Retro Raiding with Jiyambi


With the new implementation of instance and raid achievements, many players want to head back and complete old content on their level 80 characters. This guide will help you speed through old world and Burning Crusade dungeons and raids to get those dungeon master achievements! Keep in mind that this guide is directed to level 80 players. Those attempting the instances at the appropriate level should check out some of the other great instance guides on WoW-Pro.

Since there is so much content to cover, I will be releasing this guide in parts. Each section will be tested out by my guild before release to be sure they are accurate and effective. Please feel free to leave a comment with any advice or corrections!

Note: Wrath of the Lich King instances will not be covered in this guide.


  1. Overview
  2. Classic Kalimdor InstancesComing in July
  3. Classic Eastern Kingdoms InstancesComing in August
  4. Burning Crusade InstancesComing in September
  5. Classic RaidsComing in October
  6. Burning Crusade RaidsComing in November


For each instance, I will provide a recommended number of people, a map and directions to get to the instance, and a detailed may of the instance with all needed bosses pointed out. If any of the mobs or bosses have dangerous abilities, I will discuss them and how to counter them.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas for your Retro Raiding events:


Useful Addons


    • – while I will be providing you with a map, Cartographer will give you an in-game map of the instances and where each of the bosses are. This can be a big help, since you won’t have to alt+tab.

Deadly Boss Mods / Big Wigs – One of these two addons will be very helpful for old world raids, to give important warnings during boss fights. The older bosses are sometimes included in separate modules that have to be enabled in addition to the normal addon, so make sure you have those set up.


Filling the Group

    Since there are likely many people who want to get these achievements, you may want to make it a guild event, or even advertise to the whole server ahead of time. It can also be nice to fill any extra group spaces with alts or lowbies, who can use the gear that drops in the low level instances. If you don’t want to make it a guild event, you can often find bored people who want to run these instances through Trade chat. Since it will probably take you more than a single day to complete all of these achievements, make a list of the people you went with for the first run – it’s likely that they will want to go again!


Scheduling the Runs

    If you leave enough time, you may be able to get all of the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor instances done in one day, but this is a lot to do. You probably can’t finish all the Burning Crusade instances at once, especially if you are doing heroic modes. For the Burning Crusade raids, I would recommend not trying to do more than two at a time. Old world raids can be done in larger quantities. Just make sure people don’t get burned out. Each instance in this guide will include a time estimate, so use those to gauge how many to schedule at once.

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