazing past your guild mates, huh?

        Anyway, the point I wanted to make was that I’m glad you confirmed once more the date for the second part of the guide to be out. I wasn’t sure when that date had been announced, so I didn’t know how accurate it was. Knowing this, I can happily begin raising another character to get ready to bring into the guided leveling!

        Thanks again, Jame!

  • img
    Déc 4, 2007 @ 9:20

    I followed your guide on myI followed your guide on my mage, went a bit nuts with instances and finished Hellfire and Zangar at level 67. Loving it =D

  • img
    Déc 4, 2007 @ 20:32

    Hey, i’ve started my hunterHey, i’ve started my hunter ages ago now, and a friend just linked me this site, and i had a look at your guide, and yours is a blessing to me, the only problem is that i went to Outland as soon as i hit lvl 58, and i’ve now finished all the quests (maybe i’ve missed 2 or 3) i could do in Hellfire peninsula at my lvl, so my question is, what do you think i should do, just farm to lvl 62/63, then carry on with your guide?
    I’ve got a feeling this guide is gonna help me a lot, the whole WoW community owes you.


    • img
      Déc 5, 2007 @ 15:01

      Yes, just do instancesYes, just do instances and/or grind until you get back to the recommended level of my guide and start the Zangarmarsh quests.

  • img
    Déc 6, 2007 @ 18:02

    Just a FYI for everyone. IJust a FYI for everyone. I just hit 58 and am definitely questing/leveling in outland for the improved gear. You can just start following the guide at 58, but some quest sections you will have to skip over until you hit 60. My suggestion is to do what you can until you hit 59, then start running Ramparts as much as possible until you hit 60. Plus, it’s better to do Ramparts early on for the honor. Here’s what you can do while you wait for Ramparts groups. Probably should really try to hit 61 (or be close to it) before moving on to the 61 section.

    Level 60: (while you are 58-59)
    Section 1: you can do steps 1 – 7, but you won’t be able to pick up the new quests from step 7 on (level 60 req).
    Section 2: you can do everything here, steps 1-15
    Section 3: the only thing you can’t get is [62]The Longbeards in step 7. It is level 60 req.

    • img
      Déc 10, 2007 @ 23:08

      Update…I started following this guide as soon as I hit 58. I just hit level 60 in Step 4 in the 3rd section of level 60 guide. It was after killing the MK1 Fel Cannons at Forge Camp Mageddon. At this point, I’m gonna have to go back to step 7 in the first section to get the quests that required level 60.

      I’m just planning on running Ramparts to get myself to 61 after I finish the level 60 quests.

  • img
    Déc 10, 2007 @ 3:43

    F5So, is anyone else rapidly hitting F5 waiting for the 65-70 guide? And if not, where should I go to search for it when it DOES come out?

    • img
      Déc 10, 2007 @ 15:56

      lol, I am…keen to get backlol, I am…keen to get back to leveling 🙂 I hope its ready soon…I was checking early hours of this morning. Shouldn’t be to long tho.

    • img
      Déc 10, 2007 @ 20:43

      F5Haha, Yeah I am too..can’t wait!

    • img
      Déc 10, 2007 @ 23:45

      Me for one – – no doubtMe for one – 😕 – no doubt last minute teething troubles

    • img
      Déc 11, 2007 @ 4:49


  • img
    Déc 10, 2007 @ 3:45

    Killing every mobIn your 30 – whatever guide you mention you should kill EVERYTHING on your way. Does this still apply here? Just wondering, thanks!

    • img
      Déc 10, 2007 @ 8:46

      No, this doesn’t applyNo, this doesn’t apply anymore, unless when I mention it specifically in one of the steps.

  • img
    Déc 10, 2007 @ 12:19

    Great guideYour guide is really great, I thank you very much. I have seen some other guides including guides that they sell, but nothing compares to yours.
    I am 65 now 😀 Waiting your next chapter…

  • img
    Déc 10, 2007 @ 22:53

    jamesyou are awesome!!!!!!!

  • img
    Déc 10, 2007 @ 23:20

    new guideFirst i want to thanks u so much for all this great guides i got to 65 in 6 days played

    my question is. When is the 65-70 coming, late at night or will it be delayed ?

    thanks again

  • img
    Déc 11, 2007 @ 4:32

    65-70?Hey James, are you still working on that 65-70 guide? im only 46 right now but when i get to 65 it would be nice to have your guide taking me the rest of the way. Its been really helpful so far. Thanks!

  • img
    Déc 11, 2007 @ 7:30

    Amazing GuideI leveled one of my 3 60s using your earlier guides and then ran my 70 shaman up sans guide from 60 to 70. I decided to level a hunter for the heck of it, and hit 61, thanks to the new experience rates in Azeroth, when I finished chapter III. I will gleefully hit Outland tomorrow and follow your guide as closely as possible!

    I’m glad that the 65-70 guide will be published soon! Now I may level my other 3 60s to 70 – If I go nuts on leveling that is 🙂

    Thanks for all of your effort in producing this awesome guide! }:)

    • img
      Déc 11, 2007 @ 7:43

      Thanks a lot for yourThanks a lot for your feedback!

      ps: For those who missed the news post, the 65-70 chapter will be out today (tueday 11th) somewhere in the afternoon.

  • img
    Déc 11, 2007 @ 12:18

    BrilliantAs a new person to WoW, I found your guide great… And worryingly got too 65 and I thought hmmm now what… That was last night 🙂 An your new guide comes out today beat that for timing 🙂

  • img
    Déc 11, 2007 @ 18:45

    Fantastic guide, major problemI’ve been following the guide religiously since level 30 and people are amazed at how fast I level up. Thank you so much for writing it! I have previously tried Brian Kopp’s guide and it was a joke; everything in it was written for Hunters and it frequently had you do things like “fly to southshore, tame a tiger, fly back to ironforge”, which meant that unless you kept reading a few points ahead it would take you on seriously stupid and timewasting paths for Hunter stuff. I emailed him about this and he was apathetic in response.

    Then I was told about your guide and have to say that you have done a -fantastic- job! Thank you so much! This is all that a real guide should be; short, correct and to the point. And above all: FUN! I have so much fun following your guide and getting loads of faction. And it’s a great feeling to stock up 5 complete quests and turn them all in at once.

    The new XP changes in patch 2.3 help a lot and actually makes it possible to skip parts of your guide that are less fun, so that’s good too. The revised guides will help lots of people. 🙂

    Now for the problem. Literally 5 minutes after dinging 60 I was right out there in the Outlands, and followed the guide to the letter. I did absolutely everything that the guide said.

    However, when it was time for the “tainted meat” from hellboards I noticed that the guide said that the tainted meat is a rare drop. They must have changed it, because it dropped -every- time from every single hellboard. This made me decide to stay in the area at the blimp crash and kill hellboars and purify the meat and turn in that quest. When that was done I took the followup (which was to collect wings from buzzards), and the buzzards were a tiny tiny bit to the east from the blimp and there were loads of blimp parts on the ground so I did that as well. That means I turned in 2 quests before the guide had told me to do so. One (hellboard meat) that was meant to be turned in later, and one (buzzard meat) that was meant to be received and finished much later. That’s one part of the guide that you may want to change, to put these two in the same location because they are really easy to do while collecting the 30 blimp parts on the ground.

    Secondly, at one point it says “you should now be friendly with Honor Hold”, but I had been following the guide to the letter since the minute I hit level 60, and I was not friendly with them yet. It took another turn-in to become friendly so you might want to correct that.

    And lastly, and this is what I consider a BIG BIG problem in the guide, I’ll quote what the guide says:

    “11. Ride southeast to Expedition Armory (55,76). Kill everything needed to complete [61]Unyielding Souls. Also, it is time to get level 61 now, so we are gonna stay here and grind. This is an awesome grinding pleace, the mobs don’t have much hit point, they respawn fast and all drop runecloth or netherweave cloth.


    LEVEL 61

    If you wish to go train your new skills or to visit the AH, …”

    At this point (after finishing Unyielding Souls) we have 4 complete quests that are not yet turned in, and they are (according to your guide) not to be turned in until after we hit level 61. Okay, here is the problem with that.

    I had followed the guide to the letter since level 60, and by the time I was at this point in the guide I was 3/4 into level 61. That is, I had 15 bubbles done and 5 to go. That is, 125000 XP LEFT TO DING. Then you suggest we grind. This guide is meant to avoid grinding!?

    The mobs here give 535 XP each. That means we have to kill TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE mobs to hit 61 this way! Is something wrong here? Did you do some instances when you were writing this guide, and then assume others would be close to ding too?

    Instead of killing those 233 mobs (which would take like 3 hours) I am going to go do instances to level 61, and I suggest you write something about this in the guide, such as “go do instances until you hit level 61, unless you want a long grind”.

    Awesome guide, just don’t think this particular grind fits in with the theme of the guide, which is to have fun while avoiding any major grinds. I’d call 125000xp a major grind.

    Best regards,
    A huge fan

    • img
      Déc 11, 2007 @ 20:43

      Thanks a lot for theThanks a lot for the feedback.

      About the Hellboar quest, I’d rather not change it, because you just got lucky.

      About the Honor Hold faction, well that’s a problem, I’m gonna have to change that. I did it with a human character, I had taken into account the racial bonus but obviously I must have miscalculated.

      And about the grinding session. Yes it is long, and yes you should definitely go instance if you hate grinding, I will add this to the guide. I can’t remove that grinding session for a simple reason: several quests in the western part of Hellfire Penninsula only become available at level 61+, and to include them in efficient quest circuits, we have to grab them early.

      Anyway, I’ll fix it, thanks a lot! 🙂

      • img
        Déc 12, 2007 @ 1:19

        HellboarsAwesome guide. After all your hard work I feel like I should contribute something.

        The person was right about the hellboar meat drop rates. I’m also getting a drop every time around the zepplin. Perhaps the drop rate is higher in that area than further away?

        I used parts of your guide in getting from 30-50. 50-60 was so easy I didn’t need it. I must say however, that the 60-65 guide is the best yet (I haven’t yet read the 65-70). You seem to be getting better and better at it as you go (i.e. it is just soooooo easy to follow now).

        Keep up the awesome work o’ great one.

        • img
          Déc 13, 2007 @ 15:30

          hellboarsthe tainted meat is 100% drop rate as long as u have the quest

          i think what jame meant was that the purified version wasn’t always 100%

          any way great guide and my small controbution is if u hate grinds , just run any instance your level , good gear and good xp if u get a guild group or good pug 🙂

      • img
        Déc 12, 2007 @ 8:23

        Hey JameHey Jame,

        Thanks for replying. I’m past the grind and enjoying the guide again. It’s really fantastic 🙂

        Noticed a point that is no longer correct:

        “[i]3. Ride northeast to the entrance of the Path of Glory (63,49). From this point on, you must look for skeletal remains on the ground, it is called “Trampled Skeleton” and it is very hard to see them. I suggest zooming in first person view and keep going east while scanning the floor with your mouse pointer. Don’t go too far east though or you’ll run into lvl 70 elite demons. You can find trampled skeletons starting from west of the crossroads where we started at to the two wooden totems on each side of the road (as shown on the map).

        4. Once you’re cleansed 8 skeletons, hearthstone back to Honor Hold (or ride back if it’s still on cooldown).[/i]”

        The skeletons are extremely easy to see thanks to the new glitter above most quest items on the ground. You can see it even on max zoomout, so no need to go into first person mode and move the cursor around like a blind cane.

        Secondly, the skeletons are very plentiful. There is no need to go past 63,49 (entrance to Path of Glory). The entrance has five skeletons to the west, and they all respawned 30 seconds after I picked them up so just hang around 30 seconds and get the remaining 3.

        Which brings me to the last point. The guide says to go to Path of Glory then start moving EAST, which is nothing but demon wasteland. The skeletons are most plentiful to the west, and perhaps this is a new change? The result of the skeletons being right at the start of Path of Glory is that there is no need to hearth back to Honor Hold, since it’s literally a one minute ride on your mount. The skeletons are so easy to find that you barely leave Honor Hold. Save the hearthstone for a more helpful spot later in the guide.

        Oh, and I became Revered with Exodar after turning in [61]The Path of Glory to Warp-Scryer Kryv and I have not done a single Exodar quest other than following your guide. Very nice indeed!

        I’ll finish this long post by saying that following the guide is truly amazing. I’m a HIGH dps shadowpriest and constantly beat other players in damage, yet that grind yielded about 40k XP/hour (unrested), while questing with your guide yields about 85k XP/hour! And you get loads of rewards and faction, plus you discover new areas. It’s just a godsend, that’s exactly what it is!

        • img
          Déc 12, 2007 @ 10:57

          Thanks again! I’ll fix thisThanks again! I’ll fix this 🙂

    • img
      Déc 14, 2007 @ 3:39

      grinding partI wanna say for me as a fury warrior, these mobs that wasnt recommend i dont suggest. For example the demons that u did when bombing dropped very fast, and seemed for me atleast to have less hp. They could nuke but then u had pummel or shield thingie to interrupt it. And it was great spawn also. They seemed to have alot less hp atleast.

      But now i didnt have to ding since i dinged while doing the quest.

      • img
        Déc 20, 2007 @ 11:30

        A bit of adviceTo all those who think the grinding part sucks:
        Here’s a tip, since patch 2.3 was released you get a whole bunch more XP from 30-60. See, I started this guide at level 30. I quit playing for a while at 50, then started playing again close to when 2.3 was released. HERE’S a good way to BEAT the BOREDOM of grinding. Even though I only had 10 levels with the increased XP, I still managed to hit 60 just about before the guide hits EPL, and I did no extra instance runs, I even skipped out on Sunken Temple (because it annoys me lol). So I went straight to Hellfire Peninsula. Then when that grinding part came up I just went back to Azeroth, back to WPL and did some quests, there are plenty there and most with close to the same XP rate as Hellfire. It helped me to get to 61 and I hate grinding, so try it.

        PS: Also, with the honour thing, I was revered before leaving HH. With a human character, that is.

  • img
    Déc 12, 2007 @ 11:28

    Just a small errorIn the guide you write that in the quest gathering the reagents you should grind around Telredor to collect the quest items but there are only Young sporebats and you need to kill Sporebats to get the Spore eyes. The fen striders are there but the sporebats aren’t there, there are only Young one. I would be grateful if you could correct this small error and give the correct grinding area for Gathering the Reagents. 🙂

    I also love your guides, i’ve only been followning them since 60 but they’re FANTASTIC!!! 😀

    • img
      Déc 13, 2007 @ 6:50

      You must have misread thisYou must have misread this step 🙂


      [quote]3. Go northwest, we are gonna grind in the area which is southwest of Telredor (63,51)(as shown on map in the circle). Focus on Fen Striders and Spore bats mostly, until you complete [62]Gathering the Reagents, but kill Stringers also if you see any.[/quote]

  • img
    Déc 15, 2007 @ 2:59

    Great GuideJust gotta say your guides are fantastic. I started using a guide proper for the character i’m currently playing around level 50. I love how it fits so well together you grab a quest here then travel other there to get the chain follow up and do more quests.

    I managed to hit 60 long before your guide estimated i’d be 58. I guess with the experience change the guide is pretty off. If i had kept following it though i’m sure i would have hit 61 or 62 before i’d even made it to outlands but i was too impatient.

    The small grinding parts in the 61-65 have been a bit annoying but i’ve more or less negated it by building up the 2 or 3 bars worth of double xp for the remainder of my level. Much easier and faster to kill 100 creatures than 200 creatures.

    btw the grind part from 62 to 63 i found was MUCH better at The Dead Mire because it’s in the sunlight so easier to see and easier to move around. Also because the withering giants/bog lords dropped motes of life CONSTANTLY as well as a good selection of grey items such as weapons and armor which vendored for 1g+. I made a good amount of cash grinding the last part of my level on them. And because they gave both sporeggar rep and dropped plant parts i didn’t miss out on reputation.

  • img
    Déc 15, 2007 @ 20:47

    Lord Karosh?Are you sure it’s Warlord Karosh and not Warlord Morkh?

    Incidentally I seem to be having a lot of trouble geting my way into the Zeth’Gor building. As a warlock I;m having trouble knocking down the guards fast enough to get in before the (numerous!) wandering patrols find me…or one of those wandering eyes of Kilrogg come to that.

    I have to say I’ve explored the building as a ghost, and it looks right.

    • img
      Déc 15, 2007 @ 23:12

      Yes indeed, it’s Morkh, notYes indeed, it’s Morkh, not Karosh. Not sure what I was smoking that day! Fixing it, thank you 🙂

  • img
    Déc 16, 2007 @ 21:18

    I know this probably doesn’tI know this probably doesn’t matter, but during the vengeful harbinger I encountered 4 waves when I tried to solo it.

    – 3 Vengeful Draeneis
    – 2 Vengeful Draeneis
    – 3 Vengeful Draeneis
    – 1 Vengeful Harbinger

    • img
      Déc 17, 2007 @ 17:51

      Hehe, I just went to checkHehe, I just went to check it again, and I got 2,3,3,1 this time…

      Oh well, guess it’s not always the same amount :p

  • img
    Déc 17, 2007 @ 20:31

    Failed IncursionAs per all the other comments Jame, love your guides. Have taken 2 alts to 70 and a third on the way there….which is when I noticed that I couldn’t pick up Failed Incursion after Return to the Marsh (just at the start of level 63). Investingating why, of course the reason is I didn’t follow the guide, and it’s also because I wanted to make a trip through SP for gear and it made sense to pick up Lost in Action. You can’t have both quests at the same time (since Failed Incursion takes you to Lost in Action). Noting this here in case it happens to others.

    You can dump Lost in Action for Failed Incursion (since the latter gives you the rep). Or if you’re half way through it as I was suck it up….

  • img
    Déc 18, 2007 @ 2:37

    Hey i was wondering if yourHey i was wondering if your level 60-65 guide is made for 2.30? So i know if i should skip the grinding parts or not. If it isnt is the 65-70 guide 2.30?

    • img
      Déc 18, 2007 @ 21:59

      Well, the changes in patchWell, the changes in patch 2.3 were only for levels between 20 and 60, so I’m not sure how I can answer that 😛

      Yes, do the grinding parts unless you are ahead of my guide in levels. Or do a few instance runs instead if you prefer.

  • img
    Déc 19, 2007 @ 20:50

    A LONG grinding session..?Hi. After carefuly following everything I got to the point where you kill Lord Klaq and I find I’m 200K short of level 63…do you *really* mean grind you way through 400 kills to ding to 63?

    In fact I cheated a bit and handed in some of the stuff you do at the start of 63 and I’m still 100k short.

    Something weird happened; I don’t remember killing Boglash, although I came extremely close (I think we died together); anyway, the quest giver isn’t offeringit, so I guess I must have had it in the log and forgotten it after handin. I don’t think there’s a chain.

    Lastly, I started the Balance Must Be Preserved a little early (as I was there). Is there a level cap on the Drainage Schematics? I’ve dropped eight of the overseers and they haven’t dropped. You can, incidentally, trigger these as often as you like with the seeds…

    • img
      Jan 3, 2008 @ 1:03

      That’s weirdVery odd, I dinged level 63 early!
      Do you make sure you log off in an inn or major city? if you have that much grinding it should save alot of time – half it 🙂

  • img
    Déc 19, 2007 @ 23:00

    great guide. :DWhere your guide says: *talk to him and free him.
    About 50 yards directly south of the hut you should find Aylaan the Waterwaker*

    He is actually 50 yards north of the hut. South of the hut is right back up the stairs.

    And the 2 marks you get from the 2 ancient in Cenarian Refuge, you can get them before doing the quest * Blessings of the Ancients * your guide doesn’t mention the marks until after you do the quest but I was getting the marks since long before then.

    Thanks for such a helpful guide. 😀

    • img
      Déc 21, 2007 @ 22:21

      thanks, fixed!thanks, fixed!

  • img
    Déc 21, 2007 @ 14:51

    Horde ?I have been using your guide for a long time now. I love to level toons across multiple realms and for both factions. Any time I decide to level something new, I always come back to your guides.

    Any idea when a horde version of 60-65 and 65-70 may be released ?

    I can not express how much I appreciate your guides enough. Great work. I don’t know how long it would have taken me without them

    • img
      Déc 21, 2007 @ 22:20


      • img
        Déc 23, 2007 @ 4:53

        How’d I miss that ?w00t !

  • img
    Déc 21, 2007 @ 22:09

    Steampump Overseers and Drainage SchematicsEither I was very unlucky, or you were lucky, because I had to kill a jaw-dropping 19 of these before one of them dropped the schematics. Boy did I get sick of getting fish-oil.

    Luckily, you can trigger these as often as you like by using the Ironvines on the pump controls, but you need to time it right so that the static one doesn’t respawn and gang up on you.

    For level 63 mobs, they have a fair few hit points and deal out damage too. I also found they tended to break off my pet and pound on me instead.

    • img
      Déc 21, 2007 @ 22:23

      Hmm, I’ll probably changeHmm, I’ll probably change this part.

  • img
    Déc 26, 2007 @ 5:21

    Drain Schematics and [62] Saving the SporlocsJame (Oh, is it James or Jame? that always confused me lol), Let me first say your guide is freaking amazing and I live and die by this thing (specially loving the 60-70, 63 shammy blowin through outlands 🙂 )

    As far as helping to perfect this guide, I did however find that (as stated before) Drain Schematics do sometimes take quite a while to drop… I also killed atleast 20 before I got em to drop, not sure if finding naga is easier but what I did was just kept using the seed and killed all the dudes that spawned untill one dropped.

    Also, I think I figured out what you ment but for getting [62] Saving the Sporeloks you say get the other quest and then have this long paragraph and then say again to get the quest… I wasn’t sure if there were two quests or not but I think you were refuring to the same one hehe, maybe I’m just slow 🙂

    Neways, other then that it was crystal clear and VERY VERY helpful. If I could give you a hug right now I probably would but that might just be weird… neways, thx so much!!!

    • img
      Déc 26, 2007 @ 14:51

      Fixed! Thank you for yourFixed! Thank you for your help and your kind words!

  • img
    Déc 27, 2007 @ 3:53

    Another fixRight after level 64 you say go to Shat city and have this 62, 8) ) (I think you were trying to say cords or something hehe) maybe I’m just slow idk, it did confuse me a bit tho

    Again, thx for the awesome guide! This is just that shammy who did the last post again (now 64)… trying to help perfect it 🙂

    • img
      Déc 27, 2007 @ 16:57

      Thanks, fixed itThanks, fixed it 🙂

  • img
    Déc 27, 2007 @ 4:14

    Portal back to city of choiceIn this guide, when you reach level 61 you say to find a mage to port you back to the city of your choice. I dont know if blizzard recenlty changed this. But the flight paths for the dark portal, honor hold, and Shat are all avaliable as soon as you get to the outlands. So instead of people paying a gold to get a port from a mage they can fly to Shat and take one of the portals there. Since the portals there go to all 3 major citys and their free :).

    Just trying to do my part. Thanks for the guides. I followed it since i was level 30 and ended up starting the level 60-65 guide at level 62! Im sure once i complete the 65-70 guide i will have plenty of gold.


    • img
      Déc 27, 2007 @ 16:58

      Sadly I just tried it with aSadly I just tried it with a level 60 character who never went to outland before and it doesn’t work.

      • img
        Déc 31, 2007 @ 5:20

        The above statementThe above statement concerning availability of flight paths is only true if your first trip to Outlands is directly to Shattrath City via a mage portal. When you go to the flightmaster on the north side of Shattrath, you’ll have the Honor Hold and Dark Portal paths already, regardless of whether you’ve visited them before.

        • img
          Déc 31, 2007 @ 10:40

          Oh, now that’s interesting.Oh, now that’s interesting. I might include that in my guide then 🙂

      • img
        Déc 31, 2007 @ 9:43

        He is indeed wrong, but it’sHe is indeed wrong, but it’s still a good idea to get a port to shattrath and set your hearthstone there. It’s a quick fly to honor hold, and easy access to the cities and outland. It just means you have to go through the dark portal ONCE, rather than many times. 🙂

  • img
    Déc 27, 2007 @ 18:56

    Who Are They? QuestMight want to add a little note here about hunters and how they can see through your disguise… was just reading along and didn’t even relize they could do that… it was painful hehe 🙂

    Great guide btw 😀

    • img
      Déc 28, 2007 @ 11:54

      It’s already thereIt’s already there 😛

      [quote]Enter the village, make sure you stay far away from the Shadowy Hunters, they see through the disguise.[/quote]

  • img
    Déc 28, 2007 @ 1:20

    SuggestionHey Jame. Top stuff as usual.

    I was wondering if you have given any thought to a post lvl 70 guide? i.e. “Jame’s Guide to Creating a Kick-Arse Lvl 70 Toon”.

    I have rocketed to 70 and suddenly feel a little lost without your guidance 🙂

    I know that I should join good guild and raid, but it might be nice to know which raids are good to start with (is there an order that is best?), the real value of different PVP types, what post lvl 70 items are essential, what flying mounts are best etc etc etc….. Basically, I want to know how to turn my green level 70 into an all-powerful super hero. Perhaps it is too class dependent to summarise in one guide, but surely there are some commonalities?

    Maybe I have just become too reliant on your most excellent advice? lol. I’m just sooo keen to catch up to some of the older chars.

    • img
      Déc 28, 2007 @ 12:01

      No promise but I might doNo promise but I might do such a guide when I’m done with the horde 60-70 chapter.

      I usually equip a character in this order:

      1. Finish all the quests in SMV and Netherstorm, some of the blue rewards are very good.
      2. Run instances until I get honored with factions which interest me (some of the rewards at honored are nice).
      3. Do heroics and get everything I want from badge rewards. Grind some reps to exalted if I’m interested in something (example: [url=]Earthwarden[/url] from exalted cenarion expedition if you’re a druid).

      From this point on you have two options:

      a) Find a decent raiding guild, no need for a very hardcore one. Start with Karazhan and farm it well. Then move on to Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon. If your guild gets more serious, start with Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, these zones got nerfed quite a few times and are definitely manageable even for casual raiding guilds nowadays.

      b) Build up an arena team and pvp.

      • img
        Jan 3, 2008 @ 0:58

        Not only good for leveling 🙂 Cheers, very helpful 🙂
        I love your guides, I think I’d still be around level 50 were it not for you 🙂
        And I’m just as hopeless with level 70 stuff, so this is great 🙂
        Thanks Jame!

  • img
    Déc 28, 2007 @ 2:57

    typos[64]The Orebor Harborage
    [62]The Boha’mu Ruins
    [62]The Fat of Tuurem
    [62]The Dead Mire
    [62]Unfinished Business
    [62]Fulgor Spores
    [62]Too Many Mouths to Feed
    [62]Meancing Marshfangs

    here you’ve two typos 😛

    [62]The Fat of Tuurem is actually [62]The Fate of Tuurem


    [62]Meancing Marshfangs is actually [62]Menacing Marshfangs.

    btw, love your work and your guides has help me a lot leveling up.

    cheers, and keep up the good work.


    • img
      Déc 28, 2007 @ 11:51

      fixed, thanks!fixed, thanks!

  • img
    Déc 28, 2007 @ 6:58

    62-63 grindFirst just wanna say I love your guide. I used it 3 times to get my toons to 60. However, as much as I mull it over, I just cant see the justification in having a 250k rep ‘grind’. Outland is FULL of quests and there should never be a need for a grind that freakin huge. Anyway, thanks again for the guide and hope you can fix up some more quests for that part.

    • img
      Déc 28, 2007 @ 11:51

      That would be impossible,That would be impossible, since I’ve already used every single existing quest (besides the Dungeon quests, of course).

      This grinding session is long, but it remains the fastest and most efficient way to complete all Zangarmarsh quests. If grinding really is a big problem for you, then run a few instances instead, but you will still be missing the sporeggar reputation needed to do some of the quests.

  • img
    Jan 4, 2008 @ 13:16

    Thanks everyone forThanks everyone for contributing to make this guide better. But it would be really great if you could all register an account on our site before posting, so that we can rate up useful comments, and rate down the useless ones.

    Once you have 10 positive ratings, you become a trusted member and will no longer have to wait to go through the moderating process for your comments to be published. You’ll also have a shiny star next to your avatar 😛
    However, if you post anonymously, the positive ratings you get won’t be attributed to you.

    So it would be great if you’d all post with a registered account, it’s the only way to make this community grow and make the comments on this site an interesting read.

    Also don’t forget that you can rate guides too, not just comments 🙂

  • img
    Jan 4, 2008 @ 16:02

    Correct me if im wrong butCorrect me if im wrong but there is a step missing on level 64 between 7 and 8.
    You still need to complete [64]Rather be Fishin’.

    • img
      Jan 4, 2008 @ 19:00

      It’s there, you must haveIt’s there, you must have missed it:

      [quote]Mount up and ride out of Shattrath by the northeastern tunnel. You should find Silmyr Lake (38,13). Use a charge of your water breathing potion if you still got one. Dip in and hunt Shimmerscale Eels until you complete [64]Rather Be Fishin’.[/quote]

  • img
    Jan 6, 2008 @ 13:16

    MrageshWhere it says

    6. Head directly south, kill wasps on your way, enter Serpent Lake and swim to the small isle at (42,42). On the northeastern tip of the isle, you should find Magresh just under the surface of lake. Kill it.

    It isnt Magresh its Mragesh.

    • img
      Jan 7, 2008 @ 20:35


  • img
    Jan 6, 2008 @ 23:15

    GreatI been using ur guide from the begining and it is great, even better then ones u have pay to see. I would of qui at around level 28 but thanks to u now am lvl 66 and still going. Also at the circuit begining of level 61 part 9 u mite want to warn u have attack the guy, i died cuz after i clicked the orb i alt tabbed to see what the next was lol

    • img
      Jan 8, 2008 @ 17:51

      Will do.

      Could you pleaseWill do.

      Could you please do an effort with the spelling? 😛

  • img
    Jan 7, 2008 @ 12:51

    Aldor ftw?I hate wasting everyones time by repeating the obvious, but seriously, great guide mate.

    I just have one problem. I need to do the Aldor quest lines because one of the chests is great pre-kara gear for my class (tankadin). So is there any chance that you can do an Aldor version of this guide to help those following me who are in a similar situation? Its hard to watch my XP efficiency drop back to useless when I don’t have a great guide to follow… 🙁

    • img
      Jan 8, 2008 @ 18:00

      I’m working on it currently,I’m working on it currently, it should be added in the coming 2 weeks. 🙂

  • img
    Jan 7, 2008 @ 18:49

    Just wonderingHey Jame, LOVE the guides-however, i was just wondering how you could change back from the Aldor faction to The Scryers :S….I stuidly clicked the wrong one so i can’t get any of the Scryers quests you mention.


    • img
      Jan 8, 2008 @ 18:02

      Yes, you have to do thisYes, you have to do this repeatable quest a few times and then the Scryer’s quest should be available to you.

  • img
    Jan 8, 2008 @ 2:28

    Grinding a problem? 😕

    First off, Jame you are a god. Your guides are the greatest thing to ever happen to me, well not exactly, but they rock. I have used your guides for every character able in the past and just recently took about a 4 month break, but got back into it in the fall and have got from to level 60 and i am enjoying it even more with your new chapters added for the 60-70 grind. I started on your 60-65 chapter and wanted to ask a few questions that can hopefully be answered, if not by you, then a NICE WoW community player.

    1. Before I hit level 60 my maximum exp showed about 170,000, boom once I dinged it shot all the way up to about 500,000. My question… Is grinding at this huge range worth it and does it seem longer or about the same since there is more exp awarded for your mob kills? Don’t get me wrong I know there is always instances as well.

    2. My roommate is 70 and would I lose a ton of mob-solo exp from him rushing me through your whole guide compared to if I just soloed it? My take on this one is if I am not caught up with your guide from him rushing me through stuff I could hit up the quests and places that you have not and just farm for a lot of my money. (Because I noticed in your guide you left most of the quests for money at level 70).

    I hope these two questions can be answered and I am glad to have found this website and your guides and look forward to helping out with the WoW-Pro community, thanks a lot guys.


    • img
      Jan 8, 2008 @ 18:06

      1. Grinding is much less1. Grinding is much less efficient than questing. However, if you are behind on my guide, you should grind a little, or do a few instance runs. Grinding is still more profitable than being too low level to access certain quests.

      2. Yes, you would be getting far fewer exp than if you were doing the guide solo. It will also be more boring. I really recommend doing it solo.

      What you could do is have your level 70 friend run you through instances which are green to him, like ramparts.

  • img
    Jan 8, 2008 @ 6:01

    In a pickleSo, the guide is fabulous. Followed is since around 34 when someone told me about it. Anyway, I’m level 62 (halfway through) but at 63 in the guide (beginning, I havn’t started it yet). I don’t know why, I’m guessing because I had no rested xp. Anyway, do you have any tips to help me out of this predicament and on my way continuing this great guide?

    Please and thanks, I’ll register eventually. 8)

    • img
      Jan 8, 2008 @ 18:10

      You should grind a little,You should grind a little, preferably at a spot where mobs die quickly and drop cash + cloth, like expedition armory or the legion front in Hellfire Penninsula. You’ll make great cash and grinding can be relaxing if you listen to music or watch tv at the same time.

      If that’s too boring, there’s always instances.

      Another option is to just let your character rest in an inn until it gets a lot of xp bonus, and in the meantime do something else, like leveling an alt. And then just follow my guide with your main character, the rested xp bonus should make you catch up.

      • img
        Jan 11, 2008 @ 22:17

        good grinding spotup near maghar post, actually just before it, the groups of orcs are incredibly easy to grind. at least for me anyways (prot pally) i take about 7 of em and they drop runecloth i beleive and anywhere between 4-15 silver per kill. i spent about a day grinding from 63.5 to 64.

  • img
    Jan 8, 2008 @ 23:31

    Feedback on the chapter.Hi Jame, first of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this guide and it is still amazing. I am using it to level my third character now and have just completed this chapter. As you seem to appreciate feedback on your guides on how to improve them even further I have created a little document with all the things I found odd, hope I can help you with them.

    I have been using your guide for a while now and I have found that it acutally lacks something: A notice of when you have already done all the prequests for Instance X but that we are not yet planning it. Implementing such a small message would be great for pugs as they seem to come at times you never expect them, in my feedback I have implemented these, but it is of course up to you to do anything with them.

    I also numbered the circuits where the number corresponds with the map, but in the way that the second map is the second circuit.

    Further it might be handy to know that I leveled as a protection specced warrior (extreme tank shortage ftl) so my feedback might have some influence of that in it.

    Hellfire Circuit 1.
    • Typo in paragraph 3: Welcome to the Outlands! -> Welcome to Outland!
    • Between Points 5 and 6: Immediatly hand in Path of Anguish for the weapon?

    Hellfire Circuit 2.
    • Flawless.

    Hellfire Circuit 3.
    • Point 7: Take [62d]Weaken the Ramparts ? Pug’s come around when you do not expect them and then you have the prequesting already done for Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts.
    • Typo in Point 8: Honord Hold -> Honor Hold.

    Hellfire Circuit 4.
    • Before point 1: As people just increased their reputation with Honor Hold, walk to the faction vendor and buy any gear upgrades.
    • Points 7 and 9: The golden dots have been replaced by golden question marks.
    • Point 9: Maybe add that to turn the quest in you have to fight the elemental? Makes sure people don’t do that on low health. 🙂

    Hellfire Circuit 5.
    • Prequesting Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens done, [65d]Lost in Action is not picked up yet but is gotten in front of the entrance (and at the summon stone), is the only quest for this instance and not a chain-quest.


    Zangarmarsh Circuit 1.
    • Flawless.

    Zangarmarsch Circuit 2.
    • Point 4: Maybe a reminder from the Spore Bat buff? Helps a lot on Boglash.
    • Point 8: Plant Part first for possible rep wasting? (Some will probably have already done Slave Pens/Underbog already)
    • Point 8: It is possible to get “Uncatalogued Species” from the Package of Identified Plants you get, if you are lucky enough to get one accept the quest but wait with turning it in until you are honored.

    Zangarmarsh Circuit 3.
    • The Crow ride takes just under 3 minutes for those wanting to know how long their break is.
    • Point 4: Plant Parts first for possible rep wasting?
    • Point 4: People just got their rep increased with Cenarion Expedition, visit the quartermaster?
    • After Point 8: You state to kill every giant fly we see, yet later you call them wasps. Minor detail but is evolution this fast? 🙂

    Zangarmarsh Circuit 4.
    • Between points 3 and 4: Kill all those wasps on the way as the “Diaphonus Wing” is a relatively rare drop?

    Zangarmarsh Circuit 5.
    • Flawless.

    Zangarmarsh Circuit 6.
    • Point 11: Also pick up [65d]Stalk the Stalker. You have actually forgotten this quest for Underbog however later in the guide you state that we have all the quests if we followed the guide.
    • Point 11: After this point people have done all prequesting for Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog, should you decide to state that.

    Zangarmarsh Circuit 7.
    • Between points 6 and 7: Kill all wasps you happen to see?
    • Point 8: We should complete [64]Fertile Spores here by killing primarily Marshlight Bleeders, however those do not drop the fertile spores which seems to be implied.

    Zangarmarsh Circuit 8 (the mapless one).
    • General Order: Wouldn’t Watcher Leesa’oh -> Boha’mu Ruins -> Orebor Harborage -> Telredor -> Cenarion Refuge make more sense? Also saves your Hearthstone for when you need it after Shattrath just a bit further on.


    Shattrath City Circuit 0 – Aldor Counterpart.
    • Get the quest [65]Allegiance to the Aldor and take the follow up [65]Ishanah.
    • Go west to the elevator towards the Aldor Rise.
    • Go towards the main building on top of the stairs in front of you and turn in [65]Ishanah. Get the quest [64]Restoring the Light from her.
    • Make the inn in the south of the Rise your home location.
    • Go to the Portal to a city of your choice and train up, from here on Aldor and Scryer get the same again.

    It might be worth using the bold Scryer: and Aldor: tags here just as you are doing in the Netherstorm parts in the following chapter. I would also remove the part of changing factions as they ammount of effort this requires is extremely big.

    Shattrath City Circuit 1.
    • {ALDOR} Point 1: Also collect [64]A Cure for Zahlia from Sha’Nir, she is standing next to Seth.


    Terokkar Circuit 1.
    • {ALDOR} Point 7: Touch the Altars at 49.20, 51.17 and 48.15.

    Terokkar Circuit 2.
    • Flawless.

    Terokkar Circuit 3.
    • Flawless.


    Have fun being critted by this wall of text, if you appreciate it I will also keep such a log for the next chapter.

    • img
      Jan 9, 2008 @ 15:50

      This is great. Thanks a lotThis is great. Thanks a lot for your feedback, and I’d be glad if you did the same for the next chapter 🙂

      • img
        Jan 10, 2008 @ 10:05

        I actually made 2 small mistakes in my wall of text.1| In the aldor counterpart of shattrath, do not get Cure for Zahlia just yet, we wont complete it in this chapter anyway
        2| After the 1st circuit in terokkar aldors will need to turn [64]Restoring the Light at Ishanah, I forgot that part.

        Besides that my wall should be correct. 🙂

  • img
    Jan 9, 2008 @ 2:57

    Good Guide! only 1 minor problemThe guide was great and almost perfect, but one detail. A the beggining of 62 is says use Cenarion Antidote on a Boar (>50% should be enough) when it should be ( is greater than < is less then. Otherwise good guide! and Thanks!

    • img
      Jan 9, 2008 @ 17:29

      Aye Aye Fixing itAye Aye 🙂 Fixing it

  • img
    Jan 11, 2008 @ 2:06

    Great GuideI just wanted to say that if it were not for your guide I dont think i would even play WoW. WoW is a great game but when I first started playing it took forever to level and find what i needed to complete quests. with your guide not only do i level real fast but i totaly enjoy the game 100 times more than i would if i didnt have the guide. I have used other guides and they suck compared to yours. Thanks again. keep up the good work.

  • img
    Jan 12, 2008 @ 14:26

    Change in Lvl 62Jamie, I would recommend a change when you say that you should stay in the dead mire until you get 20 unidentifible plant parts. I did that and because they have a low drop rate stayed there for quite some time. I then realized that while I was grinding on hydras and eels later that they also dropped the plant parts. I ended up with 16 more than I needed. Probably something you don’t have to stay in the dead mire for.

    • img
      Jan 12, 2008 @ 15:51

      Thanks for the suggestion,Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll probably tweak the whole guide when I’m done with the horde one.

      While writing the horde guide, I found out several things I could have done better in the alliance one, so I’ll keep that in mind for when I improve it.

  • img
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 7:40

    Possible Exp Boost?Hey Jame been using this guide since 30 and it’s great. Just wanted to say as an added exp boost you could add in doing some AV. Alot of people go to outlands at 58 and at 60 the AV quests give great experiance (about 10k per). They are easy to accomlish and get you some bonus honor. Just a thought I did it and it sure bumped me up.

  • img
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 16:02

    Thanks…Here’s just a quick thank you for publishing such a great free guide.

    Two people have vastly improved my WoW experience – Jame and GenerikB. One taught me how to level and the other taught me how to make gold. Without either, I would have probably stopped playing this game back when I was level 48 without a mount. But now I have a level 70 Hunter and 70 Shadow Priest (both with epic birds) and a level 60 warrior who will use this guide to hit 70.

    I used your 30-60 guide to finish leveling my Hunter and to level my Priest completely. I then leveled both from 60-70 without the use of a guide (I think Blizz really improved the quest areas, paths, locations, etc in BC). With that being said, I wonder how much easier it will be to level my Arms Warrior to 70 using the Outlands guide.

    Jame, if I ever meet you in person, I’ll shake your hand. Just watch out; my wife may strangle you since you’ve pretty much kept me playing this game.

    • img
      Jan 13, 2008 @ 22:47

      Thanks for the kind words!Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  • img
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 19:35

    TypoThere is a typo in the level 63 part, “You should fine a named sporebat”. The “fine” should be “find”.

    • img
      Jan 13, 2008 @ 22:46

      Thank you, fixed!Thank you, fixed!

  • img
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 9:23

    [63+]The Earthbinder.It’s me again…

    LvL-ing my main now from 60-70 and it was a bit hard to get into your guide ’cause I was already 61 and did some quests. But we managed and dinged 63 yesterday and we keep on going 😀

    Got an edit for you:

    ” After turning it in, Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze will move off the earth mound and plant a seed. Shortly after, an elite colossus will spawn, it is easily soloable if you let Earthbinder Galandria tank for you, just let her get sufficient aggro before you start to attack.”

    She turned lazy because I had to tank myself yesterday (no problem at 62, am warlock) but thought let you know.



  • img
    Jan 16, 2008 @ 16:18

    Typo?“Exit the stronghold and go east, kill Worgs, Warp Stalkers and gather Olemba Seeds.
    You should find an orc fortress at (65,50) and a lot of worgs around it. Kill every Timber Worg Alpha, then kill 12 Warped Peons,then kill all the Worg Alphas again (they should have respawned).”

    If I’m not mistaken..Shouldn’t it be west?

    • img
      Jan 18, 2008 @ 23:28

      Hmm I think you’re mistaken.Hmm I think you’re mistaken. Allerian Stronghold is west of the Orc fortress. So to go from Allerian Stronghold to the Orc fortress, you have to go east 😛

  • img
    Jan 17, 2008 @ 8:32

    About the wall of text.Jame, first of all good work on keeping this guide updated, I see that most of my suggestions in the wall of text were implemented, I however had 3 flaws in the wall. Although I have listed them as a quote to my list I do not see them at the moment so you either missed them or have been too busy, in either way I think getting it to your attention wont hurt. 🙂

    1| In the aldor counterpart of shattrath, do not get Cure for Zahlia just yet, we wont complete it in this chapter anyway
    2| After the 1st circuit in terokkar aldors will need to turn [64]Restoring the Light at Ishanah, I forgot that part.
    3| As soon as you ding to level 64 you have done all the prequesting for mana-tombs.

    • img
      Jan 18, 2008 @ 23:39

      Thank you again I fixed 1.Thank you again 🙂 I fixed 1. and 2.

      I’d rather not add the mana-tomb recommendation before level 65 though.

      • img
        Jan 24, 2008 @ 7:42

        Thanks!I <3 Jame. Been following your guide since 45, and I'm 65 now. Time for the home stretch!

  • img
    Jan 26, 2008 @ 16:34

    A small typo1. Exit Telhamat and go northeast – while killing [b]Hulking Boards[/b]
    As you can see it should be Boars not Boards.

    Thanks for a great guide! 🙂

    • img
      Jan 27, 2008 @ 15:28

      Indeed, hulking boardsIndeed, hulking boards ^^

      fixed, thank you 🙂

  • img
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 10:53

    AwesomeThis guides been an awesome help James, I wouldn’t be able to get to 70 this fast because of my limit playing time.

    Cheers mate.

  • img
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 18:06

    Quick AdditionHey Jame, love your guides, and used them alot.
    Just something I think you should emphasise in this part of the guide.
    Its the near the start of level 63..

    “6. When you are set, hearthstone back to Cenarion Refuge. Turn in [63]Return to the Marsh and get the follow up [65]Failed Incursion.

    ==Note== If you see any group forming for Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens instance, feel free to join up, unless you really don’t want to do the instance.”

    Maybe: “Note before, if you have already visited Underbog or Slave Pens, you may have the quest “Lost in Battle”. You will need to abandon this to get the quest “Failed Incursion.”

    This is annoying as I had already completed 2/4 of the objectives for Lost In Battle.
    Just maybe you should add a little note, so people arn’t like “WTF I CAN’T GET THE QUEST!!!111”
    Keep up the good work mate.

    • img
      Jan 28, 2008 @ 4:02

      Added it, thanks for theAdded it, thanks for the suggestion!

  • img
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 0:39

    Not a fan of the grindsMyself and my girl have levelled 7 70s now (in order to try different PvP builds), using your guide for some of them. When I follow the guide I do it religously. One thing I would suggest, is if you are going to be really pro about these guides, don’t rest your characters when you produce your XP counts. When I level I never have more than a bar or two of rest as I’m busy getting to 70 as fast as possible.

    The guides for Azeroth are awesome, if a little dated due to the recent content changes.

    But the guides for Outland, although efficent, are getting the thumbs down from this reader due to the grinding.

    I’ve levelled 2 60 -70s with zero grinding and have not been able to finish the quests in outland. For whats its worth think you need to reconsider your overall strategy, perhaps it’s worth a sub-optimal zangamarsh run in order to acheive a zero grind.

    • img
      Jan 28, 2008 @ 4:04

      I do calculate my guidesI do calculate my guides with zero exp bonus. However I agree that this chapter could be improved and that the grinding could be removed. I’ll revisit this chapter after I’m done with the horde guide 🙂

  • img
    Fév 12, 2008 @ 14:52

    [65]The Vengeful HarbingerHello and thanks for a good guide :).
    I recently did the quest in the subject and realised that blizzard must have made a few changes since you wrote the guide.

    1.First of all there is now just one wave of 3 Vengeful Draeneis.

    2.Also there is no longer a need to clear the whole room. when the Guardian spawns he kills all remaining mobs with instant kill chain lightning.

    3.A note to hand in the quest quickly before the spirit de-spawn would also be nice.

    I do suspect that the mobs in the room stops to spawn when the quest is going on but a confirmation would be good on that.

    /Gotte (Krixmo Shattered Hand.)

    • img
      Fév 12, 2008 @ 23:20

      Sounds good, thank you. CanSounds good, thank you. Can anyone confirm this please?

      • img
        Fév 27, 2008 @ 15:57

        Vengeful HarbingerI just did this quest and cannot confirm any changes.
        Got 3 waves and the harbinger. Soloed it with a little help of my earth elemental 😉 (66 Draenei shaman)

        Thanks for all the work you put into those guide, Jame!
        Following them, i entered outlands at 62+ (only did ZF once, no other instance) and now i am almost 67 with a lot of quests left in Terokkar 🙂

        • img
          Fév 29, 2008 @ 22:58

          Ok, that’s helpful, thankOk, that’s helpful, thank you 🙂

          Glad to hear you like the guide!

  • img
    Mar 7, 2008 @ 17:40

    The Vengeful HarbingerJust completed the quest, and there were only 3 waves, but I can confirm that if you take too long, the mobs in the room will respawn and you will have to fight them with the ghosts coming in.

  • img
    Mar 10, 2008 @ 19:09

    When you ding 62, instead ofWhen you ding 62, instead of grinding the 75k exp at the expedition armory place, maybe you can go to Zangamarsh and grind the Withered Giant, farming for the Withered Basidium. I killed over 50 of those giants before the item dropped. It also gives you reputation with Sporegar and they drop motes of life and Unidentified Plants for the other quest.

    • img
      Mar 21, 2008 @ 2:03

      That’s a good suggestion,That’s a good suggestion, thank you.

  • img
    Mar 10, 2008 @ 19:11

    The Vengeful Harbingerjust soloed this at 64, only had 3 waves… i just sat with my back against the wall, and the first wave was only 1 mob, the 2nd was 3, and then the final mob showed up… was pretty easy…

  • img
    Avr 2, 2008 @ 15:39

    fei fei[quote]Now talk to her and click on the dialog line about her dog Fei Fei, then click on “A treat, etc..” and buy a Fei Fei Doggy Treat.[/quote]

    Noticed you have to click on “i have marks to redeem” to do this, so this line should read;

    [quote]Now talk to her and click on the dialog line about her dog Fei Fei, then click on “A treat, etc..”. Then speak to her again and select “I have marks to redeem” and buy a Fei Fei Doggy Treat.[/quote]

    • img
      Avr 11, 2008 @ 0:59

      Thank you, adding thisThank you, adding this 🙂

  • img
    Avr 3, 2008 @ 2:42

    Losing Gracefully“Get the quest [65]Losing Gracefully from Magister Falris.
    Take the lift and go down back to the Terrace of Light. Go a little bit northeast and find the Marksman Regiment’s Cooking Pot (61,51), which should be next to the aldor npcs which hang out close to the Scryers’ bank. Click the cooking pot, turn in the quest. A script will take place, but you don’t have to watch it.”

    This quest has appeared to be removed since the soldiers are now with the Shattered Sun Offensive

    • img
      Avr 11, 2008 @ 1:01

      Thanks, added a note.Thanks, added a note.

  • img
    Avr 10, 2008 @ 10:26

    TypoThe Zangamarsh Quest [64]Liens of Communication, It Should Be Lines of Communication Instead.

    Keep Up The Good Work, Loving The Guide So Far And I Cant Wait To Do More!

    • img
      Avr 11, 2008 @ 0:59

      Thanks a lot, fixing it!Thanks a lot, fixing it!

  • img
    Avr 14, 2008 @ 12:20

    on grinding sporeggar rep[quote]This cave is a nice grinding spot, they are easy to kill and drop Plants for your cenarion faction and they also give Sporeggar faction. So we’re gonna grind here until the following objectives are completed[/quote]

    Just something to think about Jame. They do die easy and they don’t drop motes of life – third time through this and I grind this bit preferentially in the dead mire, the motes of life are a nice bonus.

    • img
      Avr 15, 2008 @ 19:20

      True, and I’m actually notTrue, and I’m actually not very happy with this part of my guide, so I’ll probably revamp it when I get the time and remove this grinding session.

  • img
    Avr 15, 2008 @ 16:23

    Just a couple of notesThough I haven’t used the Outlands guides myself yet, I have used the previous (30-60) ones and they were quite good. These seem to go by the same standard.

    I did notice a couple of things you may wish to mention for the Zangarmarsh section of the 60-65 guide.

    First, if you are at 305 engineering or better, the engineering trainer in Telredor will give you a quest to collect 15 steam pump parts in the Dead Mire. Granted it is for engineers only, but the reward is the schematics for the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. This device is used for extracting motes from gas clouds in Zangarmarsh (motes of water), Nagrand (motes of air), Shadowmoon Valley (motes of shadow) and Netherstorm (motes of mana). Very useful to have while questing around those areas, and can be a good source of income as well.

    Second, though I’m no fan of grinding, for those that want to increase their reputation with the Cenarion Expedition, it is more effective to [b]not[/b] do any quests that give CE rep until they have used up all the reputation rewards from turning in plant parts as this no longer becomes available once you are honored with the Cenarion Expedition. By turning in plant parts only while doing other quests/things in Zangarmarsh and starting the CE quests only when they have become honored, it is then possible to get to revered after doing the quests from Cenarion Refuge. This can save players much rep grinding later on. For this reason, it may be worth mentioning this in the guide as well as indicating which quests give CE rep (I doubt you would want to re-work the entire section just to take this into account).

    Keep up the great work.

    • img
      Avr 15, 2008 @ 19:21

      These are good suggestions,These are good suggestions, but sadly I don’t want to overload the guide with infos which are irrelevant for many people :/

  • img
    Mai 20, 2008 @ 11:20

    Do we need the sporeggar repDo we need the sporeggar rep for anything?

    • img
      Mai 20, 2008 @ 16:38

      To unlock several quests inTo unlock several quests in Sporeggar.

  • img
    Mai 26, 2008 @ 13:58

    Still blazing aheadI have used Jame’s guide since level 30. I started a levelling race with my friend when we were both around level 40. I took a month break when I hit 60, I’m still 1 level ahead of my friend and 1 level ahead of the guide. For the casual player with some double xp floating around this guide will consistently leave you atleast 1 level ahead of what it suggests 🙂

    • img
      Août 5, 2008 @ 16:26

      yeh being ahead is goodim at the lvl 63 part, and im lvl 65 🙂

  • img
    Mai 26, 2008 @ 14:04

    ElitesDinged 66 at the end of this chapter. I had problems killing the elites in Zangarmarsh and the guide said they should be soloable. I don’t know if my gear sucked or what but as a rogue with every long CD ready I couldn’t do the nagas or the fen strider elite.

    • img
      Mai 26, 2008 @ 17:57

      Yea, the elite nagas areYea, the elite nagas are tough for rogues, I had to find help to kill them. I didn’t have much troubles killing Boglash though, did you stun him well? Also kick his channeled spell, saves you a lot of damage.

  • img
    Mai 31, 2008 @ 6:42

    Sporeggar RepIn the section where you go into Sporeggar for the first time, you say to turn in [64]Sporeggar first, then accept and turn in [64]Glowcap Mushrooms immediately after. However, for the second character I’ve used this guide with now, when I turn in [64]Sporeggar, I hit friendly with Sporeggar rep, which causes the [64]Glowcap Mushrooms quest to disappear. If you just switch the order of turn-in on those quests, it should help prevent others from missing out on an extra 10.75k XP and 750 Sporeggar rep. 🙂

    • img
      Juin 3, 2008 @ 14:33

      You’re absolutely right!You’re absolutely right! Fixed it.

  • img
    Juin 16, 2008 @ 12:32

    Fei Fei againIn the section where you have the player buy the treats and the thread and so on, it is not actually necessary to waste your money on those if you know where Fei Fei’s cache is. It’s located behind the inn and you can interact with it even if the dog has not been involved. I’m not sure if you wanted to add that as it is more of a cheat than a ‘guide’.

    • img
      Juin 16, 2008 @ 18:43

      I didn’t know that, neverI didn’t know that, never tried 😛

      Sounds good, I’ll add it.

  • img
    Juin 22, 2008 @ 19:58

    A tiny mispellI just wants to say, I love your guide James , but I recently found a mispell in this chapter.
    Just before lvl 65 in terokkar, you say:
    Fly to Allerian Stronghold, turn in:

    [64]Stymying the Arakkoa
    [65]Wanted:Bonelashers Dead!, get the follow up [65]Torgor!
    [62]Thin the Flock
    [65]Kill the Shadow Council!
    Well the questname is really Torgos! , not Torgor 😛

    • img
      Juin 26, 2008 @ 18:56

      Fixed, thanks!Fixed, thanks!

  • img
    Juin 25, 2008 @ 23:54

    Curel Taskmasters?Get the quests:

    [62]Deadly Predators
    [62]In Search of Sedai
    [63]Curel Taskmasters
    [63]The Rock Flayer Matriarch

    🙂 Typo in Cruel, just thought I’d let you know 😉

    • img
      Juin 26, 2008 @ 18:56

      Aye, fixed, thank youAye, fixed, thank you 🙂

  • img
    Juil 4, 2008 @ 2:53

    Grind to 63Hey guys.. Just to let you all know, another good grinding spot to get to 63 is the dead mire. You gain some sporregar rep and also unidentified plant parts from the mobs. And also about 30& of the time, a Mote of Life drops from some of the mobs. It is an easy way to make money and u can farm 2-3 primals in a hour.

  • img
    Juil 4, 2008 @ 21:58

    Your guides.Hey Jame,

    I have been using your guides since level 30 and I am extremely pleased with the leveling rate for my first character. I have a few questions though. I just dinged level 60 and I am not sure whether I should get my Dreadsteed because I am a Warlock or just continue with the guides. I only have around 300 gold and am not even sure I can afford the mount, but everyone is telling me to get it. Should I just continue without it?? Also, I find I go 1 or two levels ahead of your guides and find some of the quests having the (low level) on them. Do I still keep going and do these quests? Thanks very much for your time.

    • img
      Juil 5, 2008 @ 14:58

      You should get our epicYou should get our epic mount. It will save you a lot of time even in Outland. Even when you get your flying mount there will still be zones where you can only use old world mounts, like the Sunwell Isle or Zul’Aman.

  • img
    Juil 5, 2008 @ 10:19

    Thanks and advice before going to OutlandJames, thanks a lot for your amazing work. I’ve used your guide since the begining for my reroll.
    One question : I am in the level 56 part of your guide and I just leveled up at 58 (add a lot of bonus since is my reroll)

    Can I stop the 50-60 guide now, empty the quests and go directly to the Outlands ?

    Thanks for your advices
    Herv from France

    • img
      Juil 5, 2008 @ 15:00

      I wrote a few paragraphs onI wrote a few paragraphs on the topic in my revamped Alliance 50-60 chapter:

      [quote]So you are level 58 now. Many people ask if they should just go to Outland at level 58 and never go back to the old world. This is in my experience a mistake. As we’ve seen in this chapter, we’re already getting 10K+ Exp for certain quests already in Felwood and Winterspring. The Plaguelands circuits are just as good, it would be a shame to miss that. Not to mention, if you go to Outland at level 58, you won’t have access to all quests, there are some quests with a level 61+ requirement already in Hellfire Penninsula. So yes, that’s really not the most efficient way.
      However what I recommend is:[/b]

      Go to Outland and do the first few quests to get some nice gear upgrades, unlock your tradeskills past 300 and get the flight path to Shattrath. Open up my [url=]60-65 alliance guide[/url], follow the guide until step 7. when you arrive at the Temple of Telhamat, get the flight path (buy the first aid book if you wish), then ride to Shattrath (infos on how to do that are somewhere in the guide, use the search function to find it). Get the flight path in Shattrath, then take a portal back to Ironforge and get back to the guide 50-60 guide.

      This is optional, it’s entirely up to you. If you just want to keep following this guide until the end before going to Outland, that’s fine. If you just want to go to Outland and never come back to this guide, it’s up to you, it’s not the most efficient way to do it, but it will still work out in the end.[/quote]

  • img
    Juil 8, 2008 @ 10:26

    Expedition Armory – Immune to Bleed“The Expedition Armory, few HPs, drop cash + runecloth/netherweave cloth. Immune to bleed though.” 😕

    I was there as my druid, and I was pouncing and ripping etc.. 8)

    I don’t think they’re immune to bleed anymore.

    • img
      Juil 8, 2008 @ 11:26

      Good to know. Ghosts thatGood to know. Ghosts that can bleed, why not! Anyone can confirm this?

      • img
        Juil 10, 2008 @ 3:11

        I cannot conferm that thoseI cannot conferm that those particualar mobs are bleedable, but a few patches ago (dont remember the exact one, sorry) they changed it so the majority of non-corperal mobs can in fact bleed. For example, everything in karazhan is bleedable now (my druid can conferm that)as are the robots in Mechanar.

      • img
        Juil 12, 2008 @ 22:47

        Confirmed, all mobs thatConfirmed, all mobs that were previously immune to bleed effects can now be affected by them. elementals, skelies, ghosts and whatever else. I dont know for sure when the change happened but im glad it did 🙂

      • img
        Juil 16, 2008 @ 16:33

        Ok, thank you both, I’ll addOk, thank you both, I’ll add this.

  • img
    Juil 11, 2008 @ 15:29

    Zapthrottle Mote ExtractorLove your guides, they’ve really helped me out a ton.

    Something I thought you might want to mention in here though is the Engineering quest for the Mote Extractor, which is one of the more important schemata. It can easily be gotten and completed at the same time as the two visits to the Dead Mire (probably the second one), given the time we spend there killing bog lords and such. And the fact that it is right on the way is more than can be said for most tradeskill/class quests.

    Again, great job on the guides, and I hope you can get those extra quest circuits out soon!

    • img
      Juil 16, 2008 @ 16:36

      As mentioned at the start ofAs mentioned at the start of the guide, I don’t and I won’t include class specific quests, or tradeskill specific quests in the guide, because if I do that, the guide will get overloaded with infos which are useless to all 8 other classes, and the guide is quite bulky already as it is.


  • img
    Juil 13, 2008 @ 9:09

    is this normal?hey james, great guide btw, ive used it to lvl from 30-62, however, i just got to the grinding section in the funggor caverns, and i have achieved both of the first 2 goals (the quest and neutral with sporeggar), and i still have 3 bars left to grind till 63. I’m just wondering, is this normal?

    • img
      Juil 16, 2008 @ 16:37

      Normal I don’t know, I guessNormal I don’t know, I guess it can happen. Don’t worry about it though, just keep following the guide and you’ll catch up eventually.

      If possible, try to do an instance run if you see a group forming, it should easily fix everything.

  • img
    Juil 19, 2008 @ 20:09

    Dunno where it would fit in,Dunno where it would fit in, but the quest “Voren’thal’s Visions” would be a good quest to pick up while in shatt.Collect 8 basilisk eyes, and the basilisks are all throughout the swamp.

    • img
      Juil 20, 2008 @ 0:38

      I intentionally didn’t putI intentionally didn’t put this quest in, for the following reason:

      This quest is only available to characters hostile to The Scryers. It is repeatable and used to switch over from The Aldor.

      I don’t want to get yelled at by angry guide users because I make them lose reputation with the faction they’ve chosen 😛

  • img
    Juil 22, 2008 @ 8:44

    Really fantastic guide. YouReally fantastic guide. You made my third time in Outland a million times better. Thank you so much, hopefully you will continue this into WotLk!

  • img
    Juil 29, 2008 @ 6:53

    digging for prayer beads questHey James great guide, used it for my druid from starting area all the way to outland. currently lvl 62 right now 😀

    One thing though on the digging for prayer beads quest, you really don’t have to buy the stuff for the puppy, you can just go to the back of the inn and dig it up yourself. Kinda like the quest in feralas where you didn’t have to buy the bait to lure that dude away from the door. Anyways thanks for the guide and the time you put in, gonna use this to finish my poor hunter who’s been neglected.

    • img
      Juil 29, 2008 @ 15:18

      Alright, I’ll edit this,Alright, I’ll edit this, thanks 🙂

  • img
    Août 4, 2008 @ 15:41

    quest removed/relocated?Level 63

    “Go to the Inn, get the quests [63]Watcher Leesa’oh and [63]What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?.”

    i cannot find any quest in zangar called “What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?” so i done a search on and look what i found

    • img
      Sep 8, 2008 @ 16:54

      This quest can be obtainedThis quest can be obtained from different NPCs.

      I prefer getting from the Cenarion Expedition for circuit efficiency purposes later one.

      It’s this quest:

      Given by Lethyn Moonfire at the Cenarion inn in Zangarmarsh. You have to be friendly with the Cenarion Expedition in order to get this quest, which is probably the reason why you couldn’t see it, I suppose.

  • img
    Août 13, 2008 @ 21:16

    Doesnt seem rightHello James,

    Ive been using your guide since level 33 or so and everything since then has gone perfect….However!
    I am now sitting on lvl 62 and 43% and i have just finished the Northen Zangar quests (last hand in was “An Unnatural Drought”)

    This doesnt reem right to only be less than 50% through this part of the level with only a few quests left till the grind part of the guide. I have followed it all word for word, and made sure i have done,

    Can you give any advice on whats gone on and how to rectify it?

    • img
      Sep 8, 2008 @ 16:56

      1. I’ll try to improve this1. I’ll try to improve this part of the guide when I get the time. It’s true that it’s lacking some quest xp.

      2. To counter that, you can either just go on with the guide, and you’ll catch up later eventually by doing the optional circuits I’m about to release, or you can run an instance and you should be fine.

  • img
    Août 14, 2008 @ 18:11

    I just finished the firstI just finished the first leg of the Outlands (through all the Hellfire quests). I’m at 110k into level 62… When you say you should grind 75k rep in Zangarmarsh, do you mean you should be at roughly 75k into level 62 before you start the Zangar circuit?

    Thanks! Great guides, used them all the way from 30 on both Alliance and Horde.

    • img
      Sep 9, 2008 @ 9:01

      Yes, you should be 75K inYes, you should be 75K in level 62 before going to Zangarmarsh.

  • img
    Août 20, 2008 @ 20:00

    Hi, I’ve just levelled myHi, I’ve just levelled my 3rd char using this guide religiously from 30, am 60 now, and it’s the fastest i’ve ever levelled – 3 weeks 🙂 my first ever char took me 5 months to get to 70! Anyway, major kudos and thanks, i cant imagine how much effort doing these guides takes but it’s really appreciated 8)

  • img
    Août 24, 2008 @ 13:02

    Advice needed :)Hi Jame 🙂

    First of all I must say your guide is excellent, been leveling three characters to 60 so far with it.

    I am currently leveling a warrior to 70, I just dinged 60, and have been app. 2 levels ahead of your guide all the way, I found this nice since my fury warrior misses alot against yellow mobs, whereas green lvl mobs are killed very fast.

    My question is if you would recommend that I finish the old guide before moving to Outlands (I haven’t done any of the Plagueland circuits), or should I skip the rest of the guide and move to Outlands right away since I am lvl 60?

    • img
      Sep 9, 2008 @ 14:32

      I definitely recommendI definitely recommend finishing the old world circuits, you won’t regret it trust me.

  • img
    Août 27, 2008 @ 0:59

    levelingHi Jame

    Im a level 64 warrior and currently in terrokar
    im just wondering in the guide (which rocks xD) it sais i should ding 65 now but im only 5 bars into 64 can i continue onto the lev 65 to 70 guide or should i grind or something? 😕

    ty for your time 😀

    • img
      Sep 9, 2008 @ 15:03

      Yes you can continue. You’llYes you can continue. You’ll eventually catch up to the recommended level. If you don’t, you should try doing one instance run, it would fix our problem for sure.

  • img
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 2:40

    Rajis FyasheJust Soloed Rajis Fyashe (Caster Naga) in Zangamarsh was quite easy with a fire mage.
    All you do is frost ward then dps him down then interrupt the frost nova spell he does or run away from it and mana shield.

  • img
    Oct 1, 2008 @ 13:40

    Sporeggar“This cave is a nice grinding spot, they are easy to kill and drop Plants for your cenarion faction and they also give Sporeggar faction. So we’re gonna grind here until the following objectives are completed:”

    This is quite a long grind – you’re about half way to neutral when you start it and I was well into 63, so as an alternative, if you can get people over to Fahssn it’s only 18 Bog Lord Tendrils to neutral (people should have those by now, including the ones you want to save).

    Alternatively if you really do want them to grind, why not send them to the dead mire – at least the mobs there have a chance to drop motes of life (the ones in the cave don’t drop motes).


    • img
      Oct 1, 2008 @ 17:06

      I know, it’s a part of myI know, it’s a part of my guide I need to revamp. I’ll do it as soon as I get the time 😉

      • img
        Oct 21, 2008 @ 13:12

        Hey Jame, thanks for all theHey Jame, thanks for all the effort and time you’ve taken to right these guides, I’ve found them invaluable for levelling my alts (first two 70s I leveled myself, then started using your guides – they just make everything less tedious!).

        I just wanted to make you aware, that this part of the guide doesn’t really need revamping anymore (with the cave and sporeggar). With the new 60-70 xp, I was 64 (can’t remember how far through 64 I was though) at this point in the guide and dinged 65 at “12. Mount up and go north to Telredor. Turn in [62] The Boha’mu Ruins, get the follow up [62] Idols of the Feralfen, sell junk and repair.”. So really the only thing that needs changing is grinding neutral with sporegger, since as the above poster said, it is much more efficient and easier to farm Bog Lord Tendrils instead. A good point to farm them is when you’re doing The Sporelings’ Plight and A Question of Gluttony quests.

        • img
          Oct 21, 2008 @ 20:06

          That’s great. Thanks a lotThat’s great. Thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂

  • img
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 1:18

    XP reduced, testing tonight. 60-61Hi James,

    Ty for the guides. Patch notes state that XP is reduced for 60-70. I ding’ed a 60 last night and logged out at an inn. I have not started any of the outland quest. I will see how far into the guide i get before I ding 61. Ill post again later tonight with my findings. I hope that helps you out a bit. I know you are a busy man. 😛

    I would like to mention your guides helped me get my girlfriend to play. Thanks again.

    • img
      Oct 15, 2008 @ 9:54

      I’d be interested to hearI’d be interested to hear the results. And glad to hear I helped a couple out! 😛

  • img
    Oct 19, 2008 @ 2:16

    EXPHey, I’m a big fan…

    Because of the EXP change will you be redoing the 60-70 guides? If so how long do you think it will take? I’m about to start warrior following these guides and I normally get to 60 in a matter of days. So i’m wondering how long I should hold off for.

    • img
      Oct 19, 2008 @ 11:01

      Actually it doesn’t changeActually it doesn’t change anything for my Outland guides and I won’t re-do them, I might just change the places where I say you should ding. In any case, people should still follow them normally and hit level 70 at some point. Then it’s their decision if they want to finish the guide to get a headstart before going to Northrend.

      Going to Northrend halfway to at level 71 has many advantages. The sooner you ding 71, the easier the quests become for you. Not to mention that some quests can only be unlocked with a certain level. For example in Dragonblight there are already some quests which require you to be level 74.

      Also, if you ding 80 early on Northrend, you can then finish the Northrend quest hubs to get a lot of extra gold, which never hurts.

      Basically it’s the same as before and I’ll advise people to finish my Outland guides before going to Northrend.

  • img
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 14:03

    Silken thread/Maiden’s Anguish no longer needed for Fei FeiSilken Thread and Maiden’s Anguish is no longer needed for Fei Fei’s treat. In fact Maiden’s Anguish is no longer available on the regent vendors (went all the way to SW after not finding in Honor Hold). You can get the treat directly without any items.

    In fact, Fei Fei’s treat isn’t even needed for the quest anymore. You can just run behind the inn and loot the prayerbeads from the ground.

    Thought I’d pass on the word before fellow adventures travel over all looking for the Maiden’s Anguish.

    P.S. Your guides are absolutely FANTASTIC! I’ve loudly proclaimed to all that I am ‘directionally challanged’ while gaming for years as I’m often losing my way. Your guides have helped me learn my way around with minimal pain. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • img
      Oct 22, 2008 @ 20:03

      Ouch, I definitely need toOuch, I definitely need to update this now then. Thanks a lot for the warning 🙂

      • img
        Nov 14, 2008 @ 21:55

        Regarding Prayer Beads questI don’t believe your guide is accurate there.

        I just tried what your guide suggested (WoTLK retail version), and I still had to buy the treat and follow the dog around. The mound didn’t spawn behind the inn until the dog got there.

        However, it’s true that you don’t need Maiden’s Anguish any more, but you still need Silken Thread.

        • img
          Nov 15, 2008 @ 2:26

          Bah, seriously? Anyone elseBah, seriously? 😛 Anyone else can confirm this?

          • img
            Nov 15, 2008 @ 17:57

            Yes. It is true. I trying toYes. It is true. I trying to buy a treat and it says I do not have the required items. The treat wants silken thread.

  • img
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 21:40

    Very goodHey Jame this is the I dunno how many times I’ve used this guide and it is very good, still I ask you to make a shadowmoon and Netherstorm guide.

    [color=#4169e1][i]Admin’s note: Fixed spelling. Please do an effort with your spelling next time. Use proper capitalization, “i” instead of “I” etc. Thanks in advance.[/i][/color]

    • img
      Oct 22, 2008 @ 21:59

      Yea, I’ll write those in theYea, I’ll write those in the future, after the WotLK leveling guides 😛

  • img
    Oct 23, 2008 @ 19:46

    Hellfire Peninsula questing commentYour guide is obviously for fast and economical levelling, so I assume you ommitted comments on this on purpose.

    You stop gaining Honor Hold rep from Ramparts & Blood Furnace at a certain point but will always get them from Hellfire Peninsula Quests. If you are interested in reputation and the rewards it brings, run the instances until your Rep. gain with HH maxxes out. Then embark on this awesome Hellfire Peninsula quest guide. Again, this is a strategy for maximum rep gain, but will also help with levelling because there are a few quests in these dungeons too.

  • img
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 1:03

    Should I skip to next guideThank you for all your guides, I followed all of them and now I am lvl 66, but i’m just at the lvl 63 part of the guide due to rested bonus and they reduced the leveling from lvl 60-70. So should i switch to the lvl 65-70 guide since most of the mobs you ask me to kill are green to me?

    • img
      Oct 30, 2008 @ 12:42

      Nope, there’s no benefit atNope, there’s no benefit at all in skipping parts at this point.

  • img
    Nov 1, 2008 @ 16:54

    noobie here :)Hey jame, I have only recently discovered your guides, someone posted the link on the wow forum with the mention that they’re not good but “THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST” lol, so I looked around a bit and indeed this site alltogether looks amazing.
    I am lvl 60 now and I intend to start using your guide from tonight on. I couldn’t find anywhere an estimated number of hours for lvling 60-65 for instance, so I’m really curious 🙂

    I made lvl 1-60 in almost a month and considering that this is my first time in wow ever, reading other people’s comments and seing it took some of them way longer on their first char makes me feel quite good 😀 but that’s just me blabbling.

    One question if I may, you suggest those addons and offer, as well as mentioning wow ace updater, but… so I am kinda lost and confused here…

    As I said, I am a complete noob and really don’t know much about addons and stuff… would it be really horrible to follow your guide without the respective addons?

    Thanks and thanks in advance for getting me to lvl 70 really fast :p I’m sure I will be there soon 🙂

    • img
      Nov 1, 2008 @ 18:04

      Hey, don’t worry about theHey, don’t worry about the addons, that section is outdated and they are not mandatory either anyway.

      You should go to curse and download an addon which displays coordinates, that’s really all you need to follow my guide, and even without it you’ll still be ok thank to the maps.

    • img
      Nov 1, 2008 @ 18:31

      As Jame said, you can go toAs Jame said, you can go to [url=][/url] and download an addon that shows coordinates, like [url=]Cartographer[/url] or [url=]MetaMap[/url] (I prefer Cartographer, but that’s up to you).

      I high recommend [b]NOT[/b] to download Cartographer 3.0, it totally eats away your memory, which results in a very high FPS (Frames Per Second) rate.

      Of course, you can install more addons to enhance your game, but just Cartographer or MetaMap will do just fine 😉


  • img
    Nov 4, 2008 @ 17:30

    SuggestionFirst of all, thanks for the guides. Haha. Also in the level 62 section, just after entering Zangarmarsh and going to the Cenarion city, the following are not the correct color.
    1. [62] The Umbrafen Tribe
    2. [63] Plants of Zangarmarsh
    3. [64] Leader of the Darkcrest
    4. [63] Leader of the Bloodscale
    5. [62] The Dying Balance

    Also I think it would more time efficient to only have to grind the Ango’rosh ogres once and so it would be easier to combine the steps with [63] Familiar Fungi and [64] Ango’rosh Encroachment in them into one. These are both in the level 63 section.

    • img
      Nov 4, 2008 @ 17:33

      Fixed, thank you!Fixed, thank you!

  • img
    Nov 5, 2008 @ 4:29

    updateSince I really was curious on how long it will take, and maybe some others might be curious too, I am (almost) lvl 65 already. So basically it took me roughly 3-4 days for 60-65. And I have a job too, so no I didn’t play round the clock. Awesome ^^ The odds look quite nice for hitting 70 before the expansion.
    I used a quest helper too (carbonite), found it easier to spot quest areas, I am lousy with finding specific coords :p

    Cheers, drinks on me ^^ can’t wait for your 70+ guide (I pray that I don’t get fired for abusing the printer at work :D)

  • img
    Nov 9, 2008 @ 10:07

    Leveling PaceI just 100%’d the Hellfire Peninsula section of the guide and doing everything you said, including all of the optional and elite quests, along with 1 single run through BF and Ramps each, I am about halfway through level 63.

    *also I got the To Hellfire and Back achievement for completing 80 quests in HFP, but barely by the skin of my teeth. I got the achievement turning in second to last quest I had.

    • img
      Nov 9, 2008 @ 11:04

      Yea, that’s normal. ThereYea, that’s normal. There are a quite a few instance quests in HFP, and blizzard probably had those in mind when they decided on the amount needed for the achievement.

  • img
    Nov 10, 2008 @ 3:57

    To go past 70 or not…Jame,

    I began this leveling guide at 62.5 (after doing your Chapters I, II, and III) and am now almost done (doing Allerian Stronghold quests) and I’m level 68.3

    With WoTLK nearly upon us, my question is this:

    I plan on finishing both Chapters IV and V before moving on to Northrend, but should I either A) install WoTLK to gain XP past 70… or B) wait to purchase WoTLK until I’ve completed all the quests I need to earn my epic flying mount?

    McFly 🙂

    • img
      Nov 10, 2008 @ 11:01

      Go for plan A)

      If youGo for plan A)

      If you finish my circuits while having WotLK activated, you’ll probably be level 71 or level 72 when going to Northrend, and everything will be easier and faster.

      You’ll ding 80 early and have a lot of quests left to do on Northrend, that’s how you’ll get your epic flyer 🙂

  • img
    Nov 10, 2008 @ 9:40

    ExcellentI just wanted to add another word of praise for your guide Jame. I have been following your guide from the very start at level 30 and it has been absolutely fantastic. I managed to get from 60-64 today alone! I don’t think I would have been able to be ready for Wrath on my new toon without your guide’s help. Thank you for putting the time and effort into making these free for the WoW community. Cheers.

    • img
      Nov 10, 2008 @ 11:02

      You’re very welcomeYou’re very welcome 😉

  • img
    Nov 10, 2008 @ 11:03

    lvlinghi jame i have been using ur guide since lvl 22and im 65 atm so ive been a head of the guide, the last guide i was 3 as i had lot of rest 😛 , so anyway thanks for all of your quests im leveling really fast because of ur guide. as im a hunter my pet is a tank and he can really tank. as he tanks ive been doing all those quests where u say i have to group like in feralas those two elite bosses only elite boss i couldnt was that demon guy in hellfire that summoned two infernals everytime. i died, but then i got my friend who was also doing ur quest and he was druid and he took those infernals and healed at same time.

    so anyway thanx for guide atm, still lvling and about to start the 65-70 guide, keep up the good work Jame!

    [color=#4169e1][i]Admin’s note: Please do an effort with your spelling next time. Use “I” instead of “i”, and “you’re” instead of “ure”. “you” instead of “u”. “your” instead of “ur”. And add some punctuation! Thanks in advance.[/i][/color]

    • img
      Nov 10, 2008 @ 11:13

      Thank you, and you’reThank you, and you’re welcome. Please do an effort with the spelling next time, it was very hard to read you :p

  • img
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 20:35

    Higher level than guideI actually hit outland at level 62. Finished all but a few
    quests in HFP and was 66 before heading to Zangarmarsh. The
    mobs may only give about 80% xp compared to same level mobs,
    but I kill them that much faster, plus a lot of the group
    quests can be done solo. All the quests were still at least
    green when I turned them. Now I just started Terokar at level
    68. The quests are still green and pretty easy.

  • img
    Nov 12, 2008 @ 10:56

    Another Leveling UpdateJust to give you heads up on the pace, as I did in a lower post…After completing the Zangarmarsh Circuit 100% with 1 instance run each in UB and SP, and even grinding the sporregar rep. I chose to grind the bog lords for tendrils to make myself neutral faster. But beware, if you hit friendly too soon, you can’t do the glowcaps quests.

    I am just about 2 blocks into level 66. So in both instances I’m well ahead of the guide, but to my advantage as I am able to mow through mobs much faster than I would be able if I were two levels lower. Just a heads up.

  • img
    Nov 15, 2008 @ 14:40

    Hey Jame!Hi jame!

    Great Guide as always but just noticed one thing,

    On the Drill the Drillmaster quest, you dont say where to pick it up 😕 i duno if ive missed it by error or anything or if its included or not 😛


    Thalcorn/Malcorn }:) 🙂

    • img
      Nov 15, 2008 @ 22:03

      You missed it, it’sYou missed it, it’s there.

      Hit CTRL+F and type “drill the drillmaster” in your browser’s search box. You’ll find it quick.

  • img
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 3:39

    How strange. I was able toHow strange. I was able to walk right up behind the inn and grab it. Sorry for any confusion that part of my post might of caused. And glad it got worked out.

  • img
    Nov 21, 2008 @ 5:26

    Zangermarsh: Hey jame, IZangermarsh: Hey jame, I know its probably been said but I think the zangermarsh section of the guide can be improved. The first thing is that it is probably worth buying some bog tendrils at the auction house to get you up to friendly before you do any of the quests. This means that when you are killing bleeders and spore bats you are doing two quests at the same time. Essentialy these quests
    [65] Bring Me A Shrubbery!
    [64] Now That We’re Friends…
    [65] Oh, It’s On!
    [65] Stalk the Stalker
    [64] Fertile Spores
    Get bumped up to
    “2. Head west to the Spawning Glen. Look for a Sporelok named Fahssn (19,63). Get his 3 quests:

    [63] The Sporelings’ Plight
    [64] Natural Enemies
    [64] Sporeggar
    Turn in [64] Natural Enemies (you should have the 6 Bog Lord Tendrils from before. Turn in any additional 6x Bog Lord Tendril you might have for extra faction.

    3. Go further west in the Spawning Glen and look for Mature Spore Sacs. ”

    Which further means by the end of the guide you will probably be sporegar honored. Thats what i did since I had extra tendrills and it did save me some time.

    As Always, Love the guides keep it up!

  • img
    Nov 21, 2008 @ 20:03

    Maiden’s Anguish….They have removed Maiden’s Anguish from the game, I can’t remember if that was required for the dog biscuit or what, but the dog biscuit is only thread and there is no anguish at the reagant vendor.

  • img
    Nov 21, 2008 @ 23:03

    Mistake in a quest![b]On the level 63 part:[/b]

    [quote]7. Go southeast to Bloodscale Enclave (26,36),kill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 12 Bloodscale Enchantresses.[/quote]

    Its actually 6 enchantresses, atleast it was for me 2 days ago.


    I really love your guide, it helped me alot to level and i was level 67 at the level 65 part. But i got hacked, so im starting all the way over: Using your guides ofcourse! Thanks Jame for the time you helped me.

    • img
      Nov 24, 2008 @ 10:17


  • img
    Nov 22, 2008 @ 9:13

    Awesome guides!James your guides are the best!!!! 😀 🙂 😉

  • img
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 11:02

    starting at lvl 58I was wondering if it was possible to start this guide at level 58… I can’t seem to find any quests left at that level..

    • img
      Nov 26, 2008 @ 20:14

      Yes, it is possible

      I didYes, it is possible 🙂

      I did the same with my Warlock, and dinged 70 without even glancing at Shadowmoon Valley. This was [b]before[/b] patch 2.3 , so now it should be easily do-able, XP-wise 🙂

      • img
        Nov 26, 2008 @ 20:35

        I think the issue was thatI think the issue was that he’s not high enough level to get the quests. I would recommend going to the Eastern Plaguelands via Jame’s older guide, all the quests are grouped well together and you can breaze through them until you hit 60. Then head back to Outland, you shouldn’t have any more trouble with quests not being available at that point.

  • img
    Nov 26, 2008 @ 19:51

    Get out of the Inn, go rightGet out of the Inn, go right to the big tower and buy a Maiden’s Anguish from the Reagent Vendor inside the tower (it’s at the last page of his wares).

    Maiden’s Anguish is no longer available there. only in shattrath

    • img
      Nov 26, 2008 @ 20:17

      Maiden’s AnguishMaiden’s Anguish is no longer needed for the quest either. Just the silken thread. Also, the Warrant Officer lady was marked with a yellow “!” when I walked up, not blue.
      O, btw, “Expedition” is spelled wrong somewhere… it was spelled epxedition (search).
      As always, love the guides. TYSVM!

    • img
      Nov 26, 2008 @ 20:20

      Maiden’s AnguishWhoops! correction on my post, I refreshed page and it says yellow “!”. I either needed to refresh or I’m a ‘tard. srys.

      • img
        Nov 27, 2008 @ 0:52

        Just needed to refresh. TheJust needed to refresh. The maiden anguish also has been fixed 😉

  • img
    Déc 2, 2008 @ 20:36

    Actually… about the Prayer BeadsYou don’t need to follow Fei Fei, let alone buy Maiden’s Anguish. After receiving the quest, just walk behind the building and loot the beads. I don’t think it’s bugged or broken, just for people who know where the beads are already.

    • img
      Déc 4, 2008 @ 1:04

      Hehe, I was so sick of thatHehe, I was so sick of that quest that I actually checked it with my yet another DK I leveled to 61.

      No more maiden’s anguish, that’s right. It’s already removed from the guide by the way for about a week now, you should empty your cache, or maybe you’re using a printed version.

      And actually, following Fei Fei is still needed, UNLESS you’re lucky and another player did the quest recently before you.

      If nobody did the quest shortly before you, the mound of eart won’t be there, and you’ll have to buy the dog treat and follow Fei Fei.

  • img
    Déc 4, 2008 @ 20:37

    Corrections and Feedback![b][i][quote]6. When you are set, hearthstone back to Cenarion Refuge. Turn in [63] Return to the Marsh and get the follow up [65] Failed Incursion. (If you have already visited Underbog or Slave Pens and have the quest “Lost in Battle”. You will need to abandon it to get the quest “Failed Incursion.”)[/quote][/i][/b]

    It’s “Lost in Action”.

    [b][i][quote]1. Go to the nothern part of Shattrath, in the Lower City. Find the Inn (64,16) and get the quest [64] Rather Be Fishin’ from Seth. & Go east to the Inn, turn in [64] Rather be Fishin’.[/quote][/i][/b]

    “From Seth” shouldnt be in quest color and it’s not an Inn, it’s actually an infirmary/ruined temple for injured refugees.

    [b][i][quote]to the tree house, Ashkaz should be on top of the tree house, if he’s not there, someone killed him recently, so wait for him to respawn.[/quote][/i][/b]

    You might wanna note that he does a small knockback, that could knock you off the tree house.

    [b][i][quote]. Head southeast to The Shadow Stair (40,56). Kill fel orcs there until you finish [63] Before Darkness Falls[/quote][/i][/b]

    Actually, some of the mobs needed for the quest isn’t fel orcs. 🙂 I recommend just using “Cabal” instead.

    [b][i][quote]6. Leave Allerian Stronghold and follow the road north/northwest until you hit Tuurem (53,35).
    Start to kill Tuurem Hunters/Scavengers/etc while looking for Draenei Vessels. [/quote][/i][/b]

    Would be smart if you noted that sometimes there is no item inside the Draenei Vessels

    [b]Based on playthrough of the guide from the period: November – December.[/b]

    Really like your guides, Jame! Keep up the good work and get making some Gold Making Guides! 🙂

  • img
    Déc 8, 2008 @ 10:34

    I Cant get the quest Through the Dark Portali cant get the quest Through the Dark Portal, i do have BC and also have the fp from the outlands, why its that?

    • img
      Déc 8, 2008 @ 11:45

      You probably took one of theYou probably took one of the next quests in the chain. Don’t worry about it, carry on with the guide.

  • img
    Déc 12, 2008 @ 22:27

    Sweet guide, andI really enjoy your guides and have been following them since level 32.
    In this guide, you added where you could get the First Aid book.
    This was very handy, and I come to think that maybe I have missed out on several things along the way following the guide blindly.
    Are there things along the way from 30 to 60 I should buy/check/do that weren’t mentioned in the guide?
    Not that my character isn’t geared good enough….

    • img
      Déc 12, 2008 @ 23:33

      Hmm well, if you mean classHmm well, if you mean class or tradeskill related things, then it’s possible you mighit have missed a few things, since I don’t cover class specific stuff or tradeskills in my guides.

      It’s something you have to manage on your own 🙂

      • img
        Déc 13, 2008 @ 2:42

        Well,not tradeskills or the likes.
        I was more concerned about special NPC’s you happen to pass by in the guides, that is not mentioned. Selling special items or whatever.

        • img
          Déc 13, 2008 @ 9:01

          And with special items youAnd with special items you mean quest items that are used for quests?

          Like [url=]Cenarion Spirits[/url] from Innkeeper Coryth Stoktron in Zangarmash for example.

          Or, that isn’t what you mean ?:p

          • img
            Déc 13, 2008 @ 19:50

            I guess most is coveredsince you don’t understand the question 😉

            Anyways, closing in on 63 now, following the guide, and still having fun.
            Hard time finding parties for the elite quests Overlord and the giants in Runetotem server, so I might just skip em.
            The others my DK soloed easily.

  • img
    Déc 16, 2008 @ 19:06


    Im a lvl 58 ret pally soon to be lvl 60, and i was wondering if you know any good pally addons.

    Thx 😛

    P.S. Great Guides ive been following them since lvl 30 and they work great.

  • img
    Déc 18, 2008 @ 1:25

    Finshed, but some questions, and a tip.Hey I just finshed this guide at level 67 (started at 62 after finshing class quest) as a ret pally with 530g from questing and such and I was wondering what level I may be when I finsh the next set, if I don’t do the instance quests. Also will it be easy to for me to get the last 470g by the end of the guide for my first flying mount?

    Also here is a tip for other ret pallies, if you are two levels above the (Group) Quests then you can easily solo without a bubble or LoH, but I am not sure about other classes, yet. I will try with Unholy DK.

    Thanks a lot, was hitting 3 hours per level unrested.

    Name… Hordius & Diazar
    Server… Smolderthorn
    Faction… Alliance

    • img
      Déc 18, 2008 @ 18:47

      If you follow the nextIf you follow the next chapter until the end you should be Level 71 and well on your way towards level 72.

      And yes you should also easily have enough gold for your flying mount.

      • img
        Déc 19, 2008 @ 3:51


        Name… Hordius & Diazar
        Server… Smolderthorn
        Faction… Alliance

  • img
    Déc 18, 2008 @ 2:45

    Towards the end of the levelTowards the end of the level 60 section there was little typo: 8. Exit Honor Hold through he west gate, go to the guard tower and get the quest [61] Unyielding Souls. He->The 😛

    • img
      Déc 18, 2008 @ 18:49

      Fixed it, thanks!Fixed it, thanks!

  • img
    Déc 18, 2008 @ 3:09

    QuestionI just hit the Level 61 section. Should I still have the Eastern Plaguelands quests: [Auntie Marlene], [Blood Tinged Skies], [Carrion Grubbage], and [Demon Dogs] in my Quest Log?


    • img
      Déc 18, 2008 @ 18:50

      Hmm nope, but it’s ok. JustHmm nope, but it’s ok. Just abandon them and proceed with this guide.

  • img
    Déc 20, 2008 @ 17:28

    Great guide. Only 8) Great guide. Only problem i have right now is that im 1/4 through 68, and just finished this guide, and all the quests are green now. Should I skip a zone or anything?

    I have a few instances under my belt, including the time travel instances. I could easily see getting close to 68 without any additional grinding.

    Good job Jame. Keep up the good work.

    Whats this i see about an addon coming? That would be awsome

    • img
      Déc 31, 2008 @ 22:21

      Hey jwyatt!

      Jame has saidHey jwyatt!

      Jame has said this many times, but I will just repeat it to save him the trouble =P
      Being ahead of the guide is AWESOME. Green quests still give lots of XP and are EASIER and FASTER than yellow quests. Being ahead of the guide will also net you more gold as you will be leveling ahead of zone and will have more quests at the end available for you. ;D

      Don’t go to Northrend until level 70 minimum, because some quests will not be available and it is significantly easier when you’re 70+.

      Yes, an addon is work in progress by Jame, it will work similar to iDemises’ by giving you the exact guide in game.


      • img
        Jan 1, 2009 @ 2:13

        Quests don’t give diminishedQuests don’t give diminished exp until you’re at least 5 levels ahead of them, and even then the reduction is very slight (20% at 5 levels and 40% at 6) which is still very good exp for a very easy quest. So if you’re 68, pretty much any quest level 62 or higher, which everything should be above at this point, is worth doing.

      • img
        Jan 1, 2009 @ 3:51

        Much love to both of you forMuch love to both of you for saving me a lot of work 🙂

  • img
    Jan 2, 2009 @ 7:23

    Just a little fix…Hey Jame!

    I have to say, this guide is amazing! Leveling my hunter through it and I am easily lvling at least once a day (I’m a casual player ;D)

    Just one thing I noticed though, in the section for Level 63, in the 3rd circuit after point 4. You tell us to kill every Fen Strider and Sporebats in our way, but not Young Sporebats. I noticed Young Sporebats DO drop the Sporebat Eyes and I ended up finishing my quest with 2 drops from Young Sporebats.

    Thanks again for the guide!


  • img
    Jan 2, 2009 @ 16:38

    Am I too far ahead?Hi Jame,

    I’m a Death Knight, and following your guide now. I just passed level 66 now, and i’m just over the “You should be level 63”-part now. Am I too far ahead? Will I eventually end up killing gray mobs & doing gray quests? Should I continue or skip some stuff?


    – Magekíd

    • img
      Jan 2, 2009 @ 17:06

      No, this is perfectlyNo, this is perfectly normal. As of 2.4.3 the experience required to level has been greatly reduced. You won’t end up killing gray mobs and doing gray quests.

      Continue the guide, don’t skip anything. You will just get more gold in the end, and that’s a positive thing! 🙂

      • img
        Jan 2, 2009 @ 17:12

        What I forgot to say, I alsoWhat I forgot to say, I also got the +10% exp shoulders (bind on account item) – is this gonna cause any problems?


        – Magekíd

        • img
          Jan 2, 2009 @ 17:22

          You’ll still have noYou’ll still have no problems in Outland, I think stuff doesn’t turn gray until you are 8 levels above. Stick with the Outland guide to the letter (though you could skip any optional stuff, usually group quests) and then head to Northrend at 71.

  • img
    Jan 4, 2009 @ 21:42

    Awesome!Awesome guide-i love it, and will continue leveling with it till 80 🙂

  • img
    Jan 5, 2009 @ 23:22

    Computer Question (not about wow)Hi,
    I am having a slight problem with my computer right now and i was wondering if someone can help me out… The problem is that my computer is missing a boot file (i don’t know what it’s called) and it will not start up, the screen remains black and does nothing, i have the original program CD so if anyone can help please e-mail me at

    P.S. I logged off in an inn so no worries there 😉

    • img
      Jan 6, 2009 @ 2:16

      You posted this in the wrongYou posted this in the wrong area, please post on our forums in the technical issues section:

  • img
    Jan 6, 2009 @ 12:56

    Great work Jame, for both your DK guide, and your lvling guidesHey Jame, I wanna thank you for the guides you made. I followed Boston*s guide from 12-30 and than your guides. I went to outlands with my rogue at lvl 58, which you said better not to do and you were right. You cant do the first quest circuit properly, because you cant take several quests.

    With my druid however, In was way into lvl 59,together with a friend which I recruited with recruit a friend. With several of your quest circuits, like the desolace, un goro, felwood and winterspring circuits, we were able to do 3-5 lvls on one night (from 8-11 approx) at xp rates from 250-300k/hour.

    on my DK I followed your full DK guide, until I hit 60 (again 300% quest xp in the plaguelands circuits) and than went to outlands. Ive been following your guide excactly, from the first quest and are about to hit lvl 64, and havent come to the point where it says *You should now be lvl 62. I have tanked a few instances though, but its just going so easy. Im hitting exp rates of 150-200k/hour on my DK and I am still talking in guildchat, talking to people on msn (and surfing wowhead and youtube now and than) I will follow it to the end. I will probably be lvl 72 or 73 already than, as xp got nerfed a whole lot, but Im doing it all for the money it will give me in the end. The lvling wont go that much slower, but it goes a lot easier.

    Btw, I am still running around in my DK gear (well, almost full DK gear, armorwise)n and I must say thats no problem at all. Maybe its even better, as I dont lose out on hit rating, which makes a lot of difference, which I have experienced very well, when looking to my dps, with hitrating gears and a few gems, and withoutn them, but with more AP and crit for example (although it doesnt make too much difference in the crit and AP numbers), and my dps was significantly higher than without them, so I recommend keeping your hitrating gears, as long as you cant find others with hit on it. And thats also appliable for other dps classes, or tanks.

    Keep up the good work Jame

    Wish I was old and a little sentimental (8)

  • img
    Jan 9, 2009 @ 4:21

    AwesomeHey Jame, I’ve been a longtime user of your guides and I must say how fantastic work you do with them. I really enjoy going through your guides!

    I’m currently on this gude atm with my Death Knight, and I’ve just finished Hellfire. And I’d like to add that, if you do every single quest in the guide (including PVP one) You will get the zone quest achievment To Hellfire and Back. So im hoping the other ones do! hehe.

    Anyway, thanks again Jame.

  • img
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 5:19

    1st thing i want to say is1st thing i want to say is that I love your guides they’ve helped me a lot with lvling

    In this guide though the quest the dying balance when i first entered zang

    • img
      Jan 14, 2009 @ 10:50

      Eh? Looks like you hitEh? Looks like you hit “enter” mid sentence there :p

  • img
    Jan 18, 2009 @ 4:56

    Hai. Registered here just toHai. Registered here just to make small, but still some minutes saving note – in Hellfire there is quest Digging for Prayer Beads where you need to buy silk and then change for treat and then walk along stupid dog and blabla. Just want to say, that you DON’T need to buy anything. Just take quest, go get your beads(you should tell that they are behind house in corner)and turn in 🙂 As I said – just a note that might save some minutes of our SO precious time 😉
    P.S. Nice guides btw, using them on 3rd character right now. Keep it up.

  • img
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 17:51

    Hmm…Alright, so I’m level 66 and just got to the part of the guide where you say I should be 64 😛 So should I skip to about halfway through your 65-66 part so that I don’t miss too many quests, but also so I’m not stuck on the green quests. Heh, not sure if I made too much sense there, but I hope you understand. 🙂

    Edit: I’m 68, just followed the guide from where I was and mixed in some instances. But now that I’m 68, should I go to Nagrand, Blades Edge, or Skip all the way to Borean Tundra? I know Jame’s generally says that you should just stick with the guide. But I also know that it is less efficient to do all of the green quests over in Nagrand. Any thoughts?

    Double Edit 😛 : So I read Jame’s blog on going to Northrend at 68, and it pretty much answered all of my questions and changed the way I think of doing green quests. As it turns out they are probably MORE efficient than doing the quests in Northrend at 68.

    • img
      Jan 20, 2009 @ 0:03

      Hehe awesome, you figured itHehe awesome, you figured it out all by yourself and saved me some work!

  • img
    Jan 20, 2009 @ 23:46

    Can’t get quest.Under the level 64 section, after you fly to Shatt, you posted this:
    “After landing, on your minimap you should see a yellow “!” showing the location of a Haggard War Veteran, get his quest [65] A’dal. Ride straight to the center of Shattrath, turn in the quest [65] A’dal.”

    I found the guy eventually but no quest was available for me. Did I miss a quest or something? And I’m guessing it might be an important one. Thank you so much Jame for your guide, it’s really awesome!

  • img
    Jan 31, 2009 @ 22:45

    Missing turn-inHiya, Jame. For the level 62 Hellfire you send us through the entire chain up to and including Natural Remedies, but don’t have us actually turning it in. I put it after the final Telhamat turn-ins so you can do it on your way to Zangamarsh. Thought I’d throw it out there.

    Now, to start coding the Zangamarsh guide for the addon…

    • img
      Fév 2, 2009 @ 15:10

      Added it, thanks!Added it, thanks!

  • img
    Fév 17, 2009 @ 1:08

    Spelling HiccupJust wanted to point out a little spelling mistake.

    *1. Go to the nothern part of Shattrath, in the Lower City. Find the Inn (64,16) and get the quest [color=#ffcc00][b][64] Rather Be Fishin’ from Seth.[/b][/color]*. I think the from Seth part shouldn’t be written like the quest names, as well as the beginning of the sentence it should be northern not [i]nothern[/i].

    • img
      Fév 17, 2009 @ 1:35

      Very true! Fixing itVery true! Fixing it 🙂

  • img
    Fév 23, 2009 @ 22:34

    I know you get these a lotI know you get these a lot but I just want to double check….. I’m level 66 and you have not told me to ding 64 yet… should I just keep going? I suppose I should.. But I am nearly a 67 which would put me 4 levels in front of the guide.

    • img
      Fév 24, 2009 @ 9:00

      That’s perfectly fine, noThat’s perfectly fine, no need to skip anything at this point. It only becomes a problem when you are 6 or 7 levels ahead of the guide and quests start to be on the grey side.

  • img
    Mar 4, 2009 @ 17:25

    Great Guide. I started my DKGreat Guide. I started my DK on it at 58 (Never knew about your DK guides) and now I’m right on par with your guide. Just completed Hellfire(Got the achievement) and I’m halfway through 62 at the point where I leave Hellfire 😀

    -Stown of Earthen Ring

  • img
    Mar 8, 2009 @ 17:24

    Return of Honor HoldHi… i enjoy ur guide a lot.. somehow i think i miss something while doing the quest in for lvl 62.. i am not able to find the quest for [61] Return of Honor Hold. Is there any quest tat link to it?… pls advise…

    Thks & Cheers,

  • img
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 2:49

    Death KnightHey,

    I was wondering if i could start this guide now
    I am a level 60 DK and im halfway to 61 following your guide
    But im getting tired of EPL

    • img
      Mar 10, 2009 @ 3:27

      EPL quests have a very goodEPL quests have a very good xp rate. However the most important thing is that you have fun! So if you are sick of the EPL, then yeah, you could definitely start here. You shouldn’t have any problems since you are already level 60.

      • img
        Mar 10, 2009 @ 3:48

        Great thanks!
        I think i’llGreat thanks!
        I think i’ll finish up this few quests that I have
        then move to outland 😉

  • img
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 1:09

    addon sugestionsThink you should add Dominos (new bongos) in to the Addons part since it’s quite like bartender but with a couple of extra options for your bars. 8) The reason for this is that it’s very hard to find a working action bar addon that works with the latest patches.

    Wise things get said,
    but Few get understod

    • img
      Mar 13, 2009 @ 1:42

      II <3 Dominos.

    • img
      Mar 13, 2009 @ 20:14

      Aww man, I hope I won’t haveAww man, I hope I won’t have to 😛

      You realize when I change one of the addons, I have to do it for every single leveling guide chapter I’ve written ^^

  • img
    Mar 27, 2009 @ 7:22

    Übernice guide

    When theÜbernice guide 😀

    When the guide said: “You should be now level 61 I was already 61 and a halfway to 62, and didnt even have rested, when I started at level 60 :>

    And 3h/level is not bad either xDDDD

  • img
    Avr 4, 2009 @ 4:52

    Awesome guide!Awesome guide James! :jawdrop:
    I had no problems following the guide so far and I’m in the Zangarmarsh part 😛

    Murlocs eat cookies =P

  • img
    Avr 20, 2009 @ 0:18

    Built in GuidesHey Jame!

    Great guide as always, I appreciate the time and effort you and the wow-pro community put in to make it easy for schlubs like me.

    So after the patch I guess I was doing the built in guides for a while. I am about a bar and a half away from 63, but after glancing through the online guide I see I have some quests incomplete that you have listed.

    Should I just go to Zangarmarsh? I went and did a couple of the first quests and nothing seems difficult, just thought I would get the opinion of some experts.

    Thanks Again!

  • img
    Mai 5, 2009 @ 16:56

    The Flash advertsIS it really nessacary to have 3 Flash adverts advertising the same thing on the same page in the same space?

    It makes my computer speed crawl and renders ure guide unfollowable.

    Thanks for the effort but get a grip on the adverts.

    • img
      Mai 5, 2009 @ 20:04

      I really hate to say it, butI really hate to say it, but I agree. The site has been kinda slow and I think it’s due to these adverts, I noticed it also effects WoW when I play it at the same time.

      • img
        Mai 5, 2009 @ 23:29

        I was having the sameI was having the same problem, but I found a solution;


        [*]Download Firefox (as a replacement for internet explorer/google chrome) [url=]here[/url]

        [*]Download Adblock (Firefox Addon) [url=]here[/url]

        [*]Use Firefox instead of your normal internet browser.


        Firefox can take some getting used to, but getting rid of adverts is priceless.

        Hope this helps

        • img
          Mai 6, 2009 @ 0:04

          Eh, the only problem is thisEh, the only problem is this means no chance to get revenue for the site, so we probably shouldn’t encourage it! (though it does sound pretty useful). And no revenue from adds means we can’t pay for bandwidth and the addon goes byebye, along with all the other awesome guides here.

          Perhaps Jame can work something out so only one complex/flash add appears at a time, and the other adds are still/non-animated adds. This would probably help a lot.

          • img
            Mai 6, 2009 @ 16:52

            True, sorry I hadn’t thoughtTrue, sorry I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it.

          • img
            Mai 13, 2009 @ 13:46

            I’ll try to find a fix.I’ll try to find a fix.

  • img
    Mai 9, 2009 @ 18:02

    Typeoheyy jame, love ur guides! anyways, i found a typoe in the Hellfire Peninsula part:

    9. Go directly southwest of the mine, there you should find boars and giant earthworms (called Marauding Crust Bursters — to get THE to show up you have to get close to those piles of moving stones). Focus mainly on the worms, kill boars if they get in the way though and don’t forget to purify the boar meat.

    suppoesed to be:

    9. Go directly southwest of the mine, there you should find boars and giant earthworms (called Marauding Crust Bursters — to get THEM to show up you have to get close to those piles of moving stones). Focus mainly on the worms, kill boars if they get in the way though and don’t forget to purify the boar meat.

    • img
      Mai 10, 2009 @ 14:45

      I’m sorry, but I just had toI’m sorry, but I just had to point out that your post about the typo had several typos in it. I was laughing a bit more than I should have.

  • img
    Mai 21, 2009 @ 4:51

    Possible more efficient pathAfter using the Ironvine Seeds at Umbrafen Lake, the guide says to go to the middle of Serpent Lake for another quest. I noticed the path directly from the Umbrafen Steam Pump to the middle of Serpent lake has the Lagoon Steam Pump in the way. It seems more efficient to do the two quests there on the way to the middle of Serpent Lake. When I was following the guide, I went ahead and completed those quests on the way.

  • img
    Mai 24, 2009 @ 7:11

    AchievementsHi James … great great guide. Absolutely helpful. Just to update everyone regarding the achievements,
    So far according to this chapter,
    1. To Hellfire and back … I followed the guide carefully and right now I have 79/80 quests completed. If I do a dungeon quest I can easily get this achievemnt. So this guide is really good for this purpose.
    2. Mysteries of Marsh .. this was easy. After finishing the guide I had more than required to get this achievemnt. So I recommend following it careully.
    3. Terror of terokkar …. I am follwing the guide and I am pretty sure (from the looks of it I can get this too). I will keep you all updated on this achievement.

  • img
    Juil 24, 2009 @ 17:47

    ZangramarshOne thing that should be noted is the use of “Expedition Flare”‘s to help with the group quests. Most of them are soloable, but don’t forget this valuable asset if you’re running into trouble. They require friendly rep with Cenarion Expedtion and are less that 1g

  • img
    Juil 30, 2009 @ 21:07

    Quest: Gathering the ReagentsApparently in patch 2.4.3, both Sporebats and Young Sporebats drop the eyes now for Quest: Gathering the Reagents in Zangarmarsh.

  • img
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 10:38

    Quest: Digging for Prayer BeadsYou can save some time and gold by checking Fei Fei’s Cache immediately after picking up the quest. If it’s sparkling, you can loot the prayer beads without going through any of the intermediate steps.

  • img
    Avr 3, 2010 @ 5:16

    Quest Change 3.3.3Just a note; the ultra ever-bugged quest “The Vengeful Harbinger” is now called “Vengeful Souls”. You still go down in the Tomb of Lights but now you kill 5 “vengeful draenei” to complete it rather than using a relic or talking with anyone in the tomb.

    • img
      Mai 5, 2010 @ 8:51

      Correct, this needs to beCorrect, this needs to be updated in both forms of the guide. is the new quest. The Vengeful Harbinger is completely gone – I assume they never could work out all the bugs associated with it. The mobs for the new quest are simply seeded amongst the ethereals in the Tomb of Lights.

      I think there’s actually too few of them, but fortunately(?) the mobs in the Tomb all respawn fairly quickly.

  • img
    Avr 25, 2010 @ 18:04

    LVL 62 Druid soloing Drillmaster ZurokI’m a level 62 Druid primarily feral spec and I just successfully soloed Drillmaster Zurok for the quest “Drill the Drillmaster”. I wanted to share how I did it:

    Start at full health, full mana and make sure all your timers are reset, especially Shadowmeld (for emergency) and Innervate. Mana and health pots can help too. I situated myself in the little gully up the hill to the SE of the area that Drillmaster Zurok patrols at Loc 48, 57. From here you can clear the other mobs by carefully pulling them up one by one (with Moonfire and/or Starfire to this spot and soloing each one. Make sure you pull when they are alone and won’t run close to another mob on its way to you or they may BAF. Make especially sure Drillmaster Zurok is nowhere near the pull or he will come too. When their health gets down to about 25% be sure to root them using Entangling Roots or they will run and rat you out and possibly BAF. If that happens, you can duo the pair. If the mob brings Drillmaster Zurok or you’re overwhelmed by the adds, simply Shadowmeld and you will instantly be out of combat, only to start over again in a few minutes. Otherwise, finish the mob off while it is rooted.

    After all the other mobs are cleared, again get full mana & health and wait for timers to reset. Pull Drillmaster Zurok up here, change to Cat Form and KEEP YOUR BACK TO THE CLIFF! Keep spamming any attack that adds a combo point. When you have 5 combo points, use Maim on Drillmaster Zurok and during his stun period, heal yourself with Healing Touch. Rinse and repeat! His Knockback will only move you further up the cliff (and away from any other mobs that might respawn… bonus!!) and he will always come up to engage you at your new location further away from danger. You can survive his Whirlwind if your health is pretty much 50% or better. Keep an eye on your mana and pop Innervate or a Mana pot when necessary. Keep an eye on your health and if you can’t keep up with your Healing Touch, pop a health pot if timer permits.

    Note: I would think you can pull Drillmaster Zurok up to the spot without needing to clear the other mobs if you carefully pull him with Moonfire (instant cast) when he is at the halfway point in his little walk between the two locations where he stops. I didn’t try this, but I’m sure it would work.

    I died in two other ill-fated solo attempts before I tried this method. This method went very smooth without worry! I hope this helps you folks that like to solo.

  • img
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 23:33

    4.x UpdateCataclysm made it a bit easier to get around in Outland.  In your faction capital (Stormwind or Orgrimmar), there is a portal leading to the Blasted Lands, right in front of the Dark Portal; you must be level 58 to use the portal, but there’s no level requirement for the Dark Portal itself (in fact, 4.2 upgraded all paid accounts to TBC at no charge).  If you’re on a PvP server, you should know that the Alliance and Horde portals drop their characters in the same spot, so put your shields up before porting.When you arrive in Outland, you’ll immediately know the Shattrath flight point via Honor Hold or Thrallmar.  It appears that you’ll also know the towns affiliated with your faction; my 60 human priest just arrived in Outland, and she can get to the Temple of Telhamat, Teleredor, and Orebor Harborage, even though she’s never been there.

    • img
      Oct 24, 2011 @ 6:29

      Yea, the paper guides haveYea, the paper guides have not been updated, only the addon.  And we have noticed that in a recent patch that you get flight points based on your level.  If you’re too low for a given area, you have to discover them, if you’re the right level you will have them.

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