User Interface Guide (UI guide)


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to use this guide
  3. Combat Addons
  4. Auction Housing, Gold Making and Tradeskills
  5. PvP
  6. Class Specifics
  7. Minigames
  8. Chat
  9. Buff and Proc management
  10. Map and MiniMap
  11. Unitframes
  12. Bags
  13. Quest
  14. Miscellaneous


Hello and welcome to my User Interface guide.

Remember this guide is made from MY opinion, and suggestions from all you out there is very welcome.

This guide will explain what you can do to edit your UI, by using various addons.
It will explain and show some of the ”mainstream” addons from various groups of addons.
Don’t expect this guide as being perfect as soon as its out, one of the main purposes is to add YOUR opinions and addon suggestions to the guide.
I will also add a little section with Death Knight specific addons.

List of websites, providing addon downloads:

I recommend Curse for standalone addons, and WoWInterface for packages!

Curse Client, is very, very neat when it comes to installing addons and keeping them up to date. I suggest you download it immediately!

Why do we want to change the UI?

The UI is how the whole window you play in looks and interact. Its crucial to feel comfortable with it if y ou are leveling, or if you are raiding end game content.
If you are raiding/leveling without any addons, you can be almost sure that you can improve your speed, DPS, tanking skills etc. with addons

NOTE: Installing addons can cause a high drop in FPS (Frames Per Second), and cause lag. That means that aint wise to install all the mods you come across, unless you have a nice computer.

How to use the info in this guide?

Text written in italic is the writers notes. Personal preferences, tips and tricks and so on.

Every Addon will displayed like this:

Your Favourite Addon – This is the Addon name.
Curse Download – Link to the download page.
Click here for picture! – Link to a picture of the addon.

Random text about the addon. Eventual writers note. – Addon description, tips and tricks.


Combat addons are addons which helps you during combat. That be an action bar addon helping with easy to hit keys and keybinds, or maybe a nifty boss mod.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Bartender4 is a classic action bar which provides extra bars, the ability to move the bars, and the ability to change size and number of rows for the various bars.

Omen Threat Meter
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Wondering how people can tell their DPS? Wondering how they can link your DPS in the chat box? Well. they probably got Recount.
Recount colelcts data about the damage you, your pet, your party/raid and your targets deals, and displays it in a nice frame. Not only that, but you can also get a overview of healing and debuffing.
Recount is the ideal addons for newcomers who simply wants a damage meter, but also offers a huge amount of customization for the more advanced user. That including graphs of heals, damage and DPS to name a few.
However. People looking to make a very minimalistic UI, may choose to look elsewhere for a DPS counter, as Recount consumes quite a bit of memory.

Deadly Boss Mods
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Deadly Boss Mods is your raiding version of Questhelper. It gives you a timer for the different boss abilities, a huge warning when it actually happens, and also have a range checker for fights requiring that sort of things.
DBM, as most people call it, is my preferred raiding addon.

Many people consider users of addons like this to be worse than those without cause “They didnt have DBM in vanilla”. You aint a worse player. Infact you’re just smarter!

In my last version i also included BigWigs Bossmods, which might be a requirement in some guilds. The two addons do exactly the same thing, and does it equally good. Its just a matter of preference.

Power Auras
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Curse Download

Important note! Last time i checked, SpellFlash werent working for all classes. However i do believe you can download separate addons that will work for your class if it’s not included.

New to a class? New to your spec? New to your rotation? SpellFlash might be the addon for you!
SpellFlash lightens up the most effective spells to cast based on advanced calculations. Much like the newly implemented effect by Blizzard itself. The difference is:
This is not just on your special talent procs! This is for every spell in your rotation!

Again. Elitist may say you are a worse player by using this. Well. i admit it makes you sorta like a robot. Doing things like you’re programmed to do them. If you focus solely on SpellFlash, you probably wont improvise at all, which is kinda like killing the fun right?
I do recommend this to the player new to his class or spec.

Curse Download

ForteXorcist is the god of all timers! It keeps track of every buff/debuff on you and youre enemies, all in a very customizable fashion. Take a look at the picture linked above. Are you i doubt when to refresh abilities? If you are, im surprised.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

While there are many variations of combat text addons, i personally find MikScrollingBattleText far superior. Simply because the addon offers clean and easy configuration, while it still looks beautiful, and look like a wonder.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Quartz is a casting bar addon with many extra features:

  • Display buffs and debuffs on your target
  • Global Cooldown bar, helping you max out your damage without spamming your buttons
  • Latency bar, showing when to cast your next spell
  • Swing timer, showing when your next auto attack strikes

Quartz is what I call a must have addon for every caster out there.

Auction Housing, Gold Making and Tradeskills

Zero Auctions
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

All credits for this addon goes to ‘Zerotorescue’. For picking up Quick Auctions, and meking it usable after the 4.0.1 fixes!

ZeroAuctions is a continuation of the former king of goldmaking “Quick Auctions 2/3”.
If you werent familiar with Quick Auctions, it was basically a one click post all your items or cancel all your items. ZeroAuctions does just that, except you now have to click a button/macro for every auction.

ZeroAuctions is insanely clever! You set up item groups for groups of items, and set a treshold, a fallback price, undercut price, stack size, max post count, and much more. With all this information taken into account, you can choose to post your items. All at the same time!
If you’re a goldmaker without this addon, you are simply wasting precious time.

You can also use the “summary” feature, to get a complete list over your craftable items, how many there are on the auction house of that item, what they cost, and what your profit would be for making and selling this item!

The only profession ZeroAuctions has a hard time handling, is enchanting. Simply because the summary feature doesnt work the same way with enchanting, and the fact that you have to set up item groups for every single enchanting scroll as the price differences are so massive, that they cant be included in the same group!

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

My favourite buy/sell addon for the auction house, when not counting ZeroAuctions.
The interface is simple, slick and useful! Another of my main reasons for choosing this addon is the insanely small memory usage!

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Probably the most well knwon auction house addon out there! Norgannons addon have been out there for ages, and is till one of the leading addons out there.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Curse Download
Click here for picture!


Class Specifics



Buff Management

Buffs is spells cast on you by yourself, or by other players.
Buff Management Addons is often displayed as a move able ”bar”. Some prefer dragging it to the top right corner, where the standard buffs where displayed, and some prefer having them above their unit frames

Power Auras Classic
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Power Auras Classic is an addon of an quite uncommon sort. When using it, you can configure different coloured pictures like swords, a skull or a shield, to show you whenever a proc/buff is active or needs to be refreshed. This can be very useful compared to be looking at your ”normal” buff frame.

Map and MiniMap

This is the category for addons which changes the way you use your maps. There is both World Map addons, Mini Map addons and last dungeon Map addons.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Cartographer is a world map addon which provides several features:

  • Remove the Fog of War (The ”dusty” areas on your map)
  • Access maps for every dungeon, battleground and raid directly from your world map page.
  • Download different adds to Cartographer, this includes a map of all mining/herbing nodes in each zone!
  • Waypoint arrow working with the WoW-Pro addon!

Atlas and Atlasloot
Curse Download, Atlas
Curse Download, AtlasLoot
Click here for picture!

Atlas is a map addon, which provides maps for every dungean and raid in the game. Its highly recommend to install Atlasloot aswell, which provides the feature of viewing of all possible drops in the dungeon.
Atlasloot can also be installed alone if you don’t want Atlas.

I would personally go with just the AtlasLoot. The standard map is getting updates every so often, and if its not implemented already, there will very soon be an option to view maps and even tactics for dungeons, leaving the purpose of Atlas in the dust.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Sexymap is a minimap addon providing a lot features:

  • Move your minimap wherever you want
  • Change the zone text for each zone
  • If you have some sort of gathering addon, you can view the nodes on the map
  • Very easy to customize with different build in skins

Sexymap is every so often seen as the preferres Minimap addon in the various UI’s. The design is “sexy”, slick, and easy configurable.

Personally i find SexyMap ‘distracting’, although it is good looking. Im simply more of a minimalistic guy. I dont need no flashing bulbs around my minimap.

Unit Frames

Unit Frame addons is addons which totally rearrange your unit frames. you can make it minimalistic, or make it colourful and add a 3D portrait.
Unit Frame addons are for me a must because i hate the default so much.

X-Perl Unit Frames
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

X-Perl Unit Frames is an addon with an insane amount of features. The frames are really nice but sometimes they can feel a little big, specially if you choose the ”3D portraits” which places a moving picture on your frames.
You can change size of buffs and frames with a few clicks, and it’s easy to navigate in the menu.

Like SexyMap i, unlike alot of my friends, find this sort of addon very, very distracting.
If you dont take your time to remove various things like targets pets targets target, it quickly takes up alot of valuable screen space! Be sure to toy around with the config menu if you choose this addon!

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Pitbull has got almost all the same features as X-Perl, including the 3D portraits.
The version of Pitbull that’s out right now can be hard to configure, but if done correctly it can be really great!
Pitbull is the addon used for most minimalistic unitframe setups, which is also one of the easiest to set up.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Grid is a very minimalistic raid/party addon, which means its often used in combination with Pitbull or X-Perlto clear some of the screen.
The idea of Grid is to use all space 100%, meaning that the whole frame for each unit, is one big health/mana bar with the option to display small debuff icons on it.
If you like your party/raid frames big you can easily adjust the size from the Grid Config Menu.
Grid also support the feature of ”one-click-casts”.

You can assign your right mouse button to cast Wild Growth if you right click on ,whoever you wanna heals, frame.

Healbot Continued
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

As the title may have indicated, Healbot Continued NOT a bot. Its mainly a unitframe addon with the same feature as Grid, but many thinks Healbot is easier to use, but also opposite of course.
Otherwise its much like a normal Unit Frame Addon


Bag addons is addons which changes the look of your bank tabs/nags and your regular bags. Often a search feature is included too.
Bag addons can make it a ton easier to find items in your bags, and that is why you should install one.


WoW-Pro Addon
Info and pictures coming soon!

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Another addon with many users! Carbonite is in many ways much like Questhelper, but Carbonite also has its own map. The included map can easily be zoomed in and out to see more objectives, by using your scrolling wheel.
Like Questhelper, Carbonite Quest includes a party quest feature.

Miscellaneous (addons that didnt fit in anywhere else)

Titan Panel
Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Titan Panel is an addon which creates one or two bars at the top/bottom, where different tools can be displayed. An example is the experience tool. It can display your exp per hour/level rate and much more.

Curse Download
Click here for picture!

Fu_Bar is an addon similar to Titan Panel which creates bars in the top and bottom of the screen.
I found it easier to get plugins for Fu_Bar over Titan Panel, and thats why i recommend this one.
Some people may like Titan Panel more, but this one is really worth a try.


Curse Download
Click here for picture!

KgPanels is an addon that can change the look of your UI completely.
With this addon you can create different panels, in which you can place different addons.
Some websites also provides skin downloads you can put in the background of your panels, or you can make your own. It is also possible to do it without a background texture.

It can be very, very hard to get KgPanels working if you havent tried it before.
I suggest you to check out This tutorial which gave me all the information I needed.

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    Kazei Stormcaller
    Dec 7, 2010 @ 4:24 am

    Some suggestionsShaman specific: Totem Timers, Raid Totems (for assigning totems to multiple shaman in a group)Healer stuff: Vuh-Do (like Healbot, but better), SmartRes2Tradeskills: Gnomeworks (this is alpha, but it works pretty well, and it’s awesome :), L’il Sparky’s Workshop, Ackis Recipe ListBags: Arkinventory (I can’t seem to add links any more, but I get almost everything from Wow-Interface), BankStack, Broker-GarbageRaiding: DBM, Tidy Plates – Threat Plates, DocsUI Nameplates (I’ve used Tidy Plates, and like it, but I’m checking Docs out. I like the setup better, but the jury’s still out), Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text, Skada (both DPS and Threat meters in one addon), Atlas, AtlasLootUnit Frames/Action Bars: nUI+ (version 6 is currently in development, and will be more awesome even than version 5.07.08, which is what I’m currently using), OPieMap/Questing: Carbonite, WowPro, Lightheaded, Loremaster and Everyquest when they get updated for CataAuctions: Auctioneer is the godfather of all these, of course. I’m currently testing Auctionator.Other: NPCScan and NPCScan_Overlay (for tracking those rare mobs), Addon Control Panel, AI-Art (not exactly an addon, art to modify the look of your UI, files go in the Interface folder directly rather than the Addon folder), Altoholic, Collectinator, BugSack, Chocolate Bar, Factionizer, Fishing Buddy, Outfitter, Overachiever, Pawn, Postal, Travel AgentMy top five: nUI+, Carbonite, Totem Timers, Vuh-Do, Gnomeworks.

  • img
    Dec 6, 2010 @ 23:42 pm

    I like Mapster, but it’s moreI like Mapster, but it’s more basic than Cartographer was, which works well to me.

  • img
    Dec 6, 2010 @ 20:30 pm

    MapHi, WBSo decided to give this guide a go, looks promising.After deleting Carbonite, I see that I need a new map addon. Cartographer is over a year old now, no new version, so you might want to remove that from your addon list.Does anyone have a replacement for the main map? 

  • img
    Dec 2, 2010 @ 14:36 pm

    Suggestions please!Hey folks.As you can se im back!Working on an update of the guide as you can see, but:I need suggestions! Mainly for the Class section.I could easily go on Curse and look for the most downlaoded, but really, whats the point doing that..I want YOUR addons, and YOUR answer to why others should use it! A last note: Im sure you noticed that this guide is pretty damn big! If you are walking around with the time to do like a whole section of the guide, send me a PM, and we’ll work it out!It sure takes time to do this alone!

  • img
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 20:36 pm

    Just finished a roughJust finished a rough cleaning session.

    Pictures are removed, and actually.. I kinda like it without! What’d ya say? Personally im more a fan of linking to screenshots. Would that be better?

    My english skills improved by.. A lot.. So the text will be getting its revision aswell.

    WoW-Pro will be getting extra focus when i have the time. thats a promise ;).

    ToC is on my top 5 list aswell!

  • img
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 9:41 am

    Hey Hurjo!

    If you ever doHey Hurjo!

    If you ever do get around to updating this, I do have two requests.

    1 – add a Table of Contents please! It would be nice to easily jump from section to section.

    2 – talk about our site’s addon in the questing section 🙂

    Glad to see that you stopped back in, though, even if you don’t update anything – I like seeing old users come back around once in a while! 🙂

  • img
    Apr 5, 2010 @ 22:20 pm

    Thanks to all! Revised version is soon to come!I really appreciate your corrections and add-ins! Make this whole project easier.

    I would have loved to update this before and more frequently, but i just didnt have the time..

    With the revised version coming up, now is the time for you to come with all your great addon suggestions!

    I have recently gone mad in gold making, and with all the gold guides on the site, ill direct alot of focus on my favourite addons 😛

    If anyone wants to help me writing, please pm me. This sure is alot of work to do..


  • img
    Mar 3, 2010 @ 19:50 pm

    Hmmm, I’m going to have toHmmm, I’m going to have to check Lunarshpere out…

  • img
    Mar 3, 2010 @ 10:34 am

    Great Work! Suggestion though…You sure have done your research, Although with bagnon I find it works great to also add Jpack. Its a very simple light weight UI downloaded from… The purposes of Jpack is to sort your inventory for you. You said you liked arkinventory because you could sort your inventory and that bagnon didnt alow you to do that.. Well with Jpack you can. Its very simple to do as well. Once downloaded and in game simply type the command /jp and it automatically puts all your potions together, your cloth together your blue, green and purpple armor together, your white armor together, your misc. items together, and it even puts your greys at the top of the bag for easy spotting and selling.

    I love Jpack and probably would be compleetly lost with out it. It also sorts your bank, and deposits items in your bank if you choose to do so. Say for instance you have 3 swift thistle in your bank and 10 in your bag… If you want to stock all your swift thistle in your bank all you need simply do is type /jp deposit and all the duplicate item stacks in your bag will be stacked over into your bank.

    Lastly on a side note, I noticed your missing a few more UI’s from your list.. Ones i could not live with out.. Main one being Carbonite the map addon that totally beats out other maps and it has a radar for enimies on PVP servers and it has a quest tracker and a minimap button frame.

    Another would be Auctioneer, and finally Lunarsphere. Lunar Sphere acts like bartender in that it is a bar mod but it alows you to open 12 sphere buttons that surround a main sphere. Each button including the main sphere alows a right, center, and left click to have effect. The effect can be a spell, a trinket, a bag toggle, to apply something like a poision to main and off hand, to eat or drink a food or drink, to use a health or mana potion, to toggle your pet action bar, and many other preset options. These buttons are COMPLETELY customizable in that you can choose skins and actions as well. You can also in port your own .tga files if you have them. (I imported the hello kitty skins from minimap button frame into mine and it works great! the how to is on Also each of the 12 spheres surrounding the main sphere can act as a menu button opening up a customisable 12 sphere menu. Say you only want to use 2 of the menu buttons, not to worry the other 10 will disappear once you have hit the stop editing buttons button, and it will only show the ones that have actions attached to them. Also aside from that each button is avalable to detach itself from the main sphere and be locked into where ever on your map you wish to place it. Finally the main sphere has many options as well… For instance you can desplay in the center of the main sphere an item count, combo points, or cool down, and the two rings surrounding the main sphere can show players health and mana. There is also a built in auto response for RPers that is customizable. Lunar sphere also works as a vendor junker, meaning it will sell your greys, repair your equipment, and restock reagents if you choose it to. It is highly worth getting and best of all it doesnt take that much FPS or CPU at all. Its in fact very low on the list. In my opinion all of those addons should have been added to your list as well because i would rate them all with a 5 star!

    Looking for a RP guild on Twisting Nether? Click link below and apply:

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    May 21, 2009 @ 2:50 am

    Quote:If i had included the[quote]If i had included the Screenshot in here it would have blown the screen, also note that Titan Panel is the bar at the top of the screen.
    Wow.Curse Download[u][b][/url[/b][/u]

    Titan Panel is an addon which creates one or two bars at the top/bottom, where different tools can be displayed. An example is the experience tool. It can display your exp per hour/level rate and much more.

    [url=]Click here for picture
    Abolutely NO clue why some of the tags are shown. I cant find any tags missing.
    Can someone check it? Its shown like this without spaces
    [ url=]Click here for picture[/url ]
    If i had included the Screenshot in here it would blow the screen. Fu_Bar is the small bar with icons at the bottom!
    Wow.Curse Download[/quote]

    Looks like you missed a close bracket on the Titan Panel wow.curse download. Easy fix. The error is bold and underlined on the second row for easy location.

  • img
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 8:24 am

    Nice guideNice, guide! I found a couple typos, and I also wanted to throw out a couple of suggestions.
    [*]Under [i]Why do we want to change the UI?[/i] – [b]confetable[/b] with it if [b]y ou[/b] are leveling. Should be “comfortable” and “you”?
    [*]Under “Miscellaneous” it looks like you’re missing the closing bracket for the /url for [b]Titan Panel[/b]. That’s causing the issue with FuBar linking to Titan Panel.
    [*]Also, it seems the closing tag for the FuBar pic is missing entirely.
    [*]In the same section, it looks like you’ve got an open bold tag for kgPanel.
    I’ll PM you with the code I get when I “View Source” this page. When I try and link it in here it makes things go too wide. I hope it helps.

    Otherwise, a lot of great info! Now, for my suggestions
    [*]Under “Buff Management”, Natur’s Enemy Cast Bar. Looks a lot like Buffbars, but it tracks the duration and cooldowns of spells you’ve cast, as well as those cast by people in your party or the mobs you are fighting. Take some configuring to make it friendly, but overall pretty nice. It also has a minor added feature of popping up a warning whenever the activities of a hostile rogue are detected nearby 🙂
    [*]Under combat, “Control Freak”. This puts a single button that you can put anywhere on your screen that will cast your CC spell at a specified target withouth having to select it. It also shows how long is left, and warns when it breaks and lets you know if the target is taking damage. Great for mages, but pretty much anyone with CC abilities could make use of it.
    [*]Norganna’s entire suite of addons. This includes Auctioneer, Gatherer, Enchantrix, and some others. Most people I know use this one.
    [*]Under Guides, link to Jame’s :). Best one I know of
    I hope that helps. Shoot me a message if you want screenshots of any of them.

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    Mar 24, 2009 @ 17:51 pm

    DBM Range CheckerCan be easily enabled by typing /range.

    The manual toggle is in the menu – /dbm menu

  • img
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 22:57 pm

    CorrectionThanks for that little ccorrection! My english isnt that good yet, but still trying to improve it.


  • img
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 21:35 pm

    Looks like a real niceLooks like a real nice guide, ran out of time to read through it all but it’s sparked me off wanting to redo my UI again!

    One little correction is in the Sexymap section

    Sexymap is a minimap addon providing a lot features:

    * Move your minimap wherever you want
    * Change the zone text for each zone
    * If you have some sort of gathering addon, you can view the nodes on the map
    * Very easy to customize with different build in skins

    The last line should say built and not build.

    Thanks for the guide, ill be sure to use it when re doing mine!


  • img
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 14:50 pm

    Indeed, especially at GruulIndeed, especially at Gruul

  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 23:59 pm

    Just realizedIt could be that the feature was not added to the Kel’thuzad portion of DBM yet. I know DBM has the feature. They’ve used it in the mods before during Burning Crusade.

  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 18:36 pm

    DBM range feaure?Thanks for the feedback!

    I might look closer at the configure menu for DBM…

    Also youre right about Titan and Fu_Bar. Its really easy to get lost in the jungle of additions.

    Ill check baggins too.


  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 15:28 pm

    Great!Excellent guide, I really found it helpful (and this is from someone who spends half his time toying around and testing different mods). As someone who has written guild guides to UI modification you’ve done a great job covering the basic forms of mods and providing excellent examples.

    A couple suggestions, though:

    First, you may want to take a look at Baggins for your bag mods. I’ve switched around with and toyed with all the mods you’ve listed before and Baggins stands out from the rest in its fusion of simplicity and configurability.

    Second, when you speak about BigWigs and DeadlyBossMods you mention that DBM does not have the range finder feature that BigWigs does. It actually does have it, but it is not a default setting within the mod. It’s been a while since I last used it, but it should be able to be turned on somewhere within its interface.

    Last, you may want to cover some of the nicer additions to titan bar and FuBar. There are a lot of people who don’t understand how useful those mods can be when applied appropriately.

  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 6:55 am

    Class SectionA Class Section has also been in my head, but mainly i only use druid and deatk knight addons, so a little help from your side could be great


  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 6:23 am

    Great guide

    Dunno ifGreat guide 🙂

    Dunno if you’re planning a section for class addons, but that’d be really good too, I think.

    If you don’t have a shammy, I’d be happy to recommend a few things 🙂

    Also, yeah, a Table of Contents would be really useful, and make the guide much more useable, so good luck witt that =D]

    Great work

  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 3:39 am

    ScreenshotsIf you need screenshots of any mods I suggest, send me a PM and I’ll help you out.


  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 3:36 am

    Faction RepAnother mod I like is Factionizer ( Not sure where to put this in your guide, but I thought I’d point it out also.


  • img
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 1:14 am

    That’s a very good guideThat’s a very good guide Hurjo. Thumbs up!

  • img
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 17:42 pm

    Nice one

    CheersNice one 🙂


  • img
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 17:29 pm

    AddonsHavent heard of your listed Quest addons but ill check em out.

    About gatherer its indeed a really good addon. Im gonna include a profession section very very soon.


  • img
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 17:18 pm

    Missing tags[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    Thanks for the link correction!
    Im known with the missing tags.
    Somewhere it doesnt look like there is any mistakes, but ill read closer when i have the time.

    Also a Table of Content is quite in need for this guide, so thats coming too

  • img
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 17:01 pm

    Fantastic guide, brilliantFantastic guide, brilliant idea.

    Couple of quick things; the Fubar link takes you to Titan Panel instead. (link in the guide is

    Also there are just a couple of points where you haven’t quite got the code correct (things like missing out the end ] )

    Fantastic first guide, keep it up 🙂


  • img
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 16:26 pm

    BagsI started with BankItems and switched to ArkInventory. What I like about them (having 10 characters) is the ability to mouse over an item, or click on an item in chat and the tooltip tells me how many total I have and which characters have them. It’s MUCH easier than logging in and out of each character trying to find who has a needed item to craft something. Both also have the ability to see what gear each of your characters are wearing also. Not sure if Bagnon has that functionality or not.

    Another Quest addon that I use is UberQuest ( It says it’s for 2.4, but it’s actually 3.0.4 and will work in 3.0.8. I’m a little fearful of what will happen to a lot of mods when 3.1 drops. I also had tomQuest2 ( for a while (an LDB mod) but I couldn’t get it to auto track quests the way that UberQuest does. Both of these have LightHeaded support. In conjunction with TomTom, this is sweet.

    Gatherer is another mod that I really like. It does the same as the part of Cartographer that tracks herbs and ores (but doesn’t track motes extracted with a Zapthrottle…At least not yet). What I like about it is if anyone in your guild finds an herb or ore and you’re on, you find it too.

    Great guide that showed me a couple of other mods that I didn’t know about.



  • img
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 19:01 pm

    No personallyNo personally i think pictures are perfect because if they were smaller then it would be harder to see everything in them.

  • img
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 17:50 pm


    Again its my first guide and all tips and tricks are welcome.

    Also, do you think the pictures is too big?
    Some of them had smaller/bigger size and i used photoshop to resize. That means that some pictures are bad quality.


  • img
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 17:39 pm

    PicturesIf you don’t want to list the pictures in your guide just go to your file attachments and uncheck the list box.

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