Requiem’s 25-50 Horde Grinding Guide


his guide is a grinding guide for the horde. It starts at level 25, though you can start using it at any level (above 25, obviously), say 32 for instance.

If you did not follow my 1-25 grinding guide I do suggest taking a glimpse at it and checking out my tips section. Also, make sure you are at Freewind Post in Thousand Needles, which is where this guide starts (again, check my 1-25 guide is you don’t know where that is).

The Guide

Thousand Needles

Levels 25-26:

1: Sell and repair then head back to Splithoof Crag. Grind there, again, until level 26. Then hearth back to Freewind Post.

Level 26-29:

1: At Freewind get the quest “Alien Egg” from Hagar Lightninghoof. Go to the lift and get off of Freewind. Then go south east and you will run into Dragon Hawks with nests around them. Kill these guys* until you A: find the alien egg. And B: hit level 28. Then hearth back to Freewind and turn the quest in. Then get the follow-up Serpent Wild.

2: Go down the lift and go back to the road, then follow it north west until you reach Whitereach Post (which shuld be easy to discern by the kodo there). Turn in “Serpent Wild” to Motega Firemain. Dont get the follow-up.

3: Now you have two options: Go to Wailing Caverns or go grind somewhere until level 29. One Wailing Caverns run should not get you up to 29, but it should make you get pretty close, and the drops are worth it. Make sure you get all the quests for the maximum experience. Follow this Wailing Caverns guide for maximum exp. After go grind on the mob of your choice ’til level 29, either that or run Wailing Caverns again until level 29. If you don’t want to run WC then just go grind somewhere.

Levels 29-31:

1: Go back to Whitereach Post, then go south west, you will reach Highperch. Go up there and grind on the Wyvernns until level 31.

Level 31-32:

1: Go back to

*Note: these guys are close pulls. Try to pull them one at a time!

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