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Welcome to my Wesfall Guide!

Since experience bonuses can vary greatly I’m just going to list the circuits without level assumptions. If I tell you to train when you have no skills to learn please disregard.

If my directions seem vague please consult your in-game map. Between it showing you where the objectives are and the sparkly lootables I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.

I like to train skills in Goldshire, because the trainers are much closer to the flightpath. If you like to check out the Auction House or just like running around through Stormwind please feel free to do so.

Please post and feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

If you started with my Elwynn Forest Guide you should have these quests completed in your log:

  • Wanted: “Hogger”
  • Furlbrow’s Deed
  • Hero’s Call: Westfall

On we go!

Color Code

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs

The Guide

The Jansen Stead

You enter Westfall at the scene of the crime!


1. Talk to Lieutenant Horatio Lane and turn in Furlbrow’s Deed and Hero’s Call: Westfall. Get Murder Was The Case They Gave Me.

2. Talk to the Homeless Stormwind Citizens and West Plains Drifters in the field until you have obtained all 4 clues.

3. Return to Lieutenant Horatio Lane and turn in Murder Was The Case They Gave Me, get Hot On The Trail: The Riverpaw Clan and Hot On The Trail: Murlocs.

4. Head North and Kill Riverpaw Gnolls until one drops a Riverpaw Gnoll Clue.

5. Go down the hill and kill Murlocs until one drops a Murloc Clue. If you happen to get a Captain Sander’s Map hold onto it for now. If not, don’t sweat it.

6. Return to Lieutenant Horatio Lane and turn in Hot On The Trail: The Riverpaw Clan and Hot On The Trail: Murlocs, get Meet Two-Shoed Lou.

7. Run to Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm.

Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm


1. Talk to Two-Shoed Lou, turn in Meet Two-Shoed Lou, get Livin’ the Life.

2. Get “I TAKE Candle!” from Jimb “Candles” McHannigan.

3. Get Feast or Famine from Mama Celeste.

4. Gather 5 Fresh Dirt and kill 8 coyotes to collect 8 Coyote Tails. Both can be found in the field here.

5. Go to the Jangolode Mine and kill 12 Kobold Diggers as you work your way to the back of it.

6. Use Two-shoed Lou’s Old House at the back of the mine, observe the conversation.

7. Hearthstone back to Goldshire.

8. Turn in Wanted: “Hogger” to Marshal Dughan.

9. Sell junk, repair, restock, train, fly back to Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm.

10. Turn in Feast or Famine, “I TAKE Candle!” and Livin’ the Life. Get Lou’s Parting Thoughts.

11. Go behind the barn and eavesdrop on the Thugs back there.
When they attack you, kill them. Head back to the front of the farm.

12. Talk to Lieutenant Horatio Lane to turn in Lou’s Parting Thoughts.

13. Get Shakedown at the Saldean’s then run to Saldean’s Farm.

Saldean’s Farm


1. Turn in Shakedown at the Saldean’s at Farmer Saldean then get Times Are Tough.

2. Go in side and get Westfall Stew from Salma Saldean.

3. In the field loot 6 Okra while killing 10 Harvest Watchers.

4. One of the Harvest Watchers will drop a Harvest Watcher Heart. Click it to get Heart of the Watcher.

5. Go to Farmer Saldean, turn in Times Are Tough and Heart of the Watcher, get It’s Alive!.

6. Head to the Molsen Farm killing Goretusks and Fleshrippers until you have 6 Goretusk Flank and 6 Stringy Fleshripper Meat.

7. Find a Overloaded Harvest Golem and use the Harvest Watcher Heart.

8. Use Reaping Blows (1) to get a bunch of Energized Harvest Reapers following you, then use Rocket Boost (2) to knock them down. Repeat until you’ve killed 25.

9. Return to Saldean’s Farm. A Rocket Boost will get you most of the way there.

10. Turn in Westfall Stew and It’s Alive!.

11. Get You Have Our Thanks from Farmer Saldean and turn it in to Salma Saldean. Get Hope for the People.

12. Head to Sentinel Hill.

Sentinel Hill


1. Get Flightpath, set Hearthstone, Sell junk, repair, restock.

2. Turn in Hope for the People to NPCs, get Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless.

3. Talk to Captain Danuvin, get The Westfall Brigade.

4. Get In Defense of Westfall from Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.

5. Kill 12 Gnolls. If none of them dropped Gnoll Attack Orders kill some more.

6. Time to go feed some homeless. There are higher concentrations of them at the main road, so you can complete the quest with fewer pots of Westfall Stew.

7. Go back and turn in Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless, The Westfall Brigade and In Defense of Westfall.

8. If you need/want to train skills fly back to Goldshire, train, sell junk, repair, restock.

Westfall Lighthouse and Environs


This circuit is optional. It’s 8 quests, approximately 16,300 experience, 5 area discoveries, and a goodly amount of running around. I’ve placed it at this point of the guide to allow optimal use of the Hearthstone so make sure you have it set to Sentinal Hill.
If you just want to continue with the storyline of the zone skip ahead to the next section.

1. Run to Moonbrook. Get Flightpath.

2. Run to Westfall Lighthouse.

3. Turn in The Legend of Captain Grayson to Captain Grayson, get The Coast Isn’t Clear, Keeper of the Flame and Coastal Menace.

4. Kill Murloc Tideseekers & Oracles until one drops Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map. It shouldn’t take long. Use it to start Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure.

5. If you haven’t yet, kill Old Murk-Eye

6. Head North to the Captain’s Footlocker killing Murlocs on the way.

7. At the Footlocker turn in Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure and pick up the followup Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure.

8. Head Slightly North then East and go up the hill. If you run between Gold Coast Quarry and Alexston Farmstead you can discover both while pulling mobs from neither.

9. At the Broken Barrel turn in Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure and pick up the followup Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure.


10. Head North into the Raging Chasm and kill Chasm Slime until you have 5 Chasm Ooze.

11. At the Old Jug turn in Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure and pick up the followup Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure.

12. Swiim out to the island where you can turn in Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure.

13. Hearth back to Sentinel Hill. Sell junk, restock, repair.

We’ll turn in the 3 lighthouse quests in just a bit!

The Dust Plains


1. Get Jango Spothide from Captain Danuvin.

2. Talk to Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle and get Find Agent Kearnen.

3. Head South to The Dust Plains.

4. Kill 5 Riverpaw Mystics, 5 Riverpaw Taskmasters and Jango Spothide. Jango’s in the ruins of a small building.

5. Turn in Find Agent Kearnen to Agent Kearnen, get Secrets of the Tower.

6. Agent Kearnen will headshot the elites at the tower as you engage them. Enter the tower, use the Potion of Shrouding.

7. Head to the top of the tower, listen to the conversation, head back to Agent Kearnen.

8. Turn in Secrets of the Tower, get Big Trouble in Moonbrook.

9. Run back to Sentinel Hill, make sure you cut through The Dead Acre if you want the discovery.

10. Turn in Big Trouble in Moonbrook to Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle, get To Moonbrook!

11. Turn in Jango Spothide to Captain Danuvin, get Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains!.

12. Fly to train if needed, sell junk, restock, repair.

To Moonbrook!

1. Fly to Moonbrook.

2, Turn in To Moonbrook to Captain Alpert, get Propaganda.

3. Go into the first building on the right (Schoolhouse?) Where you’ll find Mysterious Propaganda and an Information Pamphlet.

4. You’ll find an Issue of the Moonbrook TImes by the fountain.

5. A Red Bandana off of a Moonbrook Thug will start Evidence Collection.

6. The Secret Journal is upstairs in the Inn. Northern-most room.

7. There are more Thugs behind the Foundry, kill them until you get 6 Red Bandanas.

8. If you run up the hill a little bit you’ll discover The Dagger Hills.

9. If you did the optional circuit now is a good time to run back to Captain Grayson to turn in The Coast Isn’t Clear, Keeper of the Flame and Coastal Menace.

10. Return to Captain Alpert, turn in Evidence Collection and Propaganda, get The Dawning of a New Day.

11. Go to the rally in Moonbrook. Listen to the Shadowy Figure until The Dawning of a New Day is complete (The crowd will cheer.)

12. Turn in The Dawning of a New Day to Captain Alpert, get Secrets Revealed.

13.Turn in Secrets Revealed to Thoralius The Wise, get A Vision of the Past.

14. Run down through the Deadmines, follow the trail of homeless people, enter the instance, use the Incense Burner, enjoy the show.

15. Hearthstone back to Sentinel Hill.

Rise of the Brootherhood

1. Turn in A Vision of the Past to Marshal Gyran Stoutmantle, get Rise of the Brotherhood.

2. Watch the phased cutscene, When Stoutmantle tells you to go to Stormwind, fly to Stormwind.

3. Turn in Rise of the Brotherhood to King Varian Wrynn (he’s in Stormwind Keep), get Return to Sentinel Hill.

4. Fly back to Sentinel Hill. The King said to. Stop to train first if you need to.

5. Talk to NPCs, turn in Return to Sentinel Hill, get Threat to the Kingdom.

6. Fly to Eastvale Logging Camp.

This concludes my Westfall Guide!

At this point you should have discovered all of Westfall, completed 43 quests and have these 2 left to turn in:

  • Threat to the Kingdom
  • Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountain

Head East to Redridge Mountain and my next Guide!

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    Feb 22, 2011 @ 20:13 pm

    Training   Training can now be done at the Sentinel Hill Inn (but only for Classes that a Human can get) minus the Deathknight of course Great guide …next time I’ll find where i can add my own posted comments

  • img
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 22:16 pm

    went trough the guideI just went trough your guide and there was 2 things missing from the guide.
    The first step in the optional circuit should be picking up The legend of captain grayson so you can turn it in when you come to step 3.
    The other one is the first step in the to moonbrook! section
    The players who didn’t follow the optional circuit can’t fly to moonbrook so you might want to add that they need to run over there and get the flight path.
    Other then that great guide.

  • img
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 21:50 pm

    I do plan to get maps & picsMaps & pics added!

  • img
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 0:06 am

    Looks promising guide wise,Looks promising guide wise, however the format (to me) is not how guides usually are.

    No maps, and pretty much no visuals at all, however I do not know if that is being worked on or not, so I will not assume the worst.

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