[Paladin] Leveling – Talents and Tips – (1-80)


(Firstly, I would like to thank Trollvink for his fantastic Shaman levelling guide which inspired me to create this guide. You my notice our guides are similar, thats because he’s doing things well!)


For patch 3.0+, focus’d on PALADIN solo game play!

Table of content:

1. Foreword.
2. What’s the best levelling spec?
3. Talents.
4. Abilities and Rotations.
5. Tips.
6. Stats.
7. Gear.
8. Class Quests.
9. Glyphs.
10. Addons.

1. Foreword

I intend to show you in this guide, the best talents for leveling and what spells to use when pewpewing. I want to give you some useful tips, so you know how to play your paladin to a better standard. I want to give you information about what you need to look for with your gear and to explain your class quests. As well as some useful enchants and glyphs; as well as any addons which will be useful to you.

Before you start I do recomend if you are new to the Paladin class you check out Harper1990’s guide to starting a new paladin.

2. What’s the best leveling spec?

The best leveling spec for the paladin is Retribution. This is because it has a high damage output, while having a minimal mana usage (you have less downtime.)

Many would argue that that protection is a good way to level, and I couldn’t disagree with them, however it is only exceptional when you are leveling with a partner (Healer/Mage) as it allows you to take a large amount of mobs once.

For this reason I’m going to write this guide about Retribution as it is the best choice of spec for solo leveling, which is what this guide is about. I will however, give you a good choice of talents for leveling as protection so you have a good idea of what you are doing (I leveled my paladin from 40-65 as a protection paladin.) I will not however give you much more information above that, unless there is a call for it.

3. Talents

A – Retribution

Level 10-14:
5/5 Benediction

Level 15-16:
2/2 Improved Judgement

Level 17-19:
3/3 Heart of the Crusader

Level 20:
1/1 Seal of Command

Level 21-22:
2/2 Pursuit of Justice

Level 23-27:
5/5 Conviction

Level 28-30:
3/3 Crusade

Level 31-33:
3/3 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization

Level 34-36:
3/3 Sanctified Seals

Level 37-39:
3/3 Vengeance

Level 40:
1/1 Repentance

Level 41-43:
3/3 Judgements of the Wise

Level 44-45:
2/2 The Art of War

Level 46-49:
4/5 Fanaticism (Only 4)

Level 50:
1/1 Crusader Strike

Level 51:
5/5 Fanaticism

Level 52-54:
3/3 Sheath of Light

Level 55-59:
5/5 Righteous Vengeance

Level 60:
1/1 Divine Storm

Level 61-62:
2/2 Sanctified Wrath

Level 63-65:
3/3 Swift Retribution

Level 66-70:
5/5 Divine Strength

Level 71:
1/1 Sanctified Retribution

Level 72-73:
2/2 Improved Blessing of Might

Level 74-75:
2/2 Improved Retribution Aura

Level 76-80:
5/5 Spirtiual Focus

>Talent Calcultor<

B – Protection

Level 10-14:
5/5 Divine Strength

Level 15-19:
5/5 Aticipation

Level 20-22:
3/3 Improved Righteous Fury

Level 22-27:
5/5 Toughness

Level 27-29:
2/2 Gaurdian’s Favour

Level 30:
1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary

Level 31-35:
5/5 Reckoning

Level 36-37:
2/2 Sacred Duty

Level 37-39:
2/5 One-Handed Weapon Specialization (Only 2)

Level 40:
1/1 Holy Sheild

Level 41-43:
5/5 One-Handed Weapon Specialization

Level 44:
1/5 Ardent Defender (Only 1)

Level 45-47:
3/3 Redoubt

Level 47-50:
3/3 Combat Expertise

Level 51-53:
3/3 Touched by the Light

Level 54:
1/1 Avenger’s Shield

Level 55-57:
3/3 Shield of the Templar

Level 58-59:
3/5 Ardent Defender (Only 3)

Level 60:
1/1 Hammmer of Righteous

Level 61-62:
5/5 Ardent Defender

Level 63-64:
2/2 Guarded by the Light

Level 65-69:
5/5 Benediction

Level 70-71:
2/2 Improved Judgements

Level 72-74:
3/3 Heart of the Crusade

I’ll leave the last 6 points for you to choose. There is a few different directions you could go from here, such as going for Blessing of Kings for instances.

>Talent Calculator<

4. Abilities and Rotations

Always take the slowest 2 handed weapon available

1 – 9:

– Start by ‘turning on’ your first seal, Devotion Aura.
– When fighting keep up Seal of Righteousness.
– When you get Blessing of Might, once again keep it up at all times.
– When you get Judgement of Light, use when ever available.
– Take the best DPS weapon you can 1H with Shield or 2H. (A this stage the slow weapon is not too important.)

Rotation: Auto attack + JoL when possible. Make sure Devotion Aura is ‘turned on.’ Keep the Blessing of Might and Seal of Righteousness Buff on yourself.

10 – 19:

– Same as above but:
– When you get Judgement of Wisdom, start using instead of Light. (This helps keep your mana up)
– When you get Retribution Aura, ‘turn it on’ instead of Devotion Aura.
– Start looking for a slow 2 handed weapon, so you have one for level 20. (Remember you can train other weapon skills, so if you find a good 2H Axe, Mace or Sword you may not have the skill as base but you can train them in cities. You can also use Polearms when you hit level 20.)

Rotation: Auto attack + JoW when possible. Make sure Retribution Aura is ‘turned on.’ Keep the Blessing of Might and Seal of Righteousness Buff on yourself.

20 – 39

– Same as above but:
– When you get Seal of Command, keep it up when fighting.
– If fighting more that 2 mobs use Consecration.
– Make sure you are now using that slow 2H weapon.

Rotation: Auto attack + JoW when possible. When you are fighting more than 2 mobs use Consecration. Make sure Retribution Aura is ‘turned on.’ Keep the Blessing of Might and Seal of Command Buff on yourself.

40 – 49

– Same as above but:
– When you get Hammer of Wrath, use it when the mob has less than 20% HP. Your finishing move!

Rotation: Auto attack + JoW when possible. Use HoW when the mob has less than 20% HP. When you are fighting more than 2 mobs use Consecration. Make sure Retribution Aura is ‘turned on.’ Keep the Blessing of Might and Seal of Command Buff on yourself.

This may seem boring spending all these levels doing basically the same thing, but you’ve got a nice little surprise coming your way!

50 – 59.

– Same as above but:
– When you get Crusader Strike, use it when ever it is up! (This is an extra attack that also does slightly higher damage.)

Rotation: Auto attack; JoW and CS when possible. Use HoW when the mob has less than 20% HP. When you are fighting more than 2 mobs use Consecration. Make sure Retribution Aura is ‘turned on.’ Keep the Blessing of Might and Seal of Command Buff on yourself.

60 – 80.

– Same as above but:
– When you get Divine Storm, use it when ever it’s up! (The same as Warrior’s Whirlwind, but it also heals you.)
– When you get Divine Plea, use it when you are low on mana.

Rotation: Auto attack; JoW, DS and CS when possible. Use HoW when the mob has less than 20% HP. When you are fighting more than 2 mobs use Consecration. Make sure Retribution Aura is ‘turned on.’ Keep the Blessing of Might and Seal of Command Buff on yourself. Use Divine Plea, when low on mana.

5. Tips

– Learn your Resistance Auras. Some bosses do a hell of alot of damage from a school of magic you can protect against.
– Remember to buff other party members with your Blessings. Also give the approprite buff: don’t give a Warlock BoM, like-wise don’t give a Warrior BoW.
– When healing use BoW on your self. This way you will regain the mana quicker as heals cost a large amount.

– Just heal yourself with Flash of Light whenever you need to heal. (Helped with by the The Art of War talent, which will give you instant flash of light heals after doing Crits with your moves.)
– Bandages help as well, use this if you have the feeling you are using to much mana (to heal).
– There a few oh**** methods when you can use to protect your self when you are low on health. You could:
– Use Hammer of Justice and then use a Heal.
– Use Repentence (once gained through talents) and then use a Heal.
– Use Divine Protection and then use a heal; or quickly kill the target if it is on low health then heal up.

– The best options are Skinning/Mining, they make lots of money, skinning gives critical strike rating and mining gives health (this little bonus was added in patch 3.0). These bonuses are small and not needed at all, there just a good choice. (Well said Trollvink!)

6. Stats

In the following order: Strength > Stamina > Intellect > Agility > Mp5 .
( Strength > Stamina means Strength is greater than Stamina, sorry if this seems obvious but I always get confused. )

Strength: Needed for Attack Power.

Stamina: Needed for health.

Intellect: Needed for mana, also gives spell critical strike chance. Needed for the heals and other spells.

Agility: Needed for Critical strike chance, also gives armor.

Mana Per 5 Seconds
: You won’t see this alot until outland, and that is probabbly the only place you’ll need it as in Notherend you’ll be using divne plea for mana.

7. Gear.

Weapons & Shield’s

I’ve chosen these weapons based on their DPS and Weapon Speed!

10 – 20:
Lvl 18 – 2H – Smite’s Mighty Hammer

20 – 30:
Lvl 22 – 2H – Strike of the Hydra
Lvl 27 – 2H – Corpsemaker

30 – 40:
Lvl 37 – 2H – Ravager (I was reading throught the comments on Wowhead about this axe. You need to watch out if you are doing an instance that you don’t break CC with this axes proc. Perhaps use a different axe in instances.)

40 – 50:
[Change to come]

50 – 60:
Lvl 51 – 2H – Ice Barbed Spear (Very hawt spear, all you have to do to get it is win an AV!)

60 – 80:
Your choices here are really linear, you will be given a really nice 2H all the way to 80.

8. Class Quests

You will gain a few quests specific to your own class, in your carrer as a paladin. I recomend you to do this, especially the level 12 quest for getting your resurection spell. I’m not going to give you much information about them however I will link you to Wowhead’s page on paladin’s quests. The comments and information over there will help you through!
Oh and remember you can now train your Charger mount, instead of having to do the long quest chain as long as you have 150 riding skill.

9. Glyph’s

Glyph’s…? Have a look here.

Click here for a list of Paladin glyphs.

The following glyph’s are a good choice for retribution:

Major – Glyph of Judgement
Major – Glyph of Seal of Command
Major – Glyph of Crusader Strike
Major – Glyph of Hammer of Wrath

Minor – Glyph of Blessing of Might
Unfortuently there is nothing else currently worth speanding your hard earned gold on. Get on it Blizzard!

10. Addons

I currently can’t think of any essential Paladin add-ons, if you have ideas please say!

Special Thanks to:
Trollvik for creating the guide which I have semi-based this one off. Your style and formatting is fantastic. You are 100% awesome!
Jame for his awesome leveling guides and guide creation guide! Also for creating an awesome website like!

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    Déc 17, 2008 @ 6:53

    Lovely guide

    I’ve got anLovely guide 🙂

    I’ve got an suggestion for the add-on section:

    [url=]Tank Warnings[/url]

    It shows when a taunt or anything similar is resisted or when a special mitigation ability is activated.

  • img
    Déc 17, 2008 @ 8:52

    Really awesome work Irwezsh!Really awesome work Irwezsh! Looks like we’ve got another great guide writer in our ranks now 😉

    I fixed a few typos, hope you don’t mind.


    1. Add more wowhead tooltips when describing rotations.
    2. In the Stats section, should probably add hit rating and crit rating somewhere.

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    Déc 17, 2008 @ 10:19

    Nice guide, this will helpNice guide, this will help me level my palain.
    I have a suggestion for an addon, but i guess it’s more fore raiding. It’s called Pallypower, makes buffing easier. I don’t know if you really need it, but it’s been alot of discussion in my guild, so i guess it’s good for something.

  • img
    Déc 17, 2008 @ 13:46

    Just a little thing aboutJust a little thing about the battle rotations, I find Judgement of Light better than Wisdom at least until you start getting your instant attacks (Hammer of Wrath, Crusader Strike, etc) because unless you go really hog wild with mana (using Consecration every time it’s up, and so on) you shouldn’t run into mana problems.

    Also, (Major) Glyph of Hammer of Wrath is getting a nice change in the next patch (reduces mana cost of HoW by 100%) so it might be worth considering as well, at least after you get Seal of Blood/the Martyr to replace Command.

    Lastly, Ravager only requires level 37, not 42, so it could fit nicely into that 30-40 gap you have. That does create a 40-50 gap, but Archaedas in Uldaman drops a nice sword and mace for that range. EDIT: If you can get ahold of a Demons Deck in the AH (either the deck itself or the cards to make it) the reward is a nice 2-handed axe.

  • img
    Déc 17, 2008 @ 15:53

    Love the tiips on when to place talentsAs a relatively new player, I’ve been frustrated so many times when someone posts a build to use while leveling but doesn’t give advice on when to place the talents! Thanks for giving good advice.

  • img
    Déc 17, 2008 @ 22:40

    At first I was like, “awww,At first I was like, “awww, retribution….” – then I saw you included prot talents as well and I was very excited! I am currently leveling a prot pally (I’m leveling with another person) and I plan to have a more in-depth look at your guide and use it for that. Thanks very much for writing it!

    One random note to add to your “oh crap” buttons – Lay on Hands is great if you need a big heal and are out of mana!

    [b]Edit:[/b] One extra note – your guide might be improved with a linking table of contents. See my [url=]Creating a Table of Contents[/url] guide to see how to do that!

    • img
      Déc 17, 2008 @ 23:57

      YeahI hope to eventually create a guide for protection and holy leveling. Eventually creating a really in-depth guide to playing all aspects of the paladin class.
      For now I’ve created a list of feed back and I’m going to start making the changes that I think are relevant. Hopefully will get it finished tomorrow-ish…

  • img
    Déc 18, 2008 @ 0:32

    Just skimmed through youJust skimmed through you guide. Great job.

    Comment me on my blog.

  • img
    Déc 18, 2008 @ 10:34

    Great guide. If I’d readGreat guide. If I’d read this when I first started, it would’ve saved me a lot of grief.

    For the missing minor Glyphs, I’d recommend Glyph of Lay on Hands and Glyph of Sense Undead. Out of all of the minors, they’re the most useful for Retribution Palidins in my opinion.

    Also, about your rotations. In my experience it’s better to use Seal of Blood (I think the Alliance counterpart is called Seal of the Martyr) and Judgment of Light. I do more damage overall than with Seal of Command and Judgment of Wisdom and I haven’t noticed a difference in downtime, although in instances, it’s better to use Judgment of wisdom since it means less threat and more mana from Spiritual Attunement (athe damage healed by Judgment of Light doesn’t count towards activate this).

    P.S. Needs more cowbell.

  • img
    Déc 19, 2008 @ 20:18

    Just a little typo:Just a little typo:

    [quote]I’m not going to give you much information about them however I will link you to [url='s page on paladin’s quests[/url].[/quote]

    You have a space after “[url=”, which shouldn’t be there 🙂

    Except from that; great job!

  • img
    Déc 27, 2008 @ 22:34

    WeaponFor the Blood Elf Paladins you can pick up from the Provisioner outside the inn in Tranquillien. You only have to be level 10 and it should last you for pretty much all of your leveling in Ghostlands. You don’t even need that much rep with them to get it.

  • img
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 10:24

    Thanks, haha.Hai there,

    I don’t mind using my format style, haha. Had quite a laugh reading you used it 😛

    Anyway, nice guide, good formatting (Had to say that! xP) but you could add some more links, I know I have to do that too, but it’s just a little thing you might want to add


    • img
      Jan 16, 2009 @ 10:38

      Few things I noticedA few things I noticed though were:

      [quote]30 – 40:
      Lvl 37 – 2H – Ravager (I was reading throught the comments on Wowhead about this axe. You need to watch out if you are doing an instance that you don’t break CC with this axes proc. Perhaps use a different axe in instances.)[/quote]

      You can cancel the whirwind-buff by right clicking it.


      [quote]The best options are Skinning/Mining, they make lots of money, skinning gives critical strike rating and mining gives health[/quote]

      As a paladin, you might want to list blacksmithing here and show some armor and weapons you can make at level 80.


      [quote]If fighting more [b]that[/b] 2 mobs use Consecration[/quote]

      ‘That’ should be ‘then’, I guess.


      Also, you might want to change the text in ‘1. Foreword’ and ‘2. What’s the best leveling spec?’ into more subparagraphs. Now it seems a bit of a ‘Wall of text’ (This is mainly because of the adds and other things of WoW-pro which makes it very small).


  • img
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 21:19

    Quote:Level 28-30:
    3/3[quote]Level 28-30:
    3/3 Crusade

    Level 31-33:
    3/3 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization

    Level 34-36:
    3/3 Sanctified Seals[/quote]

    Why not switch Crusade with Sanctified Seals? More crit is better in my opinion.

  • img
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 23:06

    “Do you dream of madness as“Do you dream of madness as you sleep or of me”

    In the 2. What’s the best leveling spec? there is an error in typing : would argue that that protection is a good way to level, and I couldn’t disagree.

    Just thought I’d point that out. Good stuff though. 🙂

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    Jan 30, 2009 @ 13:10

    Verigan’s Fist!First of all, this is a very good guide. I find it helpful. I have anyway a question about weapons: isn’t Verigan’s Fist ( an obvious choicee as weapon? I don’t know if there is still the quest to do (almost 2 years passed since I had an high-level paladin) but I remember that it was the best weapon until level 40 when I got Mograine’s Might (!

    • img
      Fév 3, 2009 @ 4:05

      Yes, Verigan’s Fist has Yes, [url=]Verigan’s Fist[/url] has the same quest and is just as [b]overpowered[/b] as it always was. I had it for 15 levels and still managed to [i]3 or 4 shot mobs![/i]

      Also, I thought I’d add that you say to use [url=]JoW [/url]when you get it – however, I think this is a bad idea. First off, it procs very little, and secondly, [url=]JoL [/url]means that you gain enough health to hardly ever heal, offsetting the mana cost you would use healing with [url=]JoW [/url]up 🙂

      “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
      …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Fév 3, 2009 @ 11:04

    Very nice guide but i wasVery nice guide but i was wondering how i get the Ice Barbed Spear

    • img
      Fév 18, 2009 @ 5:07

      Look at the comments here.Look at the comments [url=]here[/url]. You basically get it by doing a quest right outside of Tarren Mill.

    • img
      Fév 22, 2009 @ 10:06

      You have to win one AlteracYou have to win one Alterac Valley 🙂 It seems easy, but it is not easy… at least on my battelgroup! In the 50s there are no hordies, I tried to get that on my feral druid but every match was like 15 VS 40… Anyway.

      If you are horde, fly to Tarren Mill, mount up and ride north. As soon as you enter Alterac Valley “the area”, head to the AV champ (should be somewhere to the south-east). There you’ll se some npc with quests, the one you have to take is the one already linked in the comments, so just search wowhead for the co-ords. The spear is very good for almost every calss that can use polearms, and I would suggest it to anyone on the alliance side ^^

  • img
    Fév 18, 2009 @ 19:10

    Good guideVery nice guide and tips. However, i disagree on you on a few points. Get Judgements of the Wise ASAP! It is much more usefull than Art of War. It gives you pretty much infinite mana as long as youre fighting 1 maybe 2 mobs at a time. Judgement of Wisdom isnt really needed, especially once you get Judgements of the Wise. Judgement of Light usually kept my health at full or near full anyway. The only time i was running out of mana were the few levels before judgements of the wise, and switching to blessing of wisdom for a while got my mana back up. I found Hammer of Wrath to be a waste of mana as it was usually overkill and cost a lot compared to using another judgement and getting back mana.

    Overall a good set of tips. 🙂

    • img
      Fév 19, 2009 @ 11:47

      I agree with using JudgmentI agree with using Judgment of Light instead of JoW. I’ve just tried it while writing the leveling addon and it’s true, JoL keeps my HP up and I’m almost always full mana, and it also is more DPS than JoW.

      I can’t comment on getting Judgements of the Wise before Art of War, as I’m not there yet with my new paladin. But it does sound like a good choice on paper.

      Consider making a revision to your amazing guide, Irwezsh 🙂

      • img
        Fév 23, 2009 @ 4:21

        With my level 40 pally IWith my level 40 pally I just switched to Judgment of Light instead of JoW, and I have to say I agree with Jame and the above poster. I haven’t played a lot yet this way but I seem to never loose either health OR mana. It’s wonderful!

        • img
          Fév 23, 2009 @ 16:17

          Already made the change.Already made the change. Thanks for the feed back folks.

        • img
          Mai 14, 2009 @ 17:26

          JoW > JoL Hey, I know that this is a long time after this was posted, but I agree with the guide on which judgement to use. I have a paladin, at level 66, and I go “oom” a LOT! So I use judgement of wisdom, if I need healing, then I just use the instant Flash of Light thanks to the art of war effect 🙂

          • img
            Mai 14, 2009 @ 18:15

            You’re probably right, JoWYou’re probably right, JoW is most likely better at higher levels (like 60+). But in my experience JoL is better in the lower levels, at least it has been the case for me until level 30-40 so far.

            • img
              Mai 14, 2009 @ 22:42

              Agreed! I use JoL up untilAgreed! I use JoL up until around level 60, then switched to JoW and have been using that ever since.

    • img
      Mar 2, 2009 @ 1:41

      Throw my 2 cents inThrow my 2 cents in here..

      I’ve just got done leveling a human Pally and am working on a BE Pally now. I’ve used JoL on both and never had any mana issues to speak of. Once you get replenishment, it’s almost too easy. I normally finish fights with at or near 100% in both health and mana. So… throwing in my support for JoL over JoW usage. JoW is what you would normally use for prot AoE grinding though.

      • img
        Mar 4, 2009 @ 17:31

        I am going to haveI am going to have investigation into this. I belive you and the other guys are correct. Just want to check it out first.

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    Fév 26, 2009 @ 1:46

    great guideHi, this is a great guide. One question, which 3 of the 4 major glyphs do you recommend, and in what order?

  • img
    Mar 4, 2009 @ 10:09

    A couple more weapon suggestionsBelow are some craftable weapons that I think fit with your item suggestions above. While not as good as the blues you listed, they are BoE and good for those who are skippign instances.

    Lvl 26 – 2H – [url=][color=green]Solid Iron Maul[/color][/url]
    Lvl 32 – 2H – [url=][color=green]Massive Iron Axe[/color][/url]
    Lvl 35 – 2H – [url=][color=green]Frost Tiger Blade[/color][/url]
    Lvl 47 – 2H – [url=][color=blue]Truesilver Champion[/color][/url]
    Lvl 50 – 2H – [url=][color=blue]Dark Iron Pulverizer[/color][/url]
    Lvl 51 – 2H – [url=][color=green]Huge Thorium Battleaxe[/color][/url]

    There are some others past this point, but the mat costs are so outrageous that I didn’t think they should be included, since you’ll replace them within 3 levels of going to outland. I also didn’t include the BoP crafted items, but there are some really nice ones. I hope this helps.

    • img
      Avr 16, 2009 @ 6:52

      Was about to suggestWas about to suggest something similar. Most levelers do little to no intances unless they are on a fresh server or have a handful of friends, or getting run throughs. I would suggest to anyone to look for some good BoE 2H, and to replace them every 5 lvls or so, that means don’t spend more gold than you care to waste for 5 lvls.

      A good Lvl 21 – 2H – Killmaim –

      all i want in life is to be happy!

  • img
    Avr 9, 2009 @ 2:10

    Just want 2 say forJust want 2 say for rotations i find seal of wisdom is also a good way of cutting downtime 2 a minimum

  • img
    Avr 27, 2009 @ 20:36

    Glyph of DivinityGlyph of Divinity (Major glyph)
    Glyph of Lay on Hands (Minor glyph)

    having both of those is great. Since divinity grants double the mana gain, and lay on hands grants you as much as the target. (Target self = 4x mana back = full mana)

    great glyphs for solo’ing. Really helps during elite boss mobs.

  • img
    Mai 19, 2009 @ 17:36

    Some useful glyphsAnother useful glyph during raids would be Glyph of Avenging Wrath, Why? Well, along with Glyph of Hammer of Wrath, this is a must have in raids. It reduces your cooldown of HoW by 3 seconds when Avenging Wrath is active, which means that you will be casting a HoW every 3 seconds, with an increased 20% damage from the Avenging Wrath buff, imagine that on Thaddius 25 man, the dps you would be doing 😀 I know this isn’t intended for raids… but still! 🙂

    Your rotation would be something like HoW – CS – HoW – DS – HoW – Judge, etc 🙂

  • img
    Mai 26, 2009 @ 18:55

    Talents?This is a really nice guide for people leveling a paladin! Good job!

    However, someone should’ve updated the talents for the current patch, at least the Retribution talents, for example Fanaticism is now only a 3-point talent.

    Keep on the good work! 🙂

    • img
      Juin 22, 2009 @ 5:44

      great guide, but I agreegreat guide, but I agree with the talent aspect. Sanctified seals also no longer exists but I am assuming it is now sanctity of battle?

  • img
    Mai 31, 2009 @ 17:32

    Great Guide, I Great Guide, I have a level 80 Dwarf pally so i understand most of these concepts however one that has me a little confused in using JoW, imo JoW shouldn’t be used as a ret pally because it doesn’t do as much damage. Mana as a ret pally isnt exactly a problem especially with divine plea at higher levels I would suggest JoL because of it’s higher damage, you can also just switch if your ever low an mana for a hit or two to get mana but overall ithink JoL is much better to be using

    • img
      Déc 6, 2009 @ 8:22

      JoW vs JoLI agree, great guide. About JoL, once you’ve taken 3 points in judgements of the wise and get 25% of your base mana back with each judgement, then it’s best to use JoL instead of JoW as you should not be running into any mana problems at all from this point if you keep using your judgements when they come off cd. The only time I personally used JoW after lvl 43 was when I was taking multiple mobs at once and I was using concecrate a lot, then I would cast JoL on one mob and when cd was up cast JoW on a different mob, if any were still alive at that point. Most of the time I would end a fight on 100% health and 100% or close to mana with art of war procced to cast an instant exorcism to pull the next mob. In the end it all comes down to your play style and the slight talent variations you take to accommodate that style.

  • img
    Mai 31, 2009 @ 17:33

    weaponsThe weapon i would recommend using until lvl 80 would be [url=]De-Raged Waraxe[/url] and this wep is gotten by doing the arena of anguish in Zul’Drak

  • img
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 14:43

    Nice guideThis is a great guide, though I have a few suggestions.

    Firstly, JoW is quite unnecessary leveling from 10 – 19, and for the most part for 20 – 29, espescially if you strictly adhere to your rotation. I constantly had full mana, or close, unless I had recently healed.

    I’d also like to add that in 3.2, Hand of Reckoning is fantastic for pulling mobs, and doing a very nice bit of preliminary damage.
    Hand of Reckoning is also a good way of dealing with runners.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this guide, I’m leveling a Paladin for the first time at the moment, and it has been a huge help, even with the Pally’s pretty simple learning curve.

    • img
      Oct 23, 2009 @ 14:45

      Wait, does the taunt makeWait, does the taunt make runners turn around and attack you? I never thought of trying that, that would really be a great way of handling them!

      • img
        Oct 23, 2009 @ 15:07

        No, unfortunately, thatNo, unfortunately, that would be great! It just does a bit of damage, which for me is usually enough to kill them.
        At level 24 my Hand of Reckoning does steadily about 180 damage non-crit, which is generally good enough if a stray runner is about to aggro a big group and I panic…

        • img
          Oct 23, 2009 @ 23:22

          Haha, okay. Still, good tipHaha, okay. Still, good tip 🙂

          • img
            Oct 24, 2009 @ 0:29

            At level 80 my taunt abilityAt level 80 my taunt ability does anywhere from 4000 to 6000 damage non-crit. Just to make a comparison to the above post.

  • img
    Nov 1, 2009 @ 9:34

    needs talent updateThis guide needs update in the talents section, BoK is no longer a talent, the talent which took its place is needed for instance-prot (gives 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% increased healing)

  • img
    Déc 9, 2009 @ 0:14

    My pally expeirenceBriesh lvl 44 ret pally 🙂
    I play a pally and i think one of the best ways to start a battle is “Hand of Reckoning”, “Exorism”, “JOW” then just auto attack till “Hammer of Wrath” is usable. If you want to you can add a “Consecration” in to but thats not needed. That gets my lvl 44 pally 1000+ damage in a few seconds. BTW great guides here,love them and Jame you could sell these for millions! I know you are to nice for that but just an idea!:)

  • img
    Jan 9, 2010 @ 2:03

    Good guide, although needs updateI really like this guide, and I’ve followed it since I started my Paladin, so kudos to you for making such a great guide! It works very well for me.

    There is something I came across in the talents section which confused me a bit. At level 34-36 it says ‘3/3 Sanctified Seals’. I’ve checked and there is no talent named so. There is a talent close to the other ones with 3 points, Sanctity of Battle. Perhaps it is that one you mean? The talent was perhaps named Sanctified Seals before, but if that’s the case, then it has changed. There are also other things that indicate that the guide is outdated, which is a pity.

    I do also have a question I’d really like an answer on. I am currently wielding [url=][color=blue][Corpsemaker][/color][/url] which is a really nice two-handed axe. My two-handed axe skill is 149/150 and with no buff my damage is, according to the melee tab in the character info, 177-224. This seems very strange to me as I normally hit ~130 white damage even with buffs. Could anyone explain why this is? I’d really appreciate that.

    • img
      Jan 24, 2010 @ 21:24

      Re: Damage QuestionThis is because monsters, particularly melee monsters, have lots of armor. A drop of 35% of your damage is perfectly reasonable, and would jive with you hitting a mail wearing character using gear appropriate for their level. Later on, in the 60’s to 70’s, this percentage can grow to as high as 50-60% (once again, it corresponds to a plate wearing character with a shield). This is perfectly normal and you are not alone. Just remember, your holy damage is not mitigated by armor, but your physical damage is.

      • img
        Mar 7, 2010 @ 17:04

        Thank you a lot for theThank you a lot for the answer. It really cleared up things and gave a much better understanding than before.

  • img
    Fév 18, 2010 @ 23:43

    Indeed it needs a littleIndeed it needs a little updating. However the rotations and explanations are still great. I am tearing through enemies using the rotations given.

  • img
    Mai 21, 2010 @ 0:39

    Essential Paladin add-on[url=]PallyPower[/url]

    For all blessing chore, solo/party/raid.
    Especially great for the times when you are the only paladin, and your teammates want specific blessing. For example, three druids, One wants Might, one wants Wisdom, and one wants King.

    You just set up PallyPower once, and it will takes care that for you. It’s easy to make changes on the fly, with its small, unobtrusive interface. Does all the work, makes it easy to keep the exact blessing people want up all the time.

  • img
    Août 19, 2010 @ 20:34

    rotationi don’t agree at useing JOW or JOL on level 28 i prefer to use JOJ

  • img
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 23:39

    Moved to Archive SectionWe are recently working on improving the quality of content here on, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see [url=]the full news post detailing this process[/url].

    Your guide has been moved to the archive section for the following reasons:
    [list][*]The guide is significantly out of date as of patch 4.0.[/list]

    If you improve your guide to address these issues, you are welcome to move the guide back to it’s proper category. If someone else would like to adopt the guide, please leave a comment.

    If you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

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