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2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

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This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer :)

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1-80 Leveling Guides List

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Starting Zones

Level 11-15

Level 15-20

Level 20-25

Level 25-30

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 30-35

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 35-40

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 40-45

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 45-50

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 50-55

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 55-60

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 60-70 - Outland

Level 70-80 - Northrend

Level 80-85 - Cataclysm


Starting Zones

Level 11-15

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 15-20

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 20-25

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 25-30

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 30-35

  • In Progress - Coming soon!
  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 35-40

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 40-45

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 45-50

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 50-55

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 55-60

  • In Progress - Coming soon!

Level 60-70 - Outland

Level 70-80 - Northrend

Level 80-85 - Cataclysm

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Guide spot mismarked

On the Ghostland's guide the spot for Thalassian Pass is wrong.

The way point is marked on the wron side of Deatholme

you have it marked as : 31.74  65.66

but the spot should be : 45.37 71.72

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Guide spot mismarked

Thanks for the tip.  I'll fix for the next release after verifying.

Here you go for Verification

Map Points

Screenshot of my at the correct point

Hope this helps :)

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

RE: Here you go for Verification

Oh, I beleive the mistake.    I was just trying to figure WTF happened.   It looked like a copy paste error.

Anyways, I corrected it!  And I made the mistake in 2011-05-28 04:14 by Ludovicus.

Thanks Taraca, good attention to detail!   People have missed it for years!

james, please help me

I just started playing Wow a few months ago from scratch i guess. Never played it when it first came out so all this stuff is hard to take in about your Deathknight leveing guide. I made it to 55 on my bloodelf and wanted to try DK anxiously and found this guide and I can't get the Lady Sylvana or argent dawn quests. Don't know if all the other quests are going to do the same or is it because i made my DK on the same realm as my BE and maybe she already did them? What am i doing wrong? Thanks :) 

Emmaleah's picture

I will do my best to help

I will do my best to help you.  Unfortunatly for all of us, Jame has moved on from wow, but he left us this great collection of guides that people continue to add to.

Which guide are you trying to follow? I assume its  This guide was written when DK's were first brought out by Blizzard and many things  have changed since then.  If the quest you are referring to is The Champion of the Banshee Queen, that quest is no longer in the game, I think it was removed with the cataclysm expansion. 

The guides that are posted here like that one, havent been updated in favor of the addon guide, (it saves paper, or alt tabbing or a 2nd screen).  The guides in the addon are significantly more corrent as they are much easier to maintain (and I think easier to use) and it is where our focus is.  I hope I wasn't too late to be of any use. Happy questing :)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

The Hunt Begins

  • The Hunt Begins and get the follow-up The
    Hunt Continues
  • A Humble Task and get the follow-up Rites
    of the Earthmother

business plans

Guide Completeness Function

Hey there, I just want to start off by saying how awesome these guides are and that they've helped me save hours and hours of messing about in the game.
I'm using the in-game add-on, and it has a Guide Completeness Function, ranging from 1 (most important quests to finish the zone) to 3 (all the quests in the zone for the achievement). I don't think that this is working though. I always end up doing every quest in the zone, while being fully heirloomed and in a max lvl guild. So my EXP bonus is +45%. Completeness 1 is supposed to work with Heirlooms/Guild and even RAF. Am I doing something wrong, or have the guides not been altered to work with this and the Completeness Function isn't working yet?

Crackerhead22's picture

It mainly has to do with the

It mainly has to do with the way the quests have been done in Cata.  You almost can't skip any in a zone or you won't have any quests to do.

You can just skip to the next zone if you think you are too high for the zone.

Alliance Dragonblight - Step 85 - Death to the Traitor King

Playing through your guide as normal.......dropped down the hole...but all Kilix the Unraveler said was 1 sentance and no quest options....The 3 quests are no longer available from Kilix the Unraveler. If you go into the instance, they are available from Reclaimer A'zak.:D  

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust! <3

Crackerhead22's picture

Yep, I just updated the

Yep, I just updated the source code pages a day or two ago.  It should be reflected in the updates later this week.

When will the horde guides be

When will the horde guides be finished? thanks

Gylin's picture

horde guides

Whilst we don't have the guides in a plain english viewable state on the site currently, they are all in our addon.


okay thanks very much^^

estimated time on 1-60 horde guides?

I prefer to play in window mode, but I don't see any guides; I don't see any comments on their absence. Are they available in the add-on?

Jiyambi's picture

While it would be nice to

While it would be nice to have "paper" guides, I don't think anyone currently has plans to make any.


There are addon guides for every zone from level 1 to level 85, though!


I just found this site and decided to use it to level my mage, i dont have a printer and find it annoying having to swap back and forth between WoW and a guide. Because of this i decided to get the addon. I Cannot get addons myself and so i have to use curse, i got the addon on curse to find out its only the trial. i couldnt find the regular version and it pissed me off. Why isnt the regular addon on curse when its still 100% free???


Crackerhead22's picture

It's to get more traffic to

It's to get more traffic to the site basically, that and it is easier for us to keep track of thing easier (rather than several sites).]

Out of curiousity, why are you unable to get the addons yourself?

I have no clue how. Tried a

I have no clue how. Tried a few times and failed miserably. Googled how to do it, followed the steps and still couldnt get it. at the time i had to use some free trials of some weird programs that unzip stuff cus apparently i needed to do that. nothing worked so i just decided to use the Curse Client because it does it all for me. I attempted to get the addon from here a few hours ago but it didn't work properly, it came up but there were no guides on it, it was just empty except for an enable button.


Gylin's picture

What operating system are you

What operating system are you using?

What rights do you have within your user account? (eg limited/admin)

What program did you try to extract/unzip the archive with?

Are you on a Mac?

What version/patch are you on in WoW?

Are you on a private server? 

 What operating system are


What operating system are you using? Umm.. Windows 7? is that an operating system?

What rights do you have within your user account? (eg limited/admin) Admin

What program did you try to extract/unzip the archive with? Umm when i tried this addon it didnt say i needed too for some reason.. last time i tried to do one without the curse client was on my old laptop so im not sure.

Are you on a Mac?  No

What version/patch are you on in WoW? Cata, 4.1.whatever the latest one is.

Are you on a private server? no

Crackerhead22's picture

I would check to see if you

I would check to see if you have either WinRar or 7zip.  I know after x amount of days, it comes up saying to buy it, but you can still use it anyways, not sure about 7zip since it has been awhile since I've used it.

To extract the file, right click on the, you should see something akin to Extract files..., Extract Here, Extract to\.  Or if you have 7zip, a seperate little popup menu with basically the same thing.  Do Extract Here, and you should have 3 folders wherever the zip file is.

Since you have Windows 7, open up the Library, go to the Games folder and you should see World of Worldcraft, open that folder up, then open the one that says Interface.  Drag the 3 WoWPro folders into the Addon folder.  Note, that this is the default area that WoW should have installed itself it.  If it is not there, check under C>Program Files.

Hop on game, check to see if the WoWPro parts are checked on the Addon Controls, if not, check them and enjoy.

I checked to see if i had

I checked to see if i had either of those program and found i didnt but i decided to try again and found that i have an extract all button that i didnt see before :/ Now im just gonna hop on wow and hope it works....


Edit: It didn't work -.-



Crackerhead22's picture

When you did Extract All, was

When you did Extract All, was there 3 folders or just 1 folder?  If there were 3 folders, open that up and there should be 3, put those into the Addons folder.  Don't forget to make sure you have the WoW-Pro and the WoW-Pro Leveling checked in the addon panel at the character selection screen.

There were 3. And they came

There were 3. And they came up in the addon panel but not in game.


Crackerhead22's picture

Strange.  On the minimap, was

Strange.  On the minimap, was there an icon that looked like a panda face (Or just like a black and white icon depending on your screen size)?  Since it is possible for it to be disabled.

When im on the character

When im on the character selection screen it has it listed in the addons part, but when in game it isnt anywhere in the interfrace - Addons area. Ill check again though just to be sure.

Edit: This is annoying me :(


Thank you :)

I just started up WoW again (stopped mid-lich king era) and started on a new character to join some friends.  They've been playing for a while, and in about a day I'm at 42 on my shadow priest.  Thanks a bunch :)


Also, the Eastern Plaguelands seems to be alliance only? it tells me to go to Chillwind, when I don't think that's the greatest idea - so just skip a few steps.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Eastern Plaguelands

1 to 42 in a day?  How many hours, just out of curiosity?

Eastern Plauguelands was recently converted from two guides into a single unified Neutral guide for both factions.

I'm running my own Blood Elf DK through all the guides to get Loremaster, so I have not had a chance to personally correct the Horde or Neutral guides like I have the Alliance side.

Please note anything you see wrong at and we will fix it!

PS:  I assume you mean the addon and not the  guides, right?

Crackerhead22's picture

I see what happened, some of

I see what happened, some of the changes I had made got missed.  I've updated the Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring source codes to put the missed changes in.

It was about 20 hours of

It was about 20 hours of /played time over the course of 3 days or so.  And thanks again for the work - to everyone :)

What about old versions?

Hello i love this web and it's guides. But i have a 3.3.5a patched wow so most of the guides could not be used there... Where are the old guides? I suppose they must be stored in some old webpage... Anyone knows that?


What about Old Versions?

Google Jame's wow leveling guide.  It should bring up the old guides.  I found 30-40 and 40-50.

I love your guides!!!

You guys are fikktiging AWESOME!!!!! i love your guides and i stumbled onto them on accident looking for a leveling guide that i would buy. i saw and i decided to check it out when i found out it was free i nearly freaked!!! Keep up the great work espeacially with the addon. I used your "Alt-tab" guides until you guys came out with the original addon. it was fairly simple and easy to use but i love the new one so much more and one more thing KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

~no matter how much time it will take out of your busy schedule ALWAYS PUNT THE F###ing GNOME!!!!!~

Jiyambi's picture

Thanks for taking the time to

Thanks for taking the time to comment :) It's always nice to hear from people who are enjoying our work!

This has helped

This has helped tremendously!! thanks so much for this guide!

Khelamednar's picture


Thanks for the great guides, my rogue just hit 60 after only 23 hours played!

P.S. the addon worked flawlessly!

wkjezz's picture

Great News!

Thank you very much for the feed back, I am glad you enjoyed the guides!


Love the Guides

Just wondering if people could post a review on James Horde Leveling Guide? I found one at (WKJezz- Removed link as it is a shameless Zygor plug) and it was awesome but just looking for a second opinion.. I'm always looking for Horde leveling Guides.

Want James Horde Leveling Guide Review?

Jiyambi's picture

If anyone does want an

If anyone does want an overview of what our addon does, there is a youtube vid on our addon page:

Problems with addon.

I just installed the latest version of the addon but am having problems which are effectively rendering it unusable for now.

So I just entered Deepholm and the first few quest steps were fine. Then I noticed that it has sent me half way across the zone to get the next quest. Checked the list and half the quest steps are now ticked off as completed although I have not done them. Attempted to untick them so I can get back in the right place to continue.. and I can't. If I go to the end of the ticked quests and untick that one it works but if I try to untick the one before it, it just reticks the one I just unticked. GAH. Then, it puts an overlay with all the quests over the top of my screen and I can't see or do anything (have to log out, I can only see the logout button because I know where it is)

Please help!

Jiyambi's picture

Hmmm, I'm thinking you must

Hmmm, I'm thinking you must have accidentally skipped a quest rather than manually checked it off. Our guide is set up so that you can skip a step and it will know what other ones to skip after it.

My suggestion is to right-click the title bar or guide frame edge, and in the menu that pops up, select "Reset Guide". Make sure you *right*-click any steps you want to manually complete in the future.

This feature has caused a lot of confusion in the past so we may change how it works in a future update.

Hmm I don't think so. I

Hmm I don't think so. I hadn't actually done any quests in the zone at that point.. literally spoke to Thrall then entered Deepholm.. once I got into the zone the first quest it tried to give me was "Into Stonecore", checked the guide and it was about 100 quests in!

Jiyambi's picture

Ah okay. So, was this the

Ah okay. So, was this the Horde version then, or the Alliance? I'll look into it.

Khelamednar's picture


This happened to me twice, the first near the end of arathi highlands and for about 20minutes in blasted lands, my recommendation would be to either just continue w/ blizzards quest helper to the end of that zone, or to try re-installing the addon..

I am not an administrator for this site but both of these methods worked for me...

Trust me, this small hastle is well worth the time you will save by using the guide

Undead Starting Zone Guide (Cata)

Hello !

First, I wanted to thank all the guide contributors and especially Jame for making such wonderful guides which I have previously used and will use in the future.

I would like to know when will the Undead Starting Zone guide will be updated for Cataclysm, any ETA ?

Thanks in advance,


Jiyambi's picture

All the starting zones are

All the starting zones are complete in the addon, if you'd like to try that until we get some "paper" guides finished!

Maw's picture

I have not yet started on the

I have not yet started on the Undead starting zone, but I am currently running alts through the low-level zones, preparing for the guide writing.

As I said in my recent blog entry, I will try to have most low-level guides ready by early January. Do not be overly disappointed if they are not published by then, as I will work continuously to get them finished. I am playing cataclysm myself, and as there are a lot of exciting end-game content and season 9 upcoming, I am also busy with these things, not to mention that this week will (surprisingly) be pure hell in school.

Maw's picture

Starting region guides?

I see that guides for levels 11 and above are either complete or works in progress, and my contribution to these are therefore most likely not neccessary, but I could make guides for the uncovered starting regions, if there is such a demand. I will most likely ding 85 on thursday or friday, and after that spend the weekend on new content. Next week, however, I can more than likely take my time to go through the starting regions and make guides for them. If this is something that is okay for you (just throwing it out there), please let me know.

Jiyambi's picture

Awesome to see you around

Awesome to see you around again, Maw!

You are welcome to take on my goblin guide, and to do the 5-10 part if you like - I've sort of abandoned it.