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Welcome to my Redridge Mountains Guide!

Since experience bonuses can vary greatly I’m just going to list the circuits without level assumptions. If I tell you to train when you have no skills to learn please disregard.

If my directions seem vague please consult your in-game map. Between it showing you where the objectives are and the sparkly lootables I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.

I like to train skills in Goldshire, because the trainers are much closer to the flightpath. If you like to check out the Auction House or just like running around through Stormwind please feel free to do so.

Please post and feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

If you’re coming from my Westfall Guide you should be at Eastvale Logging Camp and have these quests completed in your log:

  • Threat to the Kingdom
  • Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains!

On we go!

Color Code

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs

The Guide

Three Corners

1. Follow the road East to Three Corners.

2. Get Wanted: Redridge Gnolls from the wanted sign.

3. Talk to Darcy Parker, get Franks and Beans.

4. Turn in Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains! to Watch Captain Parker, get Still Assessing the Threat.

5. As you’re doing the next few steps try to collect Tarantula Eyes, Goretusk Kidneys and Condor Giblets from spiders, goretusks and condors on the way.

6. Head North, killing Redridge Gnolls on the way to collect the Gnoll Battle Plans.

7. Head East to the camp where the Gnoll Strategy Guide is.

8. Head Southwest to the camp where the Gnoll Orders are.

9. Head back to Three Corners killing enough Gnolls and Beasts on the way to finish Wanted: Redridge Gnolls and Franks and Beans.

10. Turn in Franks and Beans to Darcy Parker.

11. Go upstairs and turn in Wanted: Redridge Gnolls and Still Assessing the Threat. Get Parker’s Report.

12. Follow the road to Lakeshire.


1. Get Flightpath.

2. Turn in Threat to the Kingdom and Parker’s Reportto Magistrate Solomon, get We Must Prepare!.

3.Get lake Everstill Clean Up from Baliff Conacher.

4. Run into the Inn and set your Hearthstone.

5. Talk to Martie Jainrose, get An Unwelcome Guest.

6. Kill Bellygrub loot Bellygrub’s Tusk.

7. Turn in An Unwelcome Guest.

8. Sell junk, restock, repair.

Jump in the Lake

1. Get Nida’s Necklace from Shawn. He’s on the end of the dock.

2. Jump in and swim around, looking for Glinting Mud. Loot the Mud for Nida’s Necklace.

3. East of the Bridge is a Murloc Village. Kill 10 Murlocs and loot the Gnomecorder.

4. Turn in Nida’s Necklace to Nida.

5. Turn in lake Everstill Clean Up to Baliff Conacher.

6. Turn in We Must Preparte! to Magistrate Solomon, get Tuning the Gnomerecorder.

7. Talk to Marshal Marris, get Like a Fart in the Wind.

Gnolls in the Hills

1. Head to the graveyard on the road, a click-to-complete box will pop-up forTuning the Gnomecorder . Click it. You receive the quest Canyon Romp.

2. Go up the hill and follow the ridge towards Rethban Caverns. Kill Gnolls for Redrisge Gnoll Collars while looting Redridge Supply Crates.

3. A Gnoll will drop a Dirt-Stained Scroll. Use it to start He Who Controls the Ettins.

4. Canyon Romp will auto-complete through the Gnomecorder, you’ll get the follow-up They’ve Wised Up….

5. Press on to Rethban Caverns.

6. Kill Blackrock Overseers until one drops the Blackrock Orc Missive. They’ve Wised Up… will auto-complete, take the follow-up Yowler Must Die!

7. Kill Ardo Dirtpaw, turn in He Who Controls the Ettins, get Saving Foreman Oslow.

8. Go to Yowler’s Camp, Kill Yowler, Loot Blackrock Invasion Plans.

9. There’s 5 Redridge Supply Crates here, grab as many as you still need.

10. Find an Ettin, Use the Ettin Control Orb on him.

11. Run back to town, use the Ettin Control Orb again to save Foreman Oslow.

12. Turn in Saving Foreman Oslow, Like a Fart in the Wind, and Yowler Must Die!

13. Sell junk, restock, repair.

Bravo Company

I personally feel this is one of the coolest quest-chains in the game. If you haven’t watched the Rambo movies, log out and watch them now.

1. Get John J. Keeshan from Colonel Troteman.

2. In the basement of the Inn you’ll find John J. Keeshan. Turn in John J. Keeshan, get This Ain’t My War.

3. Go back to Colonel Troteman, turn in This Ain’t My War, get Weapons of War and In Search of Bravo Company.

4. Get Surveying Equipment from Foreman Oslow.

5. Talk to Marshal Marris, get Render’s Army.

6. Go to Alther’s Mill, you’ll find Messner in a cage. Talk to him to turn in In Search of Bravo Company. get Breaking Out is Hard to Do.

7. Walk to the stump where Messner’s Cage Key is without waking the sleeping Battle Worgs.

8. Go back to Massner, turn in Breaking Out is Hard to Do, get Jorgensen.

9. Kill Murdunk and Homurk to get Keeshan’s Bow and Keeshan’s Survival Knife.

10. Weapons of War will auto-complete, get the follow-up His Heart Must Be In It.

11. Run North towards the Burning Steppes.

12. Kill Utroka the Keymistress for Jorgensen’s Cage Key.

13. Head to Render’s Camp.

14. Turn in Jorgensen to Jorgensen, get Krakauer.

15. Enter the cave, turn right, Kill Ritualist Tarak, turn in Krakauer, get And Last But Not Least… Danforth.

16. From the Blackrock Coffer loot Keeshan’s Jade Amulet and Keeshan’s Red Headband.

17. Follow the stream down to Overlord Babarius. Kill him, loot the Blackrock Level Key. Use the Chain Lever.

18. Turn in And Last But Not Least… Danforth to Danforth, get Return of the Bravo Company.

19. By now you should have killed at least 25 Blackrock Orcs and collected 5 Blackrock Spyglasses. Should this for some reason not be the case kill more Blackrock Trackers until it is so.

20. Hearth back to Lakeshire.

21. Turn in Surveying Equipment to Foreman Oslow.

22. Turn in Quests to NPCs.

23. Turn in Render’s Army to Marshal Marris.

24. Turn in His Heart Must Be In It and Return of the Bravo Company to Colonel Troteman, get They Drew First Blood.

25. Go back to the basement of the Inn, turn in They Drew First Blood to John J. Keeshan, get It’s Never Over. Slightly ironic, ’cause this circuit finally is.

Bravo Company II: A Tale of Fish and Fox Poop

1. Sell junk, restock, repair.

2. You’ll find Bravo Company in a boat just East of the bridge. Get in the boat. Enjoy the ride.

3. When you get to Camp Everstill get the flightpath.

4. Turn in It’s Never Over to John J. Keeshan, get Point of Contact: Brubaker.

5. Get Bravo Company Field Kit: Camoflage from Krakaur.

6. Talk to Messner, get Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform.

7. Get Hunting the Hunters from Danforth.

8. Swim into the lake, kill Muckdwellers until you have 8 Muckdweller Glands.

9. Swim to Shore, in Lakeridge Highway you should find 5 Piles of Leaves, 5 Piles of Fox Poop and 8 Blackrock Hunters. Collect the first two, kill the third.

10. Turn in Point of Contact: Brubaker to Brubaker, get Unspeakable Atrocities.

11. Turn in Unspeakable Atrocities, Hunting the Hunters, Bravo Company Field Kit: Camoflage and Bravo Company Field Kit: Camoflage. Get Prisoners of War.

Bravo Company III: Sneaking into Render’s Valley

1. Activate your Bravo Company Field Kit. Use Camouflage to sneak around, distraction to get past the guards and Chloroform to knock out single guards. Jorgensen will coach you.

2. Go to the cave and loot the Blackrock Holding Pen Key.

3. Work your way over to the POW Holding Pens and release the prisoners. Prisoners of War will auto-complete, accept To Win a War, You Gotta Become War.

4. Work your way to the top of the Blackrock Tower, plant a Seaforium Charge. Jump down and plant another in the Munitions Hut.

5. Make your way to Shalewind Canyon, turn in To Win a War, You Gotta Become War. Get Detonation. Turn in Detonation.

6. Get the flightpath.

Giddy Up!

1. If you made lvl 20 recently (like I did) now might be a good time to fly to Eastvale Logging Camp and get a horse.

2.Fly to Lakeshire.

3. Run to a mailbox, get Riding Training Pamphlet. Click it to start Learn to Ride in Elwynn Forest.

4. Fly to Eastvale Logging Camp.

5. Talk to Randal Hunter, turn in Learn to Ride in Elwynn Forest. Train Apprentice Riding.

6. Buy a horse from Katie Hunter.

7. Fly back to Shalewind Canyon.

Bravo Company IV: In the Valley of the Gnolls

1. Get Shadowhide Extinction from Danforth.

2. Talk to John J. Keeshan, get The Dark Tower.

3. Head North through Galardell Valley killing gnolls on your way to General Fangore. Kill him and take the Key of Ilgalar.

4. The Dark Tower will auto-complete, accept The Grand Magus Doane.

5. Kill gnolls on your way back South to the Tower of Ilgalar, use the Key of Ilgalar to open the ward.

6. At the top of the tower you’ll find Grand Magus Doane. Fight him until he summons his minion, then Kill the Minion of Doane.

7. If you still have Shadowhide Gnolls to kill, kill them not he way back to Shalewind Canyon.

8. Turn in The Grand Magus Doane and Shadowhide Extinction.

Bravo Company V: The Wrath of Keeshan

1. Talk to Colonel Troteman, get AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!.

2. Drive the tank to Keeshan’s Post, if you and Keeshan haven’t killed 200 orcs by then drive around a little more.

3. Turn in AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! to Colonel Troteman, get Showdown at Stonewatch.

3. Lead Bravo Company up the hill. Tharil’zun is there with a pack of Orcs. They cannot stand before the might of Bravo Company. (Kill him).

4. Go through the courtyard past the keep and out the other side. Gath’lizogg is out looking over the valley. Kill him too.

5. Showdown at Stonewatch. will auto-complete, get Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker.

6. Fight Darkblaze to the thrilling conclusion, head back to Keeshan’s Post.

7. Turn in Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker to Colonel Troteman, get Triumphant Return.

8. Hearthstone back to Lakeshire.

9. Turn in Triumphant Return to Magistrate Solomon.

10. Talk to Baliff Conacher, get Hero’s Call: Duskwood!.

11. Ride back to Three Corners and head South into Duskwood.

This concludes my Redridge Mountains Guide!

At this point you should have discovered all of Redridge Mountains, I believe it was 49 quests (at this point of the beta Achievements are slightly wonky, I’ll confirm my count later) and have this one left to turn in:

  • Hero’s Call: Duskwood!

Head South to Duskwood and my next Guide!

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    Nov 28, 2010 @ 4:36 am

    I’m pretty sure the personI’m pretty sure the person who coded this into the addon only got part-way through. So any updates you’ve done would be very welcome!

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    Nov 28, 2010 @ 0:51 am

    Just saw this!I just saw this today after playing it using the addon last night. Just wanted to say its missing a lot of the quest at the end. I added them if you are interested.

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    Sep 5, 2010 @ 21:01 pm

    I will be adding maps &I will be adding maps & pictures!

    But the guide is usable now.

    Actually, if anyone wants to contribute maps & pictures they would be welcome!

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