5 Ways to Build Real-World Funds with Online Games


In the modern digital world, there are more opportunities than ever before to earn money. The internet makes it possible to connect with people across the world, launch a business, become a freelancer, or explore other ways of making real-world funds.

One thing which most people don’t consider is making real-world funds with online games.  After all, most online games generate currency which can only be used within the game, or do they?

You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to turn your online currency into real money. You may even be able to make a living from this.

Here are 5 ways to build real-world funds with online games:

1.      Online Casinos

Online casinos offer an array of opportunities to earn real-world money. Naturally, you’ll need to choose your game and it’s best to opt for one you know and are good at. That may be poker or Blackjack. However, that’s not the only way to create real-world funds while gaming online.

Firstly, when looking at signing up for an online casino, always look for bonuses when creating an account. These can amount to thousands of dollars. There will be rules regarding when you can withdraw the funds. However, it’s a great way to play online and build funds which can be removed and used in the real world.

There are several bonuses you should look out for, these include welcome bonuses, high roller bonuses, double your money, and more.

Secondly, You’ll find that online casinos now have an extensive collection of fantasy slots, making online gaming even more fun with the possibility of winning money.

You can sign up and start playing in minutes, just make sure you understand the game before you start! This is generally the easiest way to earn real money online and potentially has the largest payouts.

2.      Selling Your Fantasy Game Stash

Another way of making real-world funds is through playing fantasy games. You do need to be fairly good at your chosen game.

Your aim is to spend time playing the game and build up a stash of assets. This can be online money, weapons, and other items that will make game playing more fun and rewarding.

Many gamers don’t want or don’t have the time, to wade through the beginning levels. They are happy to purchase a character with all the necessary equipment.

In short, these people will pay you for the stash you’ve earned. They pay you in the real world and you transfer the stash or even the player to them in the game.

3.      Testing Games

Testing games isn’t generally very lucrative. However, it is another way to earn money and, if you enjoy playing online games, it can be a lot of fun.

All you have to do is download the software and play the test. Tests normally take 15 minutes and you’re recorded while you do them. The company uses your responses to improve the game.

It’s simple to get started and you’ll be paid promptly, but you’ll have no control over the games you’ll be testing or how frequently you’re asked to test something.


4.      Become A YouTube Gamer

Another way to earn real-world funds playing online games is via YouTube. Best of all, you don’t need to be good at the games!

All you need is a YouTube account and a gaming system at home. Simply livestream yourself playing and people will watch you. It can take time to build a following on YouTube.

Once you have a reasonable-sized following YouTube will add ads to your site, and you’ll earn a small revenue from each advert. In time this can potentially create a substantial amount of real-world funds.

5.      Teach Others

The fifth way to build real-world funds with your online gaming is to teach others. If you have the necessary skills you can teach others to create games. Alternatively, you can simply offer teaching on how to play specific games.

To generate the best possible income from teaching games you’ll want to teach several students at the same time. Several online platforms can help you sell your class.

Summing Up

With a little time, you can build real-world funds with online games. All it takes is internet access, the creation of an account, and a commitment to your goals. If you do commit, you should start an account on a platform with the highest possible bonuses to get the best possible headstart. For example at GambinoSlot you can get 200 Free Spins & 100k G-Coins when signing up, that’s no small sign-up bonus, so why not benefit from it?

To conclude, the real bonus is that online games are fun, so what better reason is there to try one of the five methods above?

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