Must-Try Elden Ring Mods to Boost Your Gameplay


In recent times, Elden Ring has really embraced mods, and the fan community is having a lot of fun finding ways to improve different aspects of the game. Some are basic and simple but make genuine improvements to the interface. Others enhance graphics, textures and effects. And the most ambitious can introduce an entirely new gameplay mechanic.

In this post, we’re going to share our selection of the best Elden Ring mods. Even if you’re new to modding or new to the game, we highly recommend that you give them a try!

Credit: Bandai Namco

Our Favourite Mods

We’ve chosen our 10 favourite Elden Ring mods based on a number of criteria (which are summarised below). Whatever style of player you are, and no matter how experienced with modding you are, we’re sure that there’ll be something that can enhance your gameplay experience:


Mod Why It’s Great
Disable Rune Loss on Death As seasoned players will already know, Elden Ring can be a harsh and unforgiving game. One of the main examples of this is that when a player dies, they lose the precious runes which they have worked hard dispatching enemies to earn!

This mod does what it says on the tin; it enables players to keep their runes after dying, making the gameplay experience just a little less punishing.

Seamless Co-op Elden Ring is by no means an easy game, which is why the built-in co-op feature is so valuable. It enables you to temporarily summon a friend to assist you on quests.

This mod, however, prevents your companion from being banished back to their own realm once the player dies. With Seamless Co-op, you can summon up to 5 friends to journey with you without worrying about them being disconnected.

Convergence This one is so substantial that it’s more of a huge patch than a mod. It rebalances the game significantly, introducing new spells, adjusting boss powers, and adding new gear (and, of course, weapons), making for a whole new experience.

It also adds new locations with a new fast-travel system based on portals, enabling you to move across the map with greater speed and convenience,

Skip Intro Logo This is super straightforward. Sometimes a gamer just wants to get to the game, right?! Well, with this mod, you won’t have to sit through the company logos each time you boot the game up.

Not only does this save having to look at the same images over and over – which can be highly annoying – but it can also save quite a lot of time in the long run.

Grand Merchant This mod enables you to purchase all in-game items from the Merchant Kale NPC in Limgrave, which is found at the Church of Elleh, rather than having to seek out the individual nomadic merchants scattered through the Lands Between. This mod should prove incredibly helpful to loot lovers!
PS4 and PS5 Controller UI This one is specifically for players who are using a PlayStation controller and who are tired of receiving prompts which refer to Xbox controllers. This mod simply adjusts the user interface to match the controller you are using.
Ultrawide Fixes This is another aesthetic mod for those who want to get the best visual experience possible. Some monitors use an aspect ratio of 21:9 or higher, which the vanilla version of Elden Ring isn’t equipped to utilise.

The Ultrawide Fixes mod makes the best of all your screen real estate, removing those pesky black bars from the edge of your display.

Ranged Weapons Overhaul Sadly, ranged weapons have always taken a backseat in Elden Ring, relegating them to ‘secondary weapon’ status. This is fine for most, but there are some players who like to play archers.

The Ranged Weapons Overhaul Mod enables you to equip all long-ranged weapons (not just bows and crossbows) as primary weapons. It also manages to do this without allowing them to become too overpowered.

Sorceries Magic Overhaul Similar to the ranged weapons overhaul, this mod should appeal to those who like the sorceries but find them to be underpowered and that they consume too much mana. It essentially rebalances these spells to make them more attractive and more in line with the other existing spells in the game.
FPS Unlocker Mod Many players like their games to look as good as they can, especially when running them on a powerful rig. However, the vanilla/native version of Elden Ring has a cap on its frame rate, meaning that you’re unable to achieve a higher FPS than 60, even with a great computer.

This is where the FPS Unlocker Mod comes in. This mod raises the cap substantially, enabling players to game at up to 240 FPS, which is perfect for those with beefy GPUs and fast monitors.


Credit: Bandai Namco

Our Mod Selection Criteria

There are a few things which we’ve considered when making our selections for this list. If you want to know what informed our choices, keep reading:

  • Variety. We want there to be something for everyone on our list of the top Elden Ring mods, so we’ve included a range of UI improvements, overhauls and mechanics mods.
  • Availability. All of the mods on this page are easy to find, mainly at NexusMods.
  • Usability. None of the mods we have featured are too complicated to install, and they should all function in harmony, so you can install and enjoy as many or as few as you wish.
  • Ratings. We’ve factored in the ratings and opinions of gamers who have plenty of hands-on experience with these mods.

How Do I Use Elden Ring Mods?

There are a few different ways to install mods, and different modifications have different requirements concerning their installation process. Be sure to back up your save file first, as some mods can corrupt data. The actual process may vary from one mod to the next, but there are two main ways to do this – with or without Elden Mod Loader. Let’s take a look at the overall processes.

Using Elden Mod Loader

This is the recommended method for most of the mods listed above, and it involves using the specially designed Elden Mod Loader program to install your mods with ease.


  • First of all, download Elden Mod Loader here and follow the instructions on the page to install it in your game directory.
  • Download your chosen mods. The most popular destination for downloading mods and interacting with the modding community is NexusMods.
  • Toggle off the ‘anti cheat’ option, boot up the game, and enjoy the automatic mod loading!

Using Manual Installation

The best way to install mods is with the dedicated mod loader, but in case you run into trouble using that method, here’s how you can do it manually:

  • Toggle off ‘anti cheat’ and set the game to ‘offline’.
  • Download your chosen mods from NexusMods – they have a huge range!
  • Add the mod file to your install directory (drag and drop it from your downloads folder; you may need to extract it first if the folder is zipped).
  • Set it back to ‘online’ and reboot. Your mods should be loaded now.

Is There a Mod to Make Elden Ring Easier?

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To Conclude

Elden Ring supports some excellent mods, and the fan community (particularly at NexusMods) has found plenty of insightful and ingenious ways to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re new to modifications or a seasoned modder yourself, there’s bound to be something on our list which can improve Elden Ring for you.

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