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Cataclysm Mages – Thoughts, Projections, and Assumptions

Introduction This “guide” will explain the upcoming mage changes in cataclysm as well as anything I have figured out or have assumed from some research. Enjoy! Changes New Spells: Flame Orb (81): Similarly to Taldaram’s Conjure Flame, Mages will be […]


[Mage] Nilz’ Guide to Arcane Mages

Introduction Welcome to the to first wow-pro guide introducing and expanding your knowledge of the arcane specialization. Today, if you read the whole guide, you will read about; why arcane is in my opinion the best, what you need for […]


Arcane Mages:Tips and Tricks

  Introduction Welcome to the wiki for arcane mages, feel free to add any knowledge that you possess about arcane mages in this wiki. Information may include but not limited too; potions, raid tips, raid tricks, enchants vs. other enchants, […]


Nilz’ guide to beginner multiboxing

Introduction If your reading this you’ve probably seen videos on multi-boxing, if not just youtube multi-boxing and a bunch of videos will come up. Table Of Contents Introduction Required/Recommended Programs Starting Off Code Conclusion Comments Introduction If your reading this […]


Argent Tournament Titles (Horde Only)

Table Of Contents Introduction Becoming a Champion Tauren Orc Troll Undead Blood Elf   Choosing another Faction Tauren Rewards   Orc Rewards   Troll Rewards   Undead Rewards   Blood Elf Rewards Introduction The Argent Tournament is a world event […]


Argent Tournament Titles (Alliance Only)

Recent comments * K it’s done and up! im goin 2 min 17 sec ago * Changed it back, it’s for 42 min 28 sec ago * Haha, alright I agree it 1 hour 36 min ago * Everything on […]


Nilz’ Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

Argent Dawn Reputation Guide   Table of Contents Introduction Reputation Scourgestones Quests Eastern Plaguelands Western Plaguelands   Instances Stratholme Scholomance   Reasons To Get Exalted Comments Introduction The Argent Dawn is a lawful and good organization focused on protecting Azeroth […]


Leveling Tips (A Wiki)

  Leveling Tips (A Wiki) You are currently viewing a Wiki Page. It can be edited by anyone who is currently logged in. Before you change anything, please make sure to read our FAQ, the editing guidelines of this post […]


Nilz’ Profession Guide

Introduction This guide is focused towards player who are a little confused about what professions to take. In this guide I will explain what each profession is and how it works with the other professions. There are 14 total professions […]


Nilz’ AV Guide (Both Factions)

IntroductionThis guide was made to help those who don’t the reason or what to do during Alterac Valley. In this guide I will explain what to do, how to do it, quests, and how to do those quests. Some people […]