[Leveling] Requiem’s 1-25 Horde Grinding Guide


A grinding guide for the Horde. I started this guide because I noticed the lacking in horde guides past level 13. Besides Jame’s Horde guide (which is magnificent), there really aren’t any at all. This guide starts out in Durotar. I do not like Durotar for questing, in fact it is probably the worst horde starting area in the game. But it has plenty of good mobs to grind on.


Get one gathering profession, and get skinning.

Get First Aid, IT WILL HELP. The four exceptions to this are, of course, the four classes that can heal, Priest, Paladin, Druid, or Shaman.

Buy armour off merchants and/or auction house. People say not too, they say it wastes money, but especially armour reliant classes like Warriors and Rogues need new armour almost every five levels, buy the cheapest armour that will still be useful to you.

Specc your talents in the tree that will do the most damage.
-Druids: Feral

-Hunters: Beast Mastery or MarksMan

-Mage: Fire or frost

-Paladin: Retribution (this talent tree is best for leveling, and arguably nothing else)

-Priest: Shadow

-Rogue: Combat or Assassination

-Shaman: Elemental AND Enhancement

-Warlock: Affliction (A lot of people say Demonology is better, I personally love Affliction much more but if you feel the need to try them both go ahead)

-Warrior: Arms or Fury

Always get quests related to what you are grinding (i.e., kill X amount of Y, or gather X off of Y), hey, you’re grinding them anyway, why not get an extra EXP boost?

Listen to music. Grinding may be quick in most aspects, but it’s BORING. Have something to keep your mind off of it. Listening to comedians are good too.

If you have the time, run and instance! Go into LFG when you begin grinding, when your group is full stop grinding and run the instance, go back to grinding afterwards. I would not, however, suggest running nothing but instances, limit yourself to one or two times a day.

Don’t turn in quests the second you finish them, wait ’til you’re done grinding in that area to turn it in.

ALWAYS ALWAYS Log out at an inn, the rested exp adds up.

Don’t change your Hearthstone location unless I ask you too.

The Guide


Levels 1-6:

This guide starts in the TROLL and ORC starting area. Meaning if you aren’t either of those two races you will not start here. Either come here or quest/grind in your own starting area.

1: Standing in front of you there is an NPC named Kaltunk. Get “Your Place in the World” from him. Go into the big cavelike building, and turn in “Your Place in the World” to Gornek. Get the follow-up “Cutting Teeth” from him. Go outside and to the left, there are a surplus of Mottled Boar to kill. Kill them until you have reached level four and have completed “Cutting Teeth.”

2: Go Back to Gornek, turn in “Cutting Teeth” and get the follow-up “Sting of the Scorpid.” Go back outside, and toward where you killed boars, go past the boars and you will see scorpids. Kill them until “Sting of the Scorpid” is completed and you have reached level 6.

Levels 6-8:

1: Go turn in “Sting of the Scorpid” and get your class quest, go turn it in and learn your class skills. Then go to Zureetha Fargaze and get the quest “Vile Familiars.” Go to Foreman Thazz’ril and get “Lazy Peons.” Go to Galgar and get “Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise.”

2: Ok, go to where the boars are, then go right, you will reach Vile Familiars near a cave mouth. Grind on these but don’t go inside the cave. Whenever you run out of Familiars to kill make circles around the area, picking Cactus apples and waking up peons with Foreman’s Blackjack. Rinse and repeat until A: You have finished the three quests: “Vile Familiars,” “Galgars Cactus Surprise,” and “Lazy Peons.” and B: You are level 7.

3: Go back to Valley of Trials and turn in all three quests, don’t get any follow-ups. Now go on the one road out of Valley of Trials, you will circle around a wall. Keep following the road until you reach Ukor, who has the quest “A Peons Burden.” You should see a path leading to a village that looks less tread than the main road. Follow it down to Sen’jinn Village. If, when you enter the village, you go right you pass a mount trainer/seller for trolls. Continue right past them and you will come to a fallen tree. Wait here for Lar Prowltusk and then get the quest “Thwarting the Kolkar Aggression.” Go straight ahead from here and you will reach a crag full of Kolkar. Kill them and burn their plans (which are near the camps) until you have dinged level 8 and have completed “Thwarting the Kolkar Aggression.” After that go back to Lar Prowltusk and turn in the quest.

Levels 8-12:

1: Go back to Sen’jinn and visit Master Gadrin, get the quests “Zalazane” and “Minishina’s Skull.” Then head north west untill you reach the shore. From there swim until you reach the Echo Islands. Swim to the largest one (check the map if you can’t tell which one is largest). On the largest one there is everything you need for these two quests and it is also a good grinding spot. Head to the middle and grind on Hexed Trolls and Voodoo trolls until level 9. Avoid Zalazane if you see him.

2: Once you are level 9 go find Zalazane (he is in a highly congested troll village on the large Echo Island) watch him for a second before attacking, you will see him walk up a small hill. Wait for him to walk back down that hill and attack. Kill him and loot his head. Now go up that hill you saw him walk down and click on one of the skulls up there, this will make you complete “Minishina’s Skull.”

3: Go back to grinding trolls until level 10. Then swim back to Sen’jinn Village and turn in.

4: Go back to the main road and follow it north to Razor Hill. In Razor Hill go to the innkeeper and turn in “A Peon’s Burden,” ‘make this inn your home,’ also, you’ll most likely have a class quest at this level (the exceptions are Priests, Paladins, and Rogues). Do these quests (note: if your quest takes you to Orgrimmar, grab the flight path from Doras, there), when done come back to Razor Hill. You should be pretty close to level 11. Continue on the road that runs through Razor Hill north into a large ravine, half-way through, on the right there will be a small crag called Razorwind. Grind on the harpies here until level 12.

5: Hearth back to Razor Hill and get the quest “Conscript of the Horde” from Takrin Pathseeker. Also get “Encroachment” from Gar’thok.

Levels 12-14:

1: Take the road west out of Razor Hill. You will come to Razormane encampments (if you can’t find them, look for giant thorns growing out of the ground). Grind on Razormanes until level 14. Also make sure that “Encroachment” is completed. Hearth back to Razor hill.

2: After turning in “Encroachment” there are one of two paths you need to follow: If, at level 10, you did your class quest and it DID lead you into Orgrimmar, and you grabbed the flight path, skip this part of the guide and continue on at the BARRENS section. If you have not yet grabbed the flight path in Orgrimmar read on.

3: Head into the large crag heading north, you will follow it for awhile and then it will open up and a giant city will be a few miles in front of you. Travel there and grab the flight path. Also talk to your class trainer if you havent yet. Then continue on with this guide.

You are now done with Durotar.

The Barrens

Getting to the Barrens: You should be in Razor hill. If not, go there now. Take the road that heads west out of Razor hill. After a while you will come to a bridge going over Southfury River. Continue over it and you will zone into the barrens. Over to the left of your there will be a small encampment, turn in the quest “Conscript of the Horde.” Get the folow-up. Continue on the main road, you will eventually reach a fork in the road. Take the south road an you will eventually reach The Crossroads.

Levels 14-16:

1: Make the Crossroads your home location. Turn in “Crossroads Conscription.” Take “Meats to Orgrimmar” from Zargh. Go to the windrider master, Devrak. Turn in “Meats to Orgrimmar and get the follow-up “Ride to Orgrimmar” Take a flight to Orgrimmar and go to Innkeeper Gryshka in the Valley of Strength. Turn in “Ride to Orgrimmar” and get the follow-up “Doras the Wind Rider Master.” Go to Doras (who is the wind rider master for Orgrimmar and located on top of the tower you arrived on). Turn in “Doras the Wind Rider Master” to him and get the follow-up “Return to the Crossroads.” The fly to the Crossroads and give Gryshka’s letter to Zargh.

2: Visit Apothecary Helbrim and get the quest “Fungal Spores” from him, then go to Tonga Runetotem and get the quest “The Forgotten Pools,” then take the road west out of the Crossroads and follow it until you reach a small hut-like building containing Regthar Deathgate. Get the quest “Centaur Bracers” from him then leave the road and go north until you you reach the forgotten pools. Grind centaurs here until you reach a small oasis, around there collect the fungal spores you need for Helbrim, also swim to the middle of the pool until you get a quest update for “The Forgotten Pools.” Then go grind centaurs again until level 16 and until you have completed “Centaur Bracers.”

3: Go south and turn in “Centaur Bracers,” don’t get any follow-ups. Then go back to the Crossraods and turn in “Fungal Spores” and “The Forgotten Pools.” Don’t get any follow-ups.

Levels 16-19:

1: There is no really good place to grind, right now. So I leave the options up to you: Go to Ragefire Chasm. Or go grind on the mob of you choice until level 17. Then hearth back to Crossroads.

2: Now that you are level 17 go to the NPC Darsok Swiftdagger and get the quest “Harpie Raiders.” Then make like you’re going to the forgotten pools but go past it, giving the centaurs wide berth. Go north until you reach The Dry Hills. Grind here until you reach level 19 and you have 8 Witchwing Talons. Hearth back to the Crossroads and turn in “Harpie Raiders.” If there are any follow-ups, don’t get them.

Levels 19-22:

1: Take one last loving look at the Crossroads. It is time for farewell. Follow the southern road out of the Crossroads and keep going until you reach Camp Tarujo (this is a long walk!). Grab the flight path there and then go back to the road and continue south until you reach Field of Giants. There are Thunder Lizards there, grind on these until level 22.

You are now done with the Barrens.

Thousand Needles

Getting to thousand Needles: You should be in the Field of Giants where you were grinding Thunder Lizards. Go south there, past Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs. You will reach the Great Lift. Take it down into the Thousand Needles.

Levels 22-25:

1: Follow the main road until you reach Freewind Post. When there grab the flighpath and make it your home location. Then run down it and go the way you came until you reach Splithoof Crag. Grind on the centaurs here until level 25.

2: Hearth back to Freewind Post.

End of Guide.

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    Jun 8, 2008 @ 23:07 pm

    PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZMake a 25+ 😀

    Keep on the good work, your guide rules. 🙂 :jawdrop:

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    Dec 12, 2007 @ 3:58 am

    Im starting this guide as aIm starting this guide as a 10 druid so Im kind of wonderin if I should make a new druid and go throug from the beginning?

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    Dec 11, 2007 @ 16:42 pm

    Thanks!Thank you so much 😀 But, I don’t tell people to grind on boars til level six, I tell them to grind on boars til 3 or 4 or something. And then to grind on scropids til six. I’ve tried this and it doesn work quite nicely. Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂

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    ram racer
    Dec 6, 2007 @ 20:03 pm

    Starters Area Okay I like you’re guides a lot but at the start it kinda doesn’t make too much sence to grind to 6 on those boars. I’d reccommend at the orc starting zone killling in this pattern….

    1-3 = Boars
    3-4 = scorpions
    4-6 = keep taking runs through that cave until you reach lvl 6.

    but, then again I havn’t tried you’re guide from the start so if you can get to around 7 in the starting zone then thats really good.

    Great guides, keep up the good work!! 🙂

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