The World of Final Fantasy XIV: 10 Best Combat Tips to Try


Final Fantasy XIV is a trending, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from the Final Fantasy series. The series premiered in 1987 in Japan and quickly gained momentum all across the globe, which forced the manufacturers to release as many as 16 games. Starting as a Nintendo game, it then switched to online. In total, the series included two MMORPGs, the second one of which is Final Fantasy XIV.

The MMORPG was released back in 2010. However, it still remains popular as one of the two online games in the famous series. According to MMO Populations, Final Fantasy XIV has an estimated 1,243,234 daily players, with a total player base of over 43 million.

Even in 2023, modern students skip classes and use professional paper writing services to write my essay for me to get rid of boring homework and enjoy their favorite MMORPG for hours on end. If you are already a fan of this game or a beginner just getting a taste of it, you must already know that playing Final Fantasy XIV isn’t easy. But we have you covered! Read on, and we will give you the top ten combat tips that will help you excel in this game!

1.  Understand Your Role

All in all, players can choose among 20 available jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, which can make it pretty overwhelming to pick the right role for a successful battle. Thus, in order to succeed in the game, you must understand what each role stands for.

The available jobs fall into 5 different classes:

  • Tank – These players must have high HPs, defense skills, and a clear understanding of how to grab the enemy’s attention. Tanks basically serve as shields for the entire team.
  • Healer – These players must keep an eye on the rest of the team and keep them alive (or bring them back to life).
  • Melee DPS (damage per second) – This class causes massive damage. The main role of a Melee DPS is to attack the enemy while the tank distracts them.
  • Ranged Magical DPS – These players stay somewhat away from the action. Their task is to use their magic against the enemy while the rest of the team is fighting. They generally have movement limitations.
  • Ranged Physical DPS – Just like a Magical DPS, these players stay out of the action. However, they don’t have limited movement.

In order to level up your combat performance, be sure to choose the job wisely. And make sure you perform the role implied by your job to the fullest. This is the key to victory.

2.  Remember That You Are Still a DPS

Now that you know more about different roles, there is another important tip to keep in mind. Even if you are a healer or tank and you have to complete your role, on the battlefield, you still remain a DPS. That is, you must be attacking enemies, too, during the downtime when you are not taking any role-specific actions.

3.  Give Leadership to the Tank

If you choose to play as a DPS, here is the most important combat tip of all – let the tank lead. The core mission of the tank is to distract the enemy to put your team in a winning position. Let them do this and focus your effort on attacking the target picked by the tank to align your efforts. This way, you will be able to cause the most damage and simplify the healer’s job.

4.  Study the Bosses’ Tactics

Bosses in FFXIV can be very tricky and powerful. Often, tackling them turns out to be too hard for beginners. In order to even your chances, it’s recommended to take some time prior to the battle to study your enemies’ tactics. On the web, you will be able to find thorough guides to every boss existing in the game. Of course, studying them in depth will take quite a while. So don’t hesitate to enlist the help of the best paper writing services to get enough time for this endeavor.

5.  Get Out of the Boss’s Way

The next one is a tip that many beginners have no clue about. Game experts claim that the majority of bosses telegraph their upcoming attacks using animation or a cast bar. If you want to take less damage and get into a winning position, you have to keep an eye on this. As soon as you notice orange damage markets on the floor, start moving as soon as possible to avoid the area of effect attacks.

6.  Leverage the Hunting Log to Your Benefit

The next one on our list is the ultimate trick for game progress. Though not many beginners take a look inside it, every player in FFXIV has a dedicated hunting log. This is a document that can really come in handy for making faster progress. The document shows you a comprehensive list of the enemies you should hunt for to earn XP, and it even indicates their general locations.

Of course, the log doesn’t give you exact locations in order not to kill the fun. However, it can really help you find your enemies faster. Besides, completing the log leads to quicker overall progress in the game’s story.

7.  Hold Tight to Your Spirit Bound Gear

Every piece of gear you use on the battlefield becomes spirit bound to your character. You can check the percentage of the spirit-bound progression of different items in your account. Once it reaches 100%, you can turn the gear into Materia, which eventually can improve the stats of other items in your toolkit. Use this trick to create epic battle gear and become unstoppable.

8.  Gain Extra XP With Sanctuaries and Inns

Not many know this, but Final Fantasy XIV can award you with extra XP points even when you are out of the game. However, this trick only works when you log out of the game in a sanctuary or inn. Use this tip and get XP bonuses every time you log back in.

9.  Catch a Chocobo

In any multiplayer game, your success depends not only on how well you fight but also on how fast you move. In Final Fantasy XIV, the fastest way to get around is teleporting. However, it can be very expensive. Luckily, you can replace it with a Chocobo – a speedy yellow bird that offers a convenient and quick way to get around the game’s world. Look for these birds in a story mission at level 22.

10.              Communicate

Finally, there is no better combat tip for a multiplayer game than to communicate as much as possible. Stay open and listen to your teammates. Remember that the more you communicate, the better you can align your efforts. Respectively, the more likely you will win!

The Bottom Line

Final Fantasy XIV is on the rise in 2023. The game is quickly overtaking the fans of other popular MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft. So if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the right time!

Whether you are just planning to enter the world of Final Fantasy XIV or are already into it, hopefully, this guide will come in handy. Use the tricks from this article to take your battle skills to the next level and excel in the game!

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