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Welcome to my Elwynn Forest leveling guide!
The Northshire parts of it are a slightly modified version of Axian’s Human Starting Zone Guide, used with permission and thanks.

Since experience bonuses can vary greatly I’m just going to list the circuits without level assumptions. If I tell you to train when you have no skills to learn please disregard

If my directions seem vague please consult your in-game map. Between it showing you where the objectives are and the sparkly lootables I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.

Please post feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

Color Code

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  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs

The Guide

Northshire Valley


1. Get the quest A Threat Within from Deputy Willem.

2. Speak to Marshal McBride on the steps of the Abbey to turn in. Get the follow up quest Kobold Camp Cleanup.

3. Go back to Deputy Willem and get the quest Eagan Peltskinner.

4. Eagan Pelskinner is located on the west side of the Abbey. Turn in your quest and accept Wolves Across the Border.

5. Kill 8 Diseased Young Wolves in the surrounding area, making sure to loot the Diseased Wolf Pelts, until you complete the quest.

6. Kill 8 Kobold Vermin in the area just north of the wolves.

7. Turn in Wolves Across the Border at Eagan Peltskinner.

8. Turn in Kobold Camp Cleanup at Marshal McBride. Accept the follow up quest [3] Investigate Echo Ridge.

Orcs in the Vineyard!

1. Get the quest Blackrock Invasion from Deputy Willem.

2. Get the quest Extinguishing Hope from Milly Osworth, right next to Deputy Willem.

3. Head across the river to the burning vineyard. Kill any orcs you see for Blackrock Invasion until you get 8 Blackrock Orc Weapons. While doing this, use Milly’s Fire Extinguisher on 8 fires in the burning vineyard.

4. Head back across the river, and north to the kobold area.

5. Kill 8 Kobold Workers for Investigate Echo Ridge. The workers are slightly larger than the kobolds you killed before, and are wearing a blue shirt.

6. Turn in Investigate Echo Ridge at Marshal McBride. Accept the follow up [5] Skirmish at Echo Ridge.

7. Accept the other quest Marshal McBride offers for you. This is quest will direct you to your class trainer. I have listed the quests for each class below.

Hunter – Etched Letter
Paladin – Consecrated Letter
Priest – Hallowed Letter
Mage – Glyphic Letter
Rogue – Encrypted Letter
Warlock – Tainted Letter
Warrior – Simple Letter

8. Turn in Blackrock Invasion at Deputy Willem. Accept the follow up Ending the Invasion.

9. Turn in Extinguishing Hope at Milly Osworth.

10. Read the letter that you received from Marshal McBride. Head to your class trainer, which will be located in or around the Abbey. Turn in your class trainer quest and accept the follow up.

11. Complete your trainer quest and turn it in.

More Orcs! More Kobolds!

1. Go across the river to the burning area. Kill Kurtok the Slayer in the northern part of the burned area to complete Ending the Invasion.
2. Go northwest across the river toward the mine entrance north of the Abbey.

3. Kill 8 Kobold Laborers inside the mine for Skirmish at Echo Ridge.

4. Return to Deputy Willem and turn in Ending the Invasion. Accept Voucher of Bravery.

5. Return to Marshal McBride and turn in Skirmish at Echo Ridge and Voucher of Bravery. Accept Report to Goldshire.

6. Visit your class trainer for any new skills that are available, then follow the road from the abbey south until you reach the walled area.

7. Accept Rest and Relaxation from Falkhaan Isenstrider.

8. Follow the road south until you reach Goldshire.



1.Get Flightpath.

2.Turn in Report to Goldshire to Marshal Dughan.

3.Get The Fargodeep Mine.

4.Get Gold Dust Exchange from Remy “Two Times”.

5.Turn in Rest and Relaxation to Innkeeper Farley.

6.Set Hearthstone.

7.Get Kobold Candles from William Pestle.

8.Sell junk, restock, train, repair.

Fargodeep Mine, Stonefields & Maclures


1.Run to Stonefield Farm, Kill Kobold Tunnelers on the way.

2.Get Lost Necklace from “Auntie” Bernice Stonefield.

3.Run to Maclure Vinyards, Kill Kobold Tunnelers on the way.

4.Turn in Lost Necklace to Billy Maclure, get Pie for Billy.

5.Get Young Lovers from Maybell Maclure.

6. Kill Stonetusk Boars to get 4 Chunks of Boar Meat.

7.Run to Stonefield Farm, Kill Kobold Tunnelers on the way. (Detecting a pattern yet?)

8.Turn in Young Lovers to Tommy Joe Stonefield, get Speak with Gramma.

9.Turn in Pie for Billy to “Auntie” Bernice Stonefiled, get Back to Billy.

10.Turn in Speak with Gramma, get Note to William.

11.Run to Maclure Vinyards, Kill Kobold Tunnelers on the way.

12.Turn in Back to Billy to Billy Maclure, get Goldtooth.

13.Go to Goldtooth’s Den, on the hill above the mine. Kill Goldtooth, loot Bernice’s Necklace.

14.Go down the hill, go into the mine until The Fargodeep Mine is complete.

15.Kill Kobolds until you have 8 Large Candles and 10 Gold Dust.

16.Run back to Stonefield Farm, Turn in Goldtooth.

17.Get Princess Must Die! from Ma Stonefield.

18.Kill Princess (She’s right there in the Stonefield field!)

19.Turn in Princess Must Die!.

20.Run (don’t hearth!) to Goldshire.


1.Turn in Gold Dust Exchange to Remy “Two Times”, get A Fishy Peril.

2.Turn in The Fargodeep Mine to Marshal Dughan, get The Jasperlode Mine.

3.Turn in A Fishy Peril, get Further Concerns.

4.Turn in Kobold Candles and A Note to William to William Pestle, get Collecting Kelp.

5.Sell junk, restock, train, repair.

Quick Circuit


1.Behind the Inn is Crystal Lake, kill Murlocs along the northern bank until you have 4 Crystal Kelp Fronds.

2.Run North to the Jasperlode Mine, run in to (xx,yy) so The Jasperlode Mine shows completed.

3.Hearthstone back to Goldshire.

4.Turn in Collecting Kelp to William Pestle, get The Escape.

5.Turn in The Jasperlode Mine to Marshal Dughan.

6.Sell junk, restock, train, repair.

To Eastvale Logging Camp by way of some Beasts, Corpses and Murlocs. Oh, my!


1.Talk to Marshal Dughan and tell him you wish to ride the Stormwind charger, enjoy the ride.

2.Turn in Further Concerns to Guard Thomas, get Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier .

3.Get Bounty on Murlocs and Wanted: James Clark from the Bounty Board.

4.Follow the river North to (72,60) killing bears & wolves along the way.

5.Turn in Lost Guards at Malakai’s corpse, get Discover Rolf’s Fate.

6.Head carefully to (79,55) killing Murlocs on the way.

7.At Rolf’s remains turn in Discover Rolf’s Fate, get Report to Thomas.

8.Keep killing Murlocs until you have 8 Torn Murloc Fins.

9.Head to Eastvale Logging Camp and kill James Clark, loot his head and the Gold Pickup Schedule.

10.Click on the schedule to get The Collector.

11.Get Fine Linen Goods from Sarah Timberlain.

12.Get A Bundle of Trouble from Supervisor Raelen.

13.Turn in Wanted: James Clark and The Collector to Marshall McCree, get Manhunt.

14.Get Flightpath.

15.Sell junk, repair.

Work, work!


1.Head North, collect 8 Bundles of Wood, Kill Bears & Wolves.

2.Return to Supervisor Raelen, turn in A Bundle of Trouble.

3.If you still need bears & wolves head south to kill them. You’ll also discover Ridgepoint Tower.

4.Go back to Guard Thomas, turn in Protect the Frontier, Bounty on Murlocs, and Report to Thomas.

5.Get Cloth and Leather Armor from Guard Thomas.

6.Head down to the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, Kill bandits until you have 8 Linen Scraps.

7. Kill Morgan the Collector. He has friends, be careful.

8.Run back to Sara Timberlain, Turn in Cloth and Leather Armor and Fine Linen Goods.

9.Tell Marshall McCree you’ve completed Manhunt and fly back to Goldshire.

10.Sell junk, restock, train repair.

To Stormwind!

1.Run to Maclure Vinyards (last time, I promise!) Turn in The Escape.

2.If you’re interested in the Exploration Achievement, head a little East to discover Jerod’s Landing.

3.Hearth back to Goldshire.

4.From Smith Argus get Elmore’s Task and A Swift Message.

5.Turn in A Swift Message to Bartlett the Brave and get Continue to Stormwind.

6.Fly to Stormwind.

7.Go to Old Town, turn in Continue to Stormwind to Osric Strang in Limited Immunity, Get Dungar Longdrink.

8.Go to the Dwarven District, turn in Elmore’s Task, do not get the follow-up.

9.Go back to Dungar Longdrink, turn in Dungar Longdrink, and get Return to Argus.

10.Fly to Goldshire.

11.Turn in Return to Argus.

12.Get Westbrook Garrison Needs Help! and Hero’s Call: Westfall! from Marshal Dughan.

13.Run to Westbrook Garrison.

Westbrook Garrison


1.Get Wanted: “Hogger” from the wanted poster.

2.Turn in Westbrook Garrison Needs Help to Deputy Rainer, get Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty.

3. Kill Gnolls and loot Painted Gnoll Armbands until you get down to Hogger’s Hill.

4. Kill Hogger

5.Get Furlbrow’s Deed from the Dead Thief’s hand.

6.Click on Furlbrow’s Deed to start Furlrow’s Deed.

6.Head back to Westbrook Garrison, killing more gnolls if you need to, or if you just like to.

7.Turn in Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty to Deputy Rainer.

This concludes my first WoW-Pro Guide!

At this point you should have discovered all of Elwynn Forest, completed 46 quests and have these 3 left to turn in:

  • Wanted: “Hogger”
  • Furlbrow’s Deed
  • Hero’s Call: Westfall

Head west to Westfall and my next Guide!

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    Sep 19, 2010 @ 16:09 pm

    there has been an update tothere has been an update to the northshire valley today and there have been some changes: removed quests:all kobold quests, a threat within,wolves across the border, voucher of bravery.

    Deputy willem and milly have been relocated

    whole bunch of new quests

    if you don’t want to go trough the zone again i have already coded this new part into addon format so just tell me if you want it.

  • img
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 16:56 pm

    Thanks for theThanks for the feedback!

    Once they let us use add-ons again I was planning to go back through and add coordinates for lots of things, but being more descriptive in the text description is also a good idea.

    I did Manhunt (and all my guides) with a hunter, paladin and rogue and found it quite do-able, but it’s probably trickier for other classes. I’ll add that suggestion too.

  • img
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 13:48 pm

    Gentle CriticismReally not bad especially considering it’s your first (I’ve never stepped into the realm of trying to write one).

    One error or maybe just an update: Work, work! Step 6 is now 6 Linen Scraps. That’s all I noticed down to the step of discovering Jerod’s Landing before the crashes discouraged me from logging in again.

    A suggestion I would have for you is to be more descriptive about directions and locations. Example:

    7.Run to Stonefield Farm, Kill Kobold Tunnelers on the way. (Detecting a pattern yet?)

    8.Find Tommy Joe Stonefield on the west edge of the farm, near the stream. Turn in Young Lovers, get Speak with Gramma.

    9.Go back east across the farm to “Auntie” Bernice Stonefield in front of the house. Turn in Pie for Billy, get Back to Billy.

    10. Inside the house, speak to Gramma Stonefield. Turn in Speak with Gramma, get Note to William.

    Also, Manhunt is hard >< Taking on 3 NPCs of the same as your own level is rough, and I'd hoped they would have toned it down, but they haven't. It may be good to suggest that, if all else fails, the player may want to concentrate on killing Morgan the Collector out in the open. That way if the player dies, they can run back, resurrect, and loot Morgan.

  • img
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 17:44 pm

    I believe I’m doneGoing live with the guide, please be gentle with the criticism, it’s my first!

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